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  1. I just did a heavy nuln oil wash on mine, and added my fleet colors. I’ve just been painting directly on top, since you don’t wind up directly touching the models w/ your hands that much.
  2. I flew it for the first time this week, was a blast. I ran a fully kitted out Assault Prototype, Piett, w/ Howl and a few interceptors. Played against a Sloan’s ISD & Quasar generic tie list. It felt totally overpowered the first half of the game, until the opposing ISD survived to get into the rear and didn’t die. Lost 224-94. Had I rolled a couple hits instead of triple accuracy on my last shot at the ISD I would have won 258-224. How competitive it will be in the long run, unsure, but w/ Piett, tokens, and 3 shots a turn it wasn’t boring to fly. It also just looks flat awesome. (Added my fleet colors and nuln oiled the city structure)
  3. My AT-ST(s) (yay Veers) have been doing quite well. Only lost one thus far. The biggest problem is it’s so expensive. AT-RTs die pretty quick when targeted by heavy inpact weapons, but are sturdy enough to endure quite a bit of non-impact shooting. They are also 1/3 the points of the ST.
  4. Local store just informed those w/ preorders the release date expected is April 26. #Grain(s)OfSalt
  5. Local store locked in pre-orders this week per instructions/discussion with their distributor, they indicated that usually means by end of month... #grainofsalt
  6. AT-AT will be like the SSD in Armada... it’s coming someday (or not)
  7. Fleets still in orbit, just accompanied the ground pounders to make sure they don’t trip over themselves.
  8. So the easy unofficial, but likely correct answer, is they want to sell stuff. If people could use their IA models there would be less sales of new stuff. (Unless it results in more IA sales)
  9. My MM order shipped yesterday, and another local who ordered had his ship Tuesday.
  10. A local direct ordered from FFG and for his stuff yesterday (super express shipping). Go go release “date”, but hurray Legion in peoples hands... mines slow, but free, shipping now.
  11. Generally area terrain is meant to be abstract.... here be a forest (represented by say 3 trees) vs actually fully modeling the forest.
  12. Ultimately do what works for you and your opponent. But it seems like the easiest option is if you are in area terrain (I’m thinking about mainly forests here) you get cover and can shoot clearly out. If the area terrain is in the way either block LOS, bump cover up (IE if in forest is cover 1, shooting all the way trough is cover 2), or just grant cover X. I think your plots of forest/jumble/plants pieces are for light cover that doesn’t block LOS... while you’d mega trees, rocks, and building are your heavy LOS blocking pieces. So when im playing, it’s gonna be the following: 1. In “plant” terrain get cover 1 & can shoot clear out. 2. If shooting all the way through “plants” give cover 2. ** Ruins - I would treat this as just a bombed out building... so while in you get cover 2 & can shoot out but for shooting completely through it’s a cover 2 with LOS blocking characteristics. If someone is dead set against it, we’ll just spend a minute to discuss and agree/compromise or roll off, I’m not gonna flip the table over area terrain rules... just need an agreement BEFORE starting. IMNSHO **** Smartphone so I don’t know why my text changes size.
  13. So in our CCs we don’t allow multiple Vader or Leia cards... however if the fleet is scrapped or the squadron or upgrade card is lost, we allow another version to enter the campaign. In essence it’s hard to kill them.
  14. ++ Standard (Imperial Navy) [397pts] ++ + Arquitens-class Cruiser + Arquitens-class Light Cruiser [63pts]: Turbolaser Reroute Circuits, •Captain Needa + Gozanti-class Flotilla + Gozanti-class Cruisers [25pts]: Comms Net Gozanti-class Cruisers [25pts]: Comms Net + Imperial Star Destroyer + Imperial II-class Star Destroyer [188pts]: Electronic Countermeasures, Gunnery Team, Leading Shots, Spinal Armament, •Avenger, •Grand Admiral Thrawn†, •Strategic Advisor† + Raider Corvette + Raider II-class Corvette [64pts]: Disposable Capacitors, Overload Pulse, Veteran Gunners + Squadrons + TIE Fighter [32pts]: 4x TIE Fighter Squadron + Objectives + Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation Objective: Solar Corona ++ Total: [397pts] ++ Token up the first couple of turns or nav to right position. Then 2-4 or 3-5, CF & Nav. Avenger enjoys going first and w/ ISD2 & OP Raider2 doesn’t mind second.
  15. He works well with ships that routinely want to do 2x things at once. Arquittens, raider 2s, Star destroyers, all like to navigate & concentrate fire... sometimes repair. I find queuing up all NAVs on Thrawn & letting each ship choose its other action to be quite effective. No he doesn’t outdo JJ for putting ships perfectly where you want them, but allows those ships to A not take JJ damage and either repair or spit more damage.
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