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  1. The Legion models look pretty nice, but they aren't as good as a lot of the stuff on Kickstarter. Vader's helmet looks wrong, in particular the mouth area only has two vertical bars instead of four. Pretty obvious mistake. Luke looks pretty good with a lot of detail, but to be honest, his head looks a little oversized. The Troopers all look great and the Speeder Bikes are exciting. That said, I suspect these models will fit it just fine with IA and vice-versa. Most miniature games have scale issues (see WHF, Hobbit SBG, Knight Models DC/Marvel Universe, etc). I wouldn't get my undies in a bunch over minor size differences. The IA Luke is too small anyway. But, I have to agree with many here, that this game seems unnecessary given IA and I was really expecting a 10-15mm scale game with a large number of troops (Total War style). Disappointing that FFG went this route.
  2. You have some really great ideas going here! Very intrigued to see where this goes. How do you plan to print the models for the new ships? As for Order 66, isn't that just the artificial time limit for the game, similar to the Rebels getting to to the end of the reputation track in Rebellion?
  3. Since the game will not receive support going forward due to discontinuing the GW license, we obviously won't get any more expansions. Does anyone have interest in developing fan made expansions with printable images for use in the game?
  4. Hi, thanks for the response. I understand the mechancis of revealed locations, but what about revealed Dracula? Or are you saying Dracula is only revealed if he is at a revealed location? If that's the case, then once he moves from a revealed location he would automaticlaly become hidden again as he can't (normally) move to a location of the trail which implies he's moving to a non-revealed location from the location deck.
  5. So, after scouring the rulebook numerous times as well as this forum, I don't see a definitive answer to whether Dracula remains revealed once he's revealed. Here is what I've been able to gather: Dracula is revealed when a Hunter ends its move in the same location as Dracula. This seems to imply that if Dracula moves into a Hunter's location, he's not revealed (hit and run ambush, so to speak). The rulebook makes no mention of what happens after Dracula is revealed (no reference to unrevealing or hiding him in future turns). It seems that he remains revealed unless... he uses Escape as a Bat. The wording on this card says Dracula secretly chooses a location no further than two away and puts in one the first space on the track face down. This seems to imply (since it's chosen in secret and placed face down) that he becomes hidden again. This seems to be the only way Dracula can hide again, but the rules are sadly unclear about this point IMO. Can someone confirm what I'm asserting here or point me to something I may have missed? Many thanks
  6. Looks like the pic on the box isn't to scale as the Rancor is much bigger relative to the other fig in that guys hand.
  7. Wow, that is epic! Worth the price of admission right there! I'll be curious to see how big the Dewback is because it looks small in the only pic I've seen.
  8. I'm excited about this model. I've always found it a little boring and anticlimactic buying fixed packs where you already know what you're getting and that it's identical to what everyone else can get. There are two ways to view that, of course, but I like the excitement of maybe pulling something cool or hard to find.
  9. I think just so you can see all the different options that that card's die is capable of rolling at a glance. Same with Dice Masters, etc. Otherwise, you'd have to constantly be grabbing up dice to see the options both when deck-building and in the middle of games. Makes sense, thanks!
  10. Why do the cards have the same icons as the corresponding dice? Not sure I see the point unless it's that you can play the game if you don't have the dice.
  11. Seems like Awakenings is going to cover ALOT of material. Makes me wonder how many expansions there will be.
  12. Sorry, I missed that. My bad.
  13. After watching the game trailer and reading all the available info on FFGs site, I spotted the following: There are at least 170 cards in Awakenings as Salvage Yard is #170. I saw dice for Qui-Gonn Jinn, Jabba, Vader, Amidala, JarJar, Grievous, Poe Cameron (I think but am not sure), Millennium Falcon. Also saw upgrade dice for things like blasters, lightsabers, and skills and abilities such as force training and force choke. Seems like the expansion possibilities through battleground, support and upgrade cards could add alot of depth to this game.
  14. Super excited to finally see prequel content. The gameplay will be interesting to see and something quick and light would be ok with me.
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