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  1. Why add this extra bit of busy work for something that is meant to simply be a background item to reduce healing time, assuming someone has access to one? The majority of PC groups won't have it, so at best it will be some NPC medical facility that they are visiting. If you happen to have a party that invested in it, why make it some mundane bit of book keeping they have to deal with? The game doesn't bother making people track ammunition, so why bother tracking liters of a magical sciencey bacteria goo that heals wounds? I just, I don't understand how this improves the gameplay experience for a table at all. What is the benefit to the overall game that implementing this book keeping provides?
  2. [Spoiler] Last Jedi Spoiler (fun)

    I don't even think you have to make it a "new power". What he's doing is essentially the force ghost thing, just before he's dead. Regardless, I think trying to stat that out is futile, there are such things as GM fiat and ignoring rules for the sake of the story. Doing that killed Luke, given how incredibly taxing it was for him. If a player at my table wanted to do this, I'd be like "sure, but it's going to require you being at a Force nexus, and it's most likely going to kill your PC. If you want to go out in a blaze of glory kind of cool illusion way, I'm all for it. If you're wanting to be able to just do this as casually as you do things like force Move or Enhance, then no." It's a Heroic Sacrifice move at the climax of a movie facing off with the Enemy You Created, at the All Is Lost Moment. Rules don't really apply in those type situations, or at least they shouldn't in storytelling.
  3. I'm not surprised at all that they are similar to religious fanatics The only time I think canon can be useful, is for those random questions that come up that aren't really reflected in the rules, but are ultimately kind of minor. A great example of times when I think canon is handy, is in the case of another poster, who asked for ways to bring down a hostile droid in a way that they could talk to it afterwards. We all tossed out ideas, ranging from restraining bolts, to ion weapons, to electricity traps, etc. And even after posting my ideas for non-lethal traps, I pointed out that there really wasn't a need. As we clearly see 3PO get blasted by a regular blaster shot, into pieces a might add. And all Chewy had to do to get him talking again was fiddle with some wires and settings. Meaning that regular attacks could easily work, as long as you didn't roll a crit that would damage the CPU/Memory of the droid in question. THAT kind of thing, I think is find to discuss regarding canon, but some of the things people adhere to, "because movies" just boggles my mind.
  4. Re'peek tilts his head, ears pivoting towards Leto when he talks about 'scouting the area'. Re'peek shifts his body a bit, trying to emit a confident air, instead of someone leaping for his life from a combat droid smashing down a nearby wall. Yes, totally meant to come up here on purpose, not reflex at all. "Yeah uh..." he glances left and right, not really seeing much difference in them at all, even from the lightpost. They are however, equidistant from the people blasting the bar to smithereens. He hops down, and points to the right alley with confidence. "This way." And then proceeds to head in that direction, and his speeder bike.
  5. The atheist in me wants to say so many things regarding this comment, but mixing religious flame war with star wars canon flame wars is bordering on creating internet WMD's, and I won't be party to that OT: I personally feel that GM's making themselves beholden to canon at their tables is a bad call. It limits the possibility of fun storytelling based on the decisions made by people who were creating a story in an entirely different medium, without any consideration for how this would impact the gaming community (and why should they? they're busy making a movie). I've never understood the religious, dogmatic adherence to canon, when it comes to scifi fans. Like it will somehow invalidate their fun if they don't obey the Star Wars Commandments or something. I personally don't care what some person in some studio did, to make their movie, if it contradicts my idea for the game I'm running, I'm not following it. I don't expect them to give a crap what I do in my home at my table, so why should I give a crap what they did too? I quoted you jokingly SEA, but the similarities between actual religion, and the way scifi fans argue about canon/doctrine of their favorite franchise, are frighteningly similar. Writing made by other people, not the original author, years later, supposedly (but debated by many) to have the authority of the original author to speak on his behalf, come up with incredibly different interpretations of the "rules and laws" of the various groups depicted in stories, passed on from generation to generation, with revisions, retcons, etc. Yeah, it's incredibly similar, on so many levels. The debates on the Jedi/Sith codes alone feels very much like a religious fundamentals debate.
  6. Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    .....do you power you internet connection by riding a bike? I fail to see the connection between "There are strong winds preventing me from riding a bike" and "Thus I have no internet" I mean, you should upgrade to cocaine addicted hamsters, they work great, and are easy to replace.
  7. Yeah he probably did, I personally hadn't really thought about it, but if it's his standard form of transportation, he would've driven up on it to get breakfast at the club. To be honest I didn't really consider the whole "we have vehicles" angle when I was typing up his activities. @Rabobankrider About the Imperial ID/Badge thing Re'peek just stole, can you describe it? Is it just the Imperial Insignia, or was it the kind that actually has credentials on it?
  8. Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    I mean it's not like you need a helmet to survive vacuum, just take a page from Leia's book
  9. Re'peek is outside, breathing a little heavy after his dash for the exit. He grins, turning to where his old friend was, and is about to say something to him, when a crash from behind him causes him to leap like a startled cat. "Holy frakin poodoo, what the herk!?!" He cries out, jumping onto a nearby lightpole and spinning around to see what just caused that noise behind him. He sees the giant robot literally smash his way out of the club, and then proceed to greet them, with a caveat of possible violence. "Uuuuuh..." he says, clearly startled. "Nice murder-bot? We uh...come in peace?" His fur is splayed out on every inch of his body as he tries to gauge if he needs to keep running away from this terrifying new development, or simply stay out of arms reach. His ears twitch as he hears the 'police' come in to pacify the situation. The sound of blaster fire would make him thank all the teets of the Bothan goddess Meownica that he'd decided to exit when he did.
  10. First time GM needing help

    Yeah, both of those are easily handled with repetition. The symbols will quickly become second nature to you, as you really only have 6 symbols to deal with. Once you get familiar with which ones cancel which other ones, it's a quick bit of elimination to get the result. There are dice apps out there for smart phones, that you can get to help with this. They do the math for you, if you and your players are up for that. Some people don't like using them for various reasons, but it is an option. Yeah, this is why i said being comfortable with improvisation is handy for this system. I try and think of it like an action movie, where they will frequently ramp up the tension by adding little extra problems that have to be dealt with, that add up to a final crazy situation. For example, you have two people fighting on the star wars equivalent of a rope bridge, and someone rolls 2 threat. Ok so, off the top of your head, what are some negative things that could happen on a rope bridge? Well, a strong wind could gust through, making the bridge bounce and wobble, causing 1-2 setback die on the person's next roll. A despair would be something like "Yeah, the ropes are starting to fray, and now the entire thing is less stable, all checks have been upgraded for this encounter" Or another would be, perhaps the water underneath the bridge, now has a group of very hungry, and very aware alligators, snapping up at the two people fighting on the bridge. They are able to leap up high enough where they periodically have to dodge, costing them strain, or a setback again if you wish. mechanically, doing things like "take 1 strain" is perfectly fine, if they just rolled a single threat, but as long as you describe it in a cool way, it's all good.
  11. First time GM needing help

    What would you say was the biggest issue you had running the system?
  12. @SHADOWGUARD CHAMPION So, did your PC just smash his way outside of the club into the open area where I assume the rest of us are, and then proceed to say "Hello, don't mess with me or I will pulp you" ?? Because if so: 1. Awesome and 2. I ask for reactionary purposes in my follow up post.
  13. Force powers against minion groups

    And that's the kind of situation I'm asking about. Because I keep trying to play a PC that resolves conflicts as non-violently as possible. And things like picking up the minion group and "persuading" them to stop trying to fight, or yoinking all of their guns with the Move upgrade, are primary ways to accomplish this. However to be able to pull this off, with what is supposed to be considered a "pushover" threat, can be either relatively easy (if we're considering them as one target), or incredibly difficult (if each one is an individual target, and thus requiring way more upgrades and pips than a starting PC could manage).
  14. So I'm pretty sure that this has been asked before, but I don't have time to go thread diving, so I thought I'd just ask. So, when using Force powers against minion groups, regarding how many pips you have to spend, or upgrades you have to activate, do we still consider them one target? I mean, every other aspect of combat considers them one target, for mechanical purposes, and as far as I'm concerned, the same should apply to Force powers, but I can't recall it being stated. So, for example, when using Move to push a minion group away from the PC, they wouldn't need to trigger enough Magnitude upgrades to target say, all 4 minions right? Because mechanically they are one, so the base power's single target aspect should be sufficient right? As well as things like Misdirect or Influence yes? This seems the most fair reading of the rules, but I know plenty of people would try and say you have to buy up for each individual being. So what is the general consensus on this?
  15. Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Hence why I said "unless you want some further action to take place"