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  1. I've never heard them refer to Canada as "the Colonies". Not saying they don't, but when British people are being cheeky, and use that term, in my experience it's always in reference to the USA. I know that term could apply to half the planet, thanks to that wonderful British colonialism, but I just never hear them refer to anywhere else like that.
  2. For ****'s sake now I'm getting notifications when the two of you simply quote other quotes from my thread from earlier! This is ******* ridiculous!
  3. @Tramp Graphics For ****'s sake stop name dropping me in this insane rant of yours. You have personally continued this thread for like 20+ pages, and I stopped following it like 2 weeks ago. There is a point, that you have never actually learned it seems, of just letting a subject drop. I know you are apparently physically and psychologically incapable of just letting something go until you have bludgeoned anyone who dares say you might be wrong about something into silence or submission, but it's frankly sad to watch. And I'm frankly getting tired of seeing the notification only to see it's you using my name to justify your continued rant on a subject that was simply a passing curiosity to me that I thought I'd share. Because I keep thinking it might be something productive and/or entertaining, but no, it's just you using my name to say "see i'm not the only one who is this obstinate and pig headed!" Stop. You've already hijacked my thread for your personal crusade to make everyone admit you are right, don't keep dragging me back into it. Either shut up and let the thread die, or at the very least stop @ ing me in your posts.
  4. Interestingly, Cinder Spires is probably my least fave book by Jim. I dunno I just found myself tuning out while listening to the audiobook of it, a lot. Oddly enough, usually when the ship on ship battles were taking place. I'm more interested in a new Dresden book, or some of the spinoff series in the Dresden Files he's talked about doing. Codex Alera was a really fun series, though the last 2 books sort of lost focus for me, and had some big moments where I was like "wait what? what about this other thing?! You totally just forgot about that?!" Still, Cursor's Fury is a really good book in that series for me personally.
  5. Well I'm still in the initial theory stages, but I was thinking, given the way the machines have components, and destroying those components were the way to defeat them more easily, it could be done by simply having it be layers of soak in their defense/armor score. Those machines are crazy tough, even the weaker ones, if you are just running in there to beat on them. Without the talent to make your melee attacks harder, or more likely to strip components off, it's a slow, painful fight. And for ranged, it's all about aimed shots at components. So you could potentially make some talents that give the PC an easier time breaking off armor parts for one. Say, with the right talent, a PC can spend 2-3 advantage on a roll, to pull off a component as a byproduct of an attack. Ranged attacks would just be able to do this normally, since in the game that was the main strategy and drive for ranged, to whittle them down at range. Create specialized, limited ammo for the ranged combat, that is good at removing components, basically the Tear arrows. Basically if they are using the basic type of primitive weapons, talents would help to even the combat out. Eventually, if they get the know-how to build the unique weapons with old tech, that could offset them not having talents, because the items themselves provide the bonuses to component removal. Since the game often had the machines take significant damage when components were destroyed, you might try having some kind of threshold system for how many parts they've lost. If they lose like 25-50% of their components, they just take several points of damage. So that way, PC's could potentially drop a machine simply by precise component removal, which is how most of the really good players do it anyway. I'm just spitballing ideas based on what you said gave you issues. I'm curious what you tried that you felt didn't work well.
  6. So I've been debating running a H:ZD campaign for a few of my friends, since one of them is a huge fan of the game, and after playing it myself recently, I definitely think it's a fun setting to play with. I don't really have much in the way of unique rules for the setting, as I think the basic stuff works just fine, but there are few issues that I've been considering, and how to address them. To anyone not familiar with the game, it's a post apocalypse game, where society has devolved back to the stone ages basically, or maybe just "medi-eval" level, basic D&D kind of stuff. Bows, melee weapons, leather clothing, tribal mentality, etc. But it's very clearly a post-advanced scifi setting, because there are giant robot animal/dinosaurs wandering around, acting as the most serious threat in the game for the protagonist. 99.9% of people have no real understanding of how the world ended up the way it is, and have concocted various myths about the old days of the First Ones, and how things went to crap. The main character however, finds what is basically a PDA, but scifi version, called a Focus. It's a highly useful information/interface device, that gives her a massive wealth of information about the world around her. She still has no context for a lot of it, but she's able to scan her environment, set destinations, highlight weakpoints on machines, interface with functional old world tech, etc. And this is the item/issue that I find will probably need the most work for the setting. Everything else, I figure I'll just use basic skill/talent rules from the core book, but for the old world tech stuff, I'm considering requiring a talent to be purchased, to reflect someone having sufficient understanding of technology, to be able to use/understand any of the tech. Literally gate off access to the skill of Computers, unless you have that talent. Though an easier way might be to just limit it, instead, to having a Focus, since it's through that device that the protagonist Aloy is able to actually activate things. So maybe no talent, just an item requirement. And once you have a Focus, you can start fiddling with it, to learn the basics of operating machinery in the ruins. Also, the other thing I was thinking, is to try and incorporate the different damage types the game has for gear, and have those be options for modding armor/weapons. Say for example, harvesting machine parts to put onto your leather armor, that would give you points of soak versus specific damage types (fire/heat, acid, cold, etc). The same could be done to modifications for weapons, to add damage types to try and punch through different defenses on the machines. Beyond those 2 things, I don't think I really need to tweak much else. Thoughts?
  7. Yes...because they totally couldn't have someone like say...Ben Solo (who is a Skywalker biologically) have a secret child from years ago off camera. I mean, come on, they totally wouldn't just magic up a biological connection between an incredibly unlikely set of characters, that happened entirely off screen, in between films. Nope...tooootally not something they would do with this franchise.
  8. What? This sentence makes no sense to me. Please clarify. Isn't the Mando based in Rebellion era? Because every still shot and short clip I've seen of it screams Rebellion era. Did they move it into the new timeline yet drag everything from Rebellion forward as far as fanservice? Because that's not going to compel me to pay disney for their subscription just to watch it. Using anything as a reference for calling something "good" or "bad' is fraught with peril, as the line between opinion and objective evaluation is one that fans of this franchise have difficulty differentiating.
  9. Yes I know, someone already mentioned that. The post you quoted from me was in response to that. However I don't really have any desire to watch the Mando. And directing and writing are 2 very different things. I've never seen SW as having a lack of humor, I think it's just too bogged down with obligatory fanservice tie-ins to let itself tell a good story. It's why they never seem capable of moving the timeline forward, and just stay in the Rebellion Era. And when they did move forward with the new trilogy, they were so busy trying to tie it back to everything that came before, they made a clunky trilogy, with moments of greatness, but ultimately crashing under the bulk of it's own weight of canon.
  10. JoJo Rabbit was a good film, but the tone of it was....odd. Think Monty Python meets...well...a hitler youth rally. There were a lot of extreme jokes made that would be considered "pushing the boundaries of good taste", and they were done with the idea of "well it's ok because we are mocking Nazi's, and **** those guys so who cares?" And it mostly worked. It also felt very much along the lines of a lot of the Ragnarok humor, of it being just quip after quip after sight gag after prat fall, etc. Which, again, worked for Thor, and worked for JoJo, but just if that's his "regular directing style" then it didn't feel like it would be a good match for Star Wars for me. I mean, unless we are just making a Star Wars farce, which if so, then yeah sign him up he'd be great at it. Now maybe that's just what he's like when he's also the writer? *shrugs* Not sure if he wrote the Mando episode you are talking about, or if he just directed it. That can make a huge difference in tone when it's someone else's words being shot, versus Waititi. Granted, I'm certainly not saying that he's incapable of doing more dramatic stuff, far from it. JoJo Rabbit, had some dark **** in it too, but the overall tone was very much felt like some of the hairbrained ideas me and my friends would come up with while tripping on acid at 3 in the morning, but we didn't have a multi million dollar budget to film it
  11. I thought Solo was fine as it was, but that's just me. I don't watch that show, I have zero love for the mandalorians as a Boba Fett species reskin and their place in the fanbase's obsession, so I have zero interest in watching it.
  12. You sure about that? I mean, when I saw Thor: Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit, the last thing I thought was "Wow, this is totally the mood and theme I want to see in a Star Wars film!" They were good movies that I enjoyed a lot, but I'm not sure he's got the right tone of storytelling for the franchise.
  13. Pretty close yes! It doesn't have the ball pommel, and it doesn't have a secondary, small vestigial horn next to the blade. And the hilt is mostly white with purple main. But yeah pretty much the basic design!
  14. I love lamp. Sometimes, when I poop, I hear the sounds of screaming smurfs, begging for help from inside my butt. I'm afraid what must happen to....rectify this situation. Why do cats who come up wanting pettins decide to flop onto the floor JUST outside of arms reach? Such a jerk move! You know that family guy episode where Peter puts his junk into a mechanical pencil sharpener? Those things have a very small radius....just sayin. I seem to be the only person who remembers the old Sci Fi channel show The Chronicle, about a tabloid magazine that investigated the paranormal stuff, but it was all real. The best show ever was the one with Elvis Impersonator Vampires that only fed on other Elvis Impersonators at conventions, that were hunted by an Elvis Impersonating Vampire Hunter that was possibly the real Elivs. The finale is like 50 people dressed like Elvis, getting into a massive battle in a hotel convention hall, using UV lights to reflect off the sequined jump suit of one of the protagonists, to make a disco ball of vampire death via multi-beams of UV light. Nothing is better than that. NOTHING. I have a unicorn lightsaber. The handle is the neck of the unicorn head, the crossguard is the actual head of the unicorn, and the blade is the horn of the unicorn. It lights up in rainbow strobe effects.
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