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  1. I have one message for you all. Grima will have its vengeance.
  2. Mono Leadership. It's the most viable one, I think and can become really powerfull in both quest power and combat prowess!
  3. cool! I saw him before, but forgot a bit about him. 4 att for 3 cost and that ability. Nice dwarf!
  4. True and I agree. Although I myself prefer more straightup boosts, then additional direct damage (toughness, immune), I see where you are coming from. My personal preference is a bit off then, I think. Not that many enemies are immune or have toughness.
  5. Like m all, but Axe not so much. Awesome on Gimli, but not really on other heroes, where the normal version would be better
  6. The same to you all! Spending time with family, partying with friend thinking of lost ones with family and friends. This year we will be celebrating an jubilee (10 years in a row), every Boxing Day my brother, dad and I go see a movie. After the three Hobbits, I hope this years Force Awakens will make up for those. Happy holidays everybody!
  7. You should check out this version. Hmmm interesting! Thanks
  8. Cards that make a Dunedain deck (so without too much traps and Gondor Rangers) viable. Good new Dwarf hero. Saruman hero. Grima ally. Creature allies. Creature enemies. More cards that feature big risk/big reward, on locations that is. Making the travel phase more of a thing!
  9. Hero: Arwen. Would have liked to be able to say Dori.... Was hoping for a new spirit or tactics Dwarf but sadly... Ally: Longbeard Sentry Attachment: Silver Harp Event: Reinforcements Side Quest: Gather Information Here's hoping the next cycle will make an all Dunedain deck real deal. A new Dwarf hero that can replace Gimli so I can run the ally. Noldor became topnotch in one cycle! As did victory display. So excited what next cycle wi bring!
  10. I would also love to see more cards that interacted with playing together,eg giving someone a resource, letting someone draw, give someone an attachment. Renewed Friendship are not worth including, that room is better spend at other cards. Some ally, like a Hobbit or some other cool character that provides something like "Response: After you provide another player with a resource, exhaust Hothar to add one resource to a hero you control." Things like that
  11. Beorning, Woodmen, Creatures! Dunland allies! I think Wose allies are not that far of a reach, unique ally Ghan-buri-Ghan. Saruman hero. He is one of the biggest named characters who deserves a hero version. New Frodo version seems in order.
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