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  1. Hello all, I was looking at the FAQ and noticed for Dooku it stated that he could gain multiple shields when multiple dice showing damage are resolved, because each die is resolved separately. Applying this to Qui-hon, does that mean if I have a two dice with shield results that (assuming I start with a shield) can deal 2 damage instead of just 1? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hello all, I was curious on if the tie /sf receives tie fighter only buffs, like tie fighters and FOs do(or at least think they do). Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Idk if I'm going out of left field, but what about the possibility of including IA characters? Or is that not likely?
  4. Hey all, just getting into the game and looking to build with Quigon but idk who else I should use. I've seen Padme used but I'm not that big a fan of mill decks. The only other decks I made was a Qui-Gon Luke deck(very limited pool of cards at the time) and a Vader Kylo deck(was a failed experiment and no sith holocrons). Any help would be appreciated!
  5. But I want them to take my money now!
  6. I was happy when they gave rebels a crew support shuttle(like lambda and tie shuttle) only to realize the crew that rebels get aren't really ment for supporting other ships. Jyn crew at least tries to help with that but meh. Side note, is Cassian Andor pilot and inspiring recruits really good on paper?
  7. The link to the original rules does not seem to be working for me on my phone. Does it work for everyone else or should I try it on my computer?
  8. Well the reasoning for why R7 Astro doesn't work based on the faq is because the upgrade originates from the defender, not because of who is rolling the dice. Based on that I think it's reasonable to say if the ship m9g8 is targeting is not OL or OL is not attacking m9g8 then the modification should be okay, similar to how palpatine works. As far as snapshot is concerned I would not know if this works though
  9. Just noticed Mauler Mithel is not limited to primary only, so he would work well with snapshot
  10. Guys major rhymer already won HotR Major Rhymer — TIE Bomber 26 Snap Shot 2 Tactician 2 TIE Shuttle 0 Ship Total: 30
  11. Now I'm trying to think of examples where else this might occur, where event A would prevent event B from occurring because of a change in the state of the game, any other examples of this exist? Simultaneous attack and ps order of triggered abilities would not seem to apply either
  12. Totally forgot about merc copilot actually, I'll have to go look at that ruling. Are there any other upgrades that this would apply to? Deadman's switch and pre nerf tactician is are other upgrades can think of but what else? I could see them making the upgrade limited as an easy way to fix
  13. I disagree with it falling under the once per opportunity clause, because then the Recon Specialist example would be invalid as well, and too an extend also denies other triggers that occur at the same time such as whisper+ACD+FCS
  14. Hello all, Was curious on your thoughts on if a ship had 2 feedback arrays could they deal 2 damage and take 2 ion/damage? The way Recon Specialist is setup allows them to take 2 additional focus if you are running 2 of them so that's where my basis for double feedback array being a thing
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