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  1. To be fair, you gotta admit that giving Fantasy Flight your email address so that you can school them on how to make a real game, is pretty darn petty and inflammatory to start. Most of what I said was directed towards the OP.
  2. Its perfectly fine to be disappointed but, when you share that viewpoint, others who disagree are going to share theirs in turn. As you may have noticed in my original post, I said "most" not "all" of the comments seemed uninformed and petty. The complaints before yours mostly focused on how they would have rather received a tactical miniatures game as opposed to this, as if Imperial Assault is even supposed to fill that sort of ground combat role in the first place. You're free to be disappointed that the game isn't entirely original, thats a perfectly valid complaint save for when others are basically bemoaning that its not just an X-Wing reskin.
  3. Looks great to me. I'm sure it'll get a little extra care with the paint between now and release. Its a pretty good wait before this ship hits shelves.
  4. It's only okay if its a reskin of X-Wing.
  5. Most of the complaints seem to be made with the assumption that Imperial Assault is taking the place of an X-Wing style ground combat game, or somehow permanently blocking such a game from ever being developed. I guess I don't see the logic behind being disappoint that Fantasy Flight did a "reskin" of Descent, when what people seem to be complaining about is that its not a reskin of X-Wing.
  6. Both. I know that with my friends we're already working on all sorts of ways to mix the two into an almost "Campaign" style series of sessions. Brief off the cuff example: The Empire is producing TIE Phantoms at a secret base surrounded by protective mines and guarded by a light dettachment of Imperial Star Destroyers. You start the campaign by having the Rebel starfighters jump into the area out of hyperspace and begin a mission to destroy the numerous mines whilst defending themselves from TIE Fighters and possibly one operational Phantom. If the mines are cleared the Rebel corvettes jump into the battle and you switch to Armada style play to proceed. You can go from micro-scale conflicts to macro-scale very easily in this way and with the RPG games or even Imperial Assault, you could even go so far as to have a group of Rebel soldiers or mercenaries board the secret station in an effort to steal data and then plant charges to destroy said base. Honestly, the possibilities are virtually endless. If anything, X-Wing players should see Armada as a boon to the potential for creating great battles and in-game stories with their friends and gaming buddies. Its obvious with a whole new faction on the way that Fantasy Flight is nowhere near done with X-Wing. The Imperial huge ships will come, its just a matter of time.
  7. I have to admit I'm really quite astonished at this sort of reaction to the game. Imperial Assault is a Star Wars themed dungeon crawling combat game, not a Ground Assault warfare game meant to stand up next to X-Wing or Armada. That AT-ST? It's there in place of a monster like the Dragon used in Descent. You're going to be going through Star Wars environments having RPG style battles against Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any potential ground warfare game that could come from Fantasy Flight, nor would it even step on the toes of such a game. Most of these negative comments seem really uninformed and petty.
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