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  1. I hadn't considered retreat before honestly. I assumed it would be a fight to the unconscious. I agree wholeheartedly, I don't make NPCs "unkillable" at the same time, considering what they had just faced and what they must face right after, logistically it's improbable. If it happens I'm prepared w backup Big Bads. I think I will make retreat more viable then I had originally intended. That way my powerful NPC isn't just backing them into a corner and trouncing them. Also guilt at fleeing when a comrade falls is dramatic role-playing fuel for later. Thanks for the input!
  2. So I've started my game. Gonna give you a brief synopsis cause I need some advice. It's my first F&D game, I'm an old Edge GM and I studied up on a few genre fitting themes before running this. If any of you are in Rob's Darkstryder Campaign turn back now, cause this is unprecedented spoilers. Players first adventure, "Escape From Mos Shutta", (ran it cause it's the best introduction to they system in my opinion) went swimmingly for them.. they walked away unscathed. I then ran "Lost Knowledge" from the Beta, they kicked 9 kinds of ass in a 5 ass town. Until the end, the first group of twisted beasts ate through their resources and the final "boss" basically wiped the party. They got into a "reviving loop" one would drop and get the other two up, then two would drop.. they escaped into the Crystal Caves and the apparition caved them in. Conflict for everybody. I'm cool with that, but next I'm going to run the beginner game and I have had it worked out with one of my players for months that after they fight Malefex, my campaigns big bad is going to show up, trounce the party and kill his "character". After they are left for dead, that players real character enters the scene and nurses them back to health (a disenfranchised disciple of the big bad). I don't run scripted encounters, and anything can happen, I'm prepared for them to murder my big bad (highly unlikely) but the most likely result is as I've laid out. Now I still like this concept, but as it's been planned, after this they are going to have a training montage, (to beat him you must train) get infused with exp. Go through the rest of the beginner stuff and a homebrew adventure. Then at the end of the beginner adventure the escapee from temple prison is going to be "big bad # 2" granted less bad and more big.. I've structured this game so they can kill my big bads, cause I've got like 3 or 4 of them, all whom are competing against each other for supremacy and the honor to be the final boss of my game. This guy is supposed to be the strongest and the party is going to be encouraged to not even fight him and abandon Dawn Temple. Thus ending the tutorial for my game and launching them towards the meat of the plot. Next adventure after that they watch their Master die and get chased/chase the first big bad out into the unknown regions. So things are gonna be really rough on them starting out. On the one hand I really really like it, just cause it invests them against the bad guys, shows them they can't fight their way through everything, and if things are incredibly difficult early on it makes the later success' matter more. On the other hand, I'm getting cold feet.. maybe I'm being too hard on them... Maybe I should lighten one of my planned sad moments. I'm so torn. Thoughts? Counsel? Criticisms?
  3. I actually plan on having a badass ex-gladitorial fighter gungan in my game. If it wasn't for Jar-Jar the species actually has some cool elements to them and are frightening in combat... I'm trying to show the cooler side of the species, breaking stereotypes and stuff.
  4. The talent reads, "When making a medicine check to help a character heal wounds, the target heals one additional wound per rank of surgeon." Technically, it doesn't say you have to succeed on the roll. The player didn't succeed, and I let it heal one wound anyways.. thoughts?
  5. Well it went great! Since only one of my players had played this system before, I ran them through Escape From Mos Shuuta. It's the simplest of the beginner sets and I've ran it twice and played in it twice. I like seeing how different parties react to it. This version of it was highly modded, to fit the plot and setting. They kinda cruised through it without breaking too much if a sweat. My Zabrak Aggressor kept finding himself in the position of chief negotiator.. with his one in Presence and no applicable skills. He talked to Overseer Brynn about dropping the defense shield that was blocking them from stealing Teemo's skiff. Failed his charm check and got a triumph (spending Destiny point to upgrade to a single yellow). As he very reasonably asked her to do what they needed. She declined and he very reasonably told her he was going to shut the shield off, here and now, with or without her help. (Succeding wildly on coercion) Impressed that this now unarmed Zabrak was threatening her and her dozen security guys, and not liking Teemo anyways, she agreed to leave him alone with the "off" button. The Cerean Sage, and the Miralian Medic failed to secure the part they needed to release the docking clamps holding the skiffs in place.. so they stunned the shop owner and took it. (Conflict, especially when the medic kicked the shop owner on the way out) they got a despair in the course of the negotiations and unbeknownst to them he got off a silent alarm, When they walked out to the street triumphantly, a small contingent of local security told them to freeze. The medic pulled out his blaster, held it to the sages head, and yelled "nobody move or I blast the girl!" Failed his deception roll and they ended up running through the street's to escape. The hunter human is deadly with a blaster, but is definitely the most shady member of the party.. which is fitting.. his character was basically blackmailed into agreeing to 3 months of training.. he hates his force sensitive nature and would prefer it just went away.. kinda playing it like reluctant mutants in X-Men. In the climax, they were fleeing on Teemo's inferior Luxury Barge (extra black die to do anything related to the ship), being pursued by Dewback Troopers led by "Ironarm" a particularly nasty trooper sergeant. The Sage, was told to negotiate with the troopers and try to convince them to back off. Her Charm roll failed and rolled lots of threat, she said she had the threat covered narratively and I agreed to roll with it. We role played the roll out.. Ironarm explaining that they must stop and answer to imperial authority, and her responding with a request to know what they are charged with. Ironarm said that he doesn't need to answer to her, she should stop because an Imperial Officer demands it, no further explanation is needed. She then cocked her head to one side (keep in mind she's a Cerean Sage and has been mostly calm and collected) "Sure we'll stop. Right after you suck my appendage!" The whole table busted up laughing, it was fantastic. Ironarm doubled his efforts but the PCs escaped on a smaller skiff and rigged the barge to explode as Ironarm and his squad approached. Ironarm will of course be pursuing the PCs, in future adventures, to get revenge for the loss of his favorite dewback and his squad. I'm beaming over this session... It's so good to be gaming with such a solid crew again. Thanks all for being such a wonderful community and alleviating some of my pregame jitters.
  6. Always, good advice. I'm usually pretty good about that.. the reason I love GMing is, no matter how good I am at crafting a story, it never feels like it has any LIFE to it until PCs throw all my carefully laid plans to the wind. It's why I gave up on writing stories.. they pale in comparison to stories my troupe craft. Considering how much work I've out into this though, I'm gonna police myself pretty hard to make sure I don't accidentally rob my players of their sense of agency.
  7. Okay guys... I had the idea for this campaign over 10 years ago. I've weaved it into WEG's Darkstryder box set. I've spent a year scheming the plot, I moved across the country to my best friend.. put up posters in local gaming stores, interviewed potential players.. refined my players to the cream of the crop..and TOMORROW I have to actually run the **** game. I've been running games since I was 17.. I'm 33 now, I started with WEG and have ran everything from Fading Sun's, to White Wolf... I've never had the pre-GMing nerves before. Not to beat my own drum, but I am fairly well respected amongst my old crew as a good GM.. yet these are new folks.. and I gotta prove myself. The anticipation is killing me, I know that as soon as I get in the "Captains Seat" I will be fine.. so I'm trying to distract myself till then. SO... I'm going to describe the premise of the game and my PC'S.. gimmie any feedback/plot ideas you have and I will read it all tomorrow night before game starts and you my community will be my inspiration. The PCs are all force sensitives, being gathered together by Elaiza the "last Jedi" for training. After several game sessions (and several F&D adventure modules) they will be sent to join up with a Rebel Corvette chasing a rogue Moff into Unknown Space.. (For those familiar w Darkstryder, I'm tweaking the story for it to be set just after Hoth) Think BattleStar Galactica meets Lost in Space meets Star Wars. PCs.... Dathomir Zabrak orphan (Shi-Cho Aggressor), survived in the jungle since a child, with a former Jedi Padawan (NPC hidden by her master on Dathomir to escape Order 66) Miralukan Rebel (Medic Driver) "EMT" Part of "CART" (Casualty Armored Response Team) identified as a Force aware individual, by rebel intelligence, and sent to go into training as a plan B, in case Vader finally catches up with Skywalker and kills/converts him. Cerean "middle-management-for-hire" (Sage Warleader), considered brash by her own people, she is consistently hired by the rest of the galaxy to take care of "lessor" beings (by the Empires standards, miners and dock worker's), turns out a Cerean slacker, is a hard worker by human standards. She's fed up with a system of exploitation, and hopes to find her true destiny studying under a Jedi. Human from Eriadu, (Hunter Ataru) chased off his home planet for displays of force power's, he has adopted an attitude of survival as a life philosophy. The only reason he agreed to train with the Jedi, was cause he got caught, and imprisoned, she agreed to get him out of jail, if he agreed to 3 months of training. Just typing this out has calmed my nerves a bit.
  8. After a quick internet search, I'm seeing good things on this.. thanks for putting it on my radar.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! On a happy note, a couple players "unflaked".. my meat-space game is on Still, in a year or so, my husband joins the military and I will be bouncing from base to base, being a military spouse. I will check roll20 and Google hangouts, this way I have a year to learn the ins and outs of each program. Thanks again guys!
  10. I know there have been other posts on this, but I can't quite find the search keywords. My game, I've been putting together for a year, starts next week and half my players have flaked out. I've put so much work into this campaign, it's breaking my heart to see it collapse. I may have to turn to virtual gaming, but there's so many apps and learning one, to the degree I will demand of myself, will take considerable time. Any recommendations? Roll20 is what my Facebook friends say is the best, but they don't play this system. Help me FFG forums.. you're my only hope.
  11. I occasionally have adversary apply to non combat checks.. I'm not sure if Scathing Tirade technically counts as a combat check or not, but I definitely have adversary kick in. My basic rules of thumb is, if it's going to drastically affect the outcome of the scene then it applies.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback guys!! This will benefit my game greatly.
  13. I went to bed grumbling about Dewback troopers and my spouse came up with this idea (likely to shut me up). Since we don't see the Empire use beasts of burden anywhere else, assume the Dewback troopers were an anomaly. Something the local forces came up with. Tatooine is a backwater that probably doesn't get resupplied regularly and they added Dewbacks as a necessity. When Vader shows up, they activated the local Stormtroopers to hunt for droids. I like this explanation because it structures beasts of burden in the Empire as an exception. While Dewback Troopers is very Star Wars (can we put a crazy creature in the scene? Do it) it does not feel very Imperial (Heavy emphasis on mechanized everything. Why did they put that AT-AT in a jungle for God's sake). I get the impression that if the Empire needed hound dogs it would build a "sniffer" droid.
  14. I could be wrong because it has been quite a while since I have seen the original in its original form, but I seem to recall stormtroopers on dewback in it. Sure they were off in the distance, but I thought they were there. Seem to recall the scene had more of them added in the remastered. Could be wrong in my old age, though. Damnit, I think you're right. I just allowed myself to forget... Was easier to ignore in the original. I don't have a copy of the original (blazing hard to find) but it just seems weird the technophile Empire would use beasts of burden. Thanks for reminding me, I'm mostly sure you're right.
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