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  1. Who should I follow for more information on the next stream? I've been searching but havent found any information.
  2. How about, while Bilbo Baggins has at least one song attachment he gains +2 willpower and does not exhaust to commit to the quest. Action: Add a song attachment from Bilbo to the victory display to give Bilbo +2 defense (until the end of the phase). He would retain the same base stats and threat of his Lore version
  3. Being a hobbit he has access to Fast Hitch which makes using his ability plus stats much easier. Off the top of my head I think using him with Gimli and Song of Mocking could be the most fun combo. Bilbo defends some attacks Gimli takes the damage and then Attacks multiple times with Bilbo's readying effect.
  4. Thanks for the reply's thankfully the scenario in question never came up as Mariners compass was discarded due to a shadow effect prior to stage 3b. Nevertheless we were able to save the storm caller. I hope this specific question is addressed in a new FAQ. I will also email Caleb in regards to it to find out for sure. thanks again
  5. If I mariners compass (switch) a location with an enemy grappled to it, what happens to the enemy. Do I discard it or does it attach to the new location in play?
  6. Just wanted to make sure we played this correctly. Raid leader has a Forced Effect:When Raid leader engages you, move 1 resource from each of your heroes' resource pool to Raid leader. Mablung has Response: After you engage an enemy, add 1 resource to Mablung's resource pool. (Limit once per phase). For reasons we would engage Raid leader while we had no resources to avoid his forced effect which brought to question which happens first, his Forced effect or triggering Mablung response? We played that the response would trigger after the forced and thus Mablung could still collect the resource and avoid giving it to the Raid leader.
  7. Ah, since it is a response it has to trigger first. I was playing it as an action. Thanks
  8. In a two player game, if I play Gildors counsel Event. Cost: 3. Play during the Quest phase, before characters are committed to the Quest. Action: Reveal 1 less card from the encounter deck this phase. (To a minimum of 1.) And then playing partner plays Wait no longer Event. Cost: 2. Response: At the beginning of the quest phase, search the top 5 cards of the encounter deck for an enemy and put it into play engaged with you. Then, reveal one less encounter card this phase (to a minimum of 0). Shuffle the encounter deck. Does it stack down to zero cards revealed?
  9. I would actually like to see a dual sided hero that could have totally different abilities or stats or icons (but same starting threat) that you could either flip mid game by paying resources or discarding cards.
  10. I also would love to see a Tharudir Hero.
  11. Just for the record, I really enjoyed this quest even though it is exceptionally difficult. There are a lot of very important decision points in the first 4-5 rounds. For example, do you YOLO quest and ignore the Carn Dun Garrison or eat the threat and try and take him out? Once I had my ally army in place though the only real threat to me losing was by way of threating out which very nearly happened even with the favor of Valar. All in all I really enjoyed it.
  12. I got my first win against this deck yesterday after like 20 tries and I'm pretty sure I missed a trigger or two. This quest is hard!
  13. He probably didn't appreciate being in a Thicket of Spears
  14. If that had been outlined as the official criteria for this championship, that would be a fair complaint. But here's the official criteria: Vote for your favorite hero as they enter their match-ups in the responses below. Vote on whatever criteria you desire - this is very informal. I'm voting for Santa Theoden all the way, because it's Christmas. And by the ground rules given, that's an equally valid criteria as yours. I guess it pays to read the criteria
  15. I really enjoy the hero championship but I feel like people are just voting for personal favorites or with a bias to remove a really power hero (spirit Glorfindel). I choose to vote for the heros I feel would give me the best chance of winning against a difficult scenario unseen and try to leave personal bias out. Personally, I really love Frodo Baggins but no way does he deserve to be in this late. Edit:Suggestion for the next hero championship-Group the heros by sphere so we are voting for who the best heros are to represent each sphere of influence (keeping Gandalf out because we all know he deserves to be in the top 5) and let the top hero from each sphere duke it out against each other.
  16. AZ: Galadriel BA: Eomer BB: Aragorn BC: Beregond BD: Elrond BE: Gandalf BF: Aragorn BG: Theoden
  17. AJ: Galadriel AK: Glorfindel (S) AL: Frodo Baggins AM: Éomer AN: Aragorn (Lo) AO: Legolas AP: Beregond AQ: Haldir of Lorien AR: Elrond AS: Damrod AT: Gandalf AU: Erestor AV: Éowyn AW: Aragorn (T) AX: Celeborn AY: Faramir (Le)
  18. For Shadow and Flame, I had a Boromir Aragorn (Lore) deck with OHAUH Gandalf that smashed. The third hero was Bilbo for card draw but now would be Erestor.
  19. Actually Steed of Imladris is a really great location control card, almost as good as Asfaloth but since it can only work on the active location it is just not as flexible.
  20. Your original post was a little bit harsh as I have posted decks in the deckbuilding strategy forum with Spirit Glorfindel as part of the strategy for people to use and to think that they were annoying to you is upsetting. There was a popular saying during the Heirs of Numenor cycle that friends don't let friends play Outlands. I say why not, you bought the cards play with whatever you want. About his current power level, at one point he was probably the best hero in the game but recently has been eclipsed, Galadriel, Erestor and Gandalf are all superior to Spirit Glorfindel IMO so I do not welcome any sort of ban or Errata. Lastly, this game is all about the thematic experience of questing through middle earth, there are no boring heroes only boring quests.
  21. D: Galadriel E: Dain Ironfoot F: Glorfindel (S) G: Sam Gamgee H: Frodo Baggins I: Nori J: Éomer K: Aragorn (Le) L: Aragorn (Lo) M: Prince Imrahil N: Legolas O: Gríma P: Beregond Q: Merry (T) R: Haldir of Lorien S: Thorin Oakenshield T: Elrond U: Rossiel V: Bilbo Baggins W: Bifur X: Gandalf Y: Halbarad Z: Boromir (T) AA: Erestor AB: Éowyn AC Erkenbrand AD: Amarthiul AE: Aragorn (T) AF: Celeborn AG: Arwen Undomiel AH: Théoden (S) AI: Faramir (Le)
  22. Nope, he is pretty much mandatory for many decks which is why he is so ubiquitous. If you chose to play on easy mode you have the luxury of playing weaker heroes and have a more thematic experience, but if you want to play normal or nightmare Spirit Glorfindel should not be limit 0 per deck. While I don't go so far in my aversion to Glorfindel as to ban him from my play entirely, placing a blanket ban on him would not be the end of the world. He's incredibly good, but he's not mandatory, especially with how much the card pool has advanced since his release. Pick any normal quest, I can beat it without Glorfindel (and probably have). Pick any nightmare quest, I'm still pretty confident I can. He's definitely not mandatory, but he is a crutch. You are right, he is not mandatory as this is a casual co-operative game and we can all chose to play as we wish with whatever heroes we wish. If this game was competitive though you would have to make a pretty sound argument why not to run him as he is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. I take issue with the original comment that any deck using Spirit Glorfindel is automatically dismissed, some decks absolutely need his low threat (Gandalf, Elrond, Spirit Glorfindel for example). I myself don't use him in every deck but when I do sleeve him up I don't want to be shamed into putting him into the binder because other posters think he should be banned and is boring to play or whatever.
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