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  1. Part of the problem is the scarcity of terrain, especially in tournament settings.
  2. These are not the droids I am looking for.
  3. This is beside the point. The AT-ST is extra impervious because shooting at it is dumb. With the point cost you need to take down an AT-ST, you can kill infantry amounting to a lot more firepower than an AT-ST. Giving any infantry unit a chance to kill a tank is silly. Never mind unrealistic or not in tune with the movies, but you take away the rock, paper, scissors mechanic, which is a bad thing in my book.
  4. Spot on. The antitank capabilities of antiinfantry weapons make specialised antitank weapons obsolete.
  5. You are letting FFg off the hook too easily. If there is a "meta", going against it is a tactical advantage per se, as you will wrongfoot many opponents simply because they are not used to your army. To wipe unit types consistently off competitive lists, you have to make bad balancing mistakes. And please spare me the comparisons with GW crap. GW has never bothered with either math or playtesting and uses its rules simply as a marketing tool to push their newest minis. Last codex wins. We should hold FFG to a higher standard. They can do it and they listen. So vehicles are not useless, but too weak, and that makes specialised antitank weaponry useless. Fix it, FFG. Changing the whole points system is awkward to do, so changing the rules for vehicles could be a way, e. g. such as the suggested power to deny objectives. Or change the rules for infantry. Making suppression more meaningful might do the trick.
  6. If you don't know how to balance, symmetry is a crutch.
  7. I will still ignore the AT-ST and go after the infantry. I'd rater take the fire from an AT-ST than the fire from an AT-ST's worth of infantry and I'd rather shoot at infantry, because it will have a larger impact both on the enemies firepower and his ability to score objectives. And what does "in your face" even mean? There are no range modifiers in Legion. Why does an AT-ST prevent me from reaching objectives? The pinning mechanism is as weak as the "standby" mechanism, and the poor thing does not even have "standby".
  8. Only the uninformed shoot at the AT-ST. "He means no harm, he just wants to play." Experienced players kill offensive potential. If you bring a unit nobody expects, there is usually a chance to wrongfoot your opponent. So going against "the meta" has intrinsic value. But this doesn`'t happen with the AT-ST because it is so overpriced. FFG dropped the ball.
  9. You are giving FFG way too much credit. They don't plan ahead and they churn their plastic out at break neck speed, with obviously not a lot of playtesting. Designing Clone Wars minis before making sure that Legion will take off? Hardly likely. Ion is a hard counter to something nobody needs countered: armour. Even the humblest infantry squad has antitank capabilities and tanks pay a premium for their staying power which nobody needs in a game that is about objectives and only takes six rounds anyway. Besides, if your theory were correct, droids would have to be killers in comparison to other infantry, to warrant a hard counter. As droids have a solid reputation for being cannon fodder, that is a nonstarter. FFG may be weak at maths, but they know their lore and have an almighty respect for fanboys.
  10. There is no excuse for lazy pricing. The mispricing has to be significant to have an impact. If I use a unit that is marginally overpriced and therefore rarely encountered on the battlefield, I still get the advantage of confronting my opponent with something he is not used to.
  11. Ignore the AT-ST on the objective and kill troopers instead, which will give you an advantage as the AT-ST lacks firepower. Make a run for the objective in the last round. Problem solved.
  12. Bolt Action has divisional artillery with a range you can't measure in tables. Completely ridiculous, except as an objective.
  13. Even WW2 mortars should be off table at that scale. In a science fiction setting...
  14. Exhaustable weapons are fine. The trouble is, there is no need for antitank weaponry, because armour isn't tanky in Legion. Try them against an opponent that has maxed out his vehicle options and they work. But nobody does that and you can kill an ATST with Han's pistol. Like this:
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