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  1. Yes, even the devs frequently suggest putting your starting points into characteristics, because this is the only time you can easily invest points into them. After creation, the only time you can improve them is either with cybernetics (which are expensive and have a big downside), or buying the Dedication talent, which is usually at the bottom on the tree. Talents and skill ranks can be bought at any time during play, characteristics cannot. So in general, the common consensus is that you should invest as much as possible at creation in characteristics.
  2. Someone else who has the same INT score AND ranks in mechanics offered to assist, so I figured Gaze wasn't needed, since he had been eclipsed by someone else.
  3. Don't really have anything I feel needs a roll, so you can consider my post about Gaze replying to his Master's holo-vid message as what he did for the week. Unless someone wishes to RP with him, otherwise he's just going to be milling out in a general fashion.
  4. I don't consider it "keeping me on my toes" as someone who has no self-control of their mouth, blurting out stuff ahead of time and spoiling any mood setting. I mean, to me it's akin to someone who was in the theater watching Empire Strikes Back for the first time, and like 1 minute before it's revealed in the movie, just blurting out loud "He's his father!" It's just common courtesy to the GM I feel, to not burst his theatrical bubble, by blurting out in an out of character fashion, what he bets you are going to do. It pulls people out of the mood you might be trying to set, potentially derails the train of thought of the GM for the outburst, and essentially provides nothing to the situation other than for that player to be smug and go "hah! I knew it!" Yes, you did. Good for you, having a fu**ing cookie and shut the fu** up already. Can I get back to trying to tell my story now? Or do you have more meta statements you feel you have to blurt out for no beneficial reason?
  5. Gaze turns on the holo-recorder, takes a deeeeeep breath, and exhales. "Master, the flashing red light does NOT mean you hit it repeatedly with your cane. It means it's recording. And I have NO idea how you turned the thing upside down, as it's a pyramid-shaped device, designed to auto-correct for orientation. But once again, you amaze me with your ability to defy the laws of physics and technology, and somehow confuse the thing about up and down, so, good job there!" He gives a thumbs up to recording eye, while his tone clearly indicates his dry sarcasm, and that this type of conversation is something he has done several times apparently. "Nothing really interesting to report, no major injuries or illnesses in transit, though I think the Wookie was close to testing how well the pilot could fly without arms there for a little while. Aside from a small case of singed fur, which is more of a problem than you might think for species entirely covered in fur, it's been fairly quiet so far. Oh, I did come up with a possible treatment for that one skin condition we encountered on Deritahlis 9. You remember the one, the arboreal colony who ended up developing fungal growths on their extremities every rainy season? Well, I'm sending the formula, and maybe you could get it to them next time you are in that sector. " He looks out the small porthole at the flowing sea of stars from hyperspace, and then looks back at the holo-recorder. "Anyway, that's about it, remember red light means working, NOT, hit me repeatedly. Take care Master." Gaze switches off the device and presses the transmit button. After a few minutes, he takes out his saber and idly twirls it. He casually dismantles it for maintenance, and removes his crystal. "Hey there Shardy. " He says amiably, and loops a bit of cord around the blue crystal. He then hangs it in front of the porthole, giving the flickering light of the hyperspace display, a blue tint as it flickers around the room. "Pretty nice view huh?" He says to the crystal, laying back on his bunk. He begins to hum to himself, a song he heard from a little girl on one of the planets they visited during the War. She sang it while he cauterized her leg stump, to try and keep herself from crying too much. She taught him the song as they went along, keeping her distracted, and it had rooted itself firmly in his mind. "Yeah." He said to the quiet room. "I miss her too. Hopefully she was able to get a cybernetic limb after we left, but given the demand, and the low economy of that world?" He shrugs to himself, and sighs. "Still, maybe one day." He watches the shifting blue lights around the room, mixed into the myriad of swirling lights from the hyperspace tunnel, as they paint his room in a psychedelic visual display. After a few minutes, he falls asleep.
  6. In my first session of FFG, one of my players who was playing a Wookie, was being accosted by a minion thug group. He decided he wanted to scare them off with a Wookie roar (didn't want to fight them). It wasn't a hard check, but I did upgrade it with a Destiny Point, just to see what would happen (we were still testing out the mechanics). He rolled a Despair, so I had his roar work REALLY well, and instead of just scaring off the thugs, he made EVERYONE on that city block go into a panic, screaming "RUUUN!! IT'S A RABID WOOKIE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!!" Which made the player give me a priceless "um...oops" expression. I then had the panicked people call the actual security for the city, and they proceeded to beat the crap out of the Wookie In another session, I set up the scene to make them see a pending human sacrifice, and they, being heroes of course, stepped in to try and stop it, and save the victim. Problem is, it wasn't a simple sacrifice, and them stopping it, actually ended up unleashing a powerful evil sith ghost, which was the main antagonist for the campaign. Another time, this was mostly out of spite to a player who kept predicting what would happen ahead of time. Seriously any scenario that you would describe to set the stage, he would interrupt and say something like "Ok so we will probably encounter *insert typical monster for that biome* " to the party. And, seriously people DONT DO THIS. It's really fu**ing annoying to the GM when you do this. It's about as annoying as if you were in a movie theater and someone yelled out what was about to happen, right before a tense scene. Just don't. Anyway, they were sailing across an ocean, and I was going to have a kraken attack. So as I'm setting up the ship, and describing the ocean that day, this player goes "Ok so, we'll either be attacked by kraken, or pirates." Completely blowing my reveal. So, I decided to describe a ship approaching them under black sails, and right before the pirates attacked, a kraken popped up and ate the pirate ship, then proceeded to attack the party. Not much of a wrench, but it was an attempt.
  7. Gaze has a 4 Int but zero ranks in Mechanics. So if someone has some ranks but not that high of a Characteristic, he could at least help that way.
  8. Well your initial post had some very extreme examples. They were either the pivotal people at the heart of the galaxy, or faceless nobodies. There's a lot more room in between those 2 extremes.
  9. Is that the only other spec that has it? Aside from the Warden I've already mentioned? The source isn't really important to me, I'm just curious if there were enough versions of the talent out there to make the Fear check a feasible tactic in combat or not. If there are 3 ranks in Enf then that's a definite yes, but I would like to know if there are others out there too
  10. So the Guardian: Warden has 2 ranks of Fearsome, which is pretty sweet, but with only 2 ranks, that's not a good success rate for people you target with it. Any other specs that you could cross-class into to add more ranks of Fearsome?
  11. Well I mean, he was basically doing medical treatment for 15ish years during a galaxy spanning war, so he's fairly familiar with injuries due to trauma and energy type thingies. Not much else to go over really
  12. There isn't really any types of rolls I can think of that would be relevant for Gaze. I RP'd him studying up on possible illnesses and diseases for the area, but that was mostly just for RP purposes. So I guess he will just sort of be generally studying and reading for most of the trip. If anyone wants to have a discussion with him that's fine.
  13. A great way to think about the scale of importance, is to think of action movies. A classic example is the first Die Hard movie. I don't think anyone can accuse that movie of lacking action and tension, but the scale is small. A few dozen hostages, a few city blocks of potential property damage, and a city watching it on the news like crazy. But to the PC in that game (John McClain), he is at the center of everything going on. Each fight is an intense battle, even though it's only him versus a single mook, or perhaps a few mooks at once. The fact that the events aren't "Shaping the course of the Galaxy" is kind of secondary really. That's the key to good storytelling, bigger doesn't always mean better. If you inflate the scale, you risk making the details become pointless to the PC's. There's just too much going on to be emotionally invested in all of it. The stuff literally becomes background filler. So for all intents and purposes, it might as well not even be there. I much prefer small scale stories, where you can give a face to the people being affected. It's not just "35 people died in an Imperial raid today" that they see on the news. It's "They raided the rebel cell, where we had just taken those refugees we'd rescued, including that little girl NPC that the whole party ended up falling in love with due to some good roleplaying. She might be dead!" The players are way more interested in that case.
  14. Ah, yeah I forgot this was 5k years prior But you get my point. Maybe if we install one of those scrolling message displays on the side.
  15. I dunno, I think Subject To Change, As Well As Weapons And Customizations might be a tricky name to get approved by ISB. Plus, how is it going to fit on the side of the ship?!