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  1. Well I mean, we follow orders...that's kind of our thing. I get oocly we want to live, but the troopers don't think like that, not to an extent that is. They are disposable soldiers for the Republic, literally bred to die to protect it. If the squad hasn't received orders to withdraw, our previous orders would still stand I'd think. Protect the civilians, contain the threat. I mean if the rest of the squad wants to withdraw that's fine, but that's my and Spanner's thoughts on the matter. Besides, this is Star Wars, death is like...coming down with a cold, you shake it off after a week. And, it's generally considered, and confirmed by most devs, that you only DIE if you actually roll the Death result on a critical injury result. Anything other than that, even into negative health is just "really really messed up, needs a bacta tank"
  2. KungFuFerret

    Why do people hate Jedi?

    I doubt it's any one reason, but at least for a portion of the fanbase, I think it's a bit of redirection of anger at the way the franchise has been presented, and foisting it on the Jedi since they were the focus of the movies, specifically the prequels. The way the Jedi were portrayed in the prequel trilogy is....really really dumb. They are a fumbling, bumbling order of incompetent doofuses, that can't tell their **** from a hole in the ground. They drop the ball of competency on so many occasions, and in such epic ways, that it is the root of a lot of the downfall of the Republic, as presented in those films. Now personally, I chalk this up to really terrible writing and direction of those films, when in reality that organization would likely be far more competent than presented on screen. But, there was a final point that had to be reached in the prequel trilogies (all Jedi dead but Yoda and Kenobi), so they just wrote it however it seemed to work to cause their downfall. And that made for some much hated films, that were focused almost exclusively on the Jedi and their actions. So, Prequels = Dumb Movies, Prequels = Jedi Movies, ergo Jedi = Dumb People. This is probably the reason for those types of players who use OOC hatred to justify doing really **** things to Force users in game, and give a reason like your one player did. "I hate force users, I hate Jedi, thus I'm going to be a **** to any I meet in game. Even if my character doesn't have any reason to hate them." That's just some meta bull **** that a lot of fans are guilty of, and is frankly immature behavior. So for those type players, I'd say the reason is "they are immature fanboys that are still butt hurt about stories that upset them from decades ago." Another section of the fanbase are probably just tired of the focus on Force users in the storytelling, and would like more emphasis on the more "mundane" aspects of the Star Wars universe. The people who love the ships and fleet battle content most, the ones who like the large, wartime battles, etc. For them, it's probably just a frustration of focus on a single aspect of the franchise that they find less than appealing. Though I doubt this group actively "hates" them as much as just wish there was more focus on other groups. I've heard people in this category, and they don't generally "hate" the Jedi and Force Users, they just want more content that's space battles and fleet actions, etc. More Battle Above Endor, less Luke Fighting Vader in Throne Room. Others, again I think this is probably a smaller subset of them, might have an issue with the philosophical side to the Jedi, as represented by their Jedi Code, and how they dictate ways of living, the celibacy thing, taking very young children away from their family and indoctrinating them into what is basically a cult by modern standards. I kind of empathize with this group, as I find myself rolling my eyes whenever the subject of the Jedi's morality being one of actual "evil", because it doesn't conform to modern understandings of things like child development, social integration, biological urges, etc. People seem to forget the "code" of the Jedi is a cobbled together mix of real world religious philosophies, and new-age mumbo-jumbo from back in the 60's and 70's. We've learned a LOT more stuff today about those subjects that make those views on how to live a "balanced" life, flat out wrong. I think this group, just has an issue with separating the fictional world-rules from real world understanding, and want it all to be "accurate". Accurate in a universe with magical space wizards with laser swords, and other total silliness. To this bracket of fans, the Jedi represent terrible religious dogma that destroyed civilized society, and allowed a tyrant and despot to seize control of a government, and turn it into an empire. And since the group at the heart of it all was the Jedi, and their inability to see past their own dogma (because of REALLY heavy handed writing), it's all their fault, thus back to that Jedi = Dumb example above. I'm sure there are plenty more groups with their own reasons why, but I'd say those likely encompass the larger groups reasoning. At least those are some of the most common criticisms that I actually SEE USED on this site, and other sites, when explaining why a person hates the Jedi. So, by the fact that these are the most commonly used reasons, I'd say they speak for themselves really. I personally love the Jedi, and chalk up their many many flaws, to bad writing, by Lucas and a multitude of Legacy writers (aka published fan fiction writers). But I'm apparently in the minority of many Star Wars fans, in that I don't get my self identification from the franchise, and can appreciate it for what it tries to be, even if it doesn't always get their narratively. And I can accept that the various films can be fun and enjoyable, while still being flawed, which doesn't mean they are "destroying" things.
  3. Spanner hears the order to fall back, and finishes up his last weld on the barrier. Turning he makes a dash for the turbolift, and takes several blaster bolts to his body and limbs. Crying out in pain and fury, he stumbles and hits the ground before shuffling back to his feet, and limping to the turbolift and his squadmates.
  4. Spanner would prefer you use your Triumph to help any civvies escape. He's a soldier and he was literally bred to die for the Republic, so self-preservation is somewhat low on his list of priorities. Besides, the athletics check was to make it to the turbolift unshot. Failing it doesn't mean I don't still make it since I'm upright and mobile. Spanner's just really pissed about his current state of affairs.
  5. @Rabobankrider with my soak that puts me at exactly my Wound threshold, I forget in this system do I drop instantly or do I keep going with some penalties?
  6. KungFuFerret

    Pyromaniac without the maniac

    A random list of things someone could do with a flamethrower that isn't directly killing peeps: 1. Laying down a barrier to help allies escape pursuit (this one is so ubiquitous in films/tv that it's basically a trope) 2. Laying down same barrier to make ranged combat more difficult for enemies, having to shoot through the flames and distortion at the other side. 3. Herding enemies into a specific area that makes them at a disadvantage to the Pyro and his allies. 4. Destroying environmental features that are being used by the enemy for advantage. 5. Blowing up stuff (oh look, a red canister by those storm troopers, that will ruin their day) 6. Triggering chemical reactions or other heat-reactant things. 7. Scaring away Xenomorphs 8. Providing heat in a freezing situation by setting something on fire for warmth. 9. Powering some heat-powered device/vehicle if they happen to find themselves on a low-tech planet. 10. Dramatically lighting cigars for humor. 11. Being a REALLY GOOD distraction by drawing EVERYONE'S attention to the giant gout of flaming death in their immediate area, totally setting up allies to do something sneaky and clandestine. I could go on, but you get the idea. Just because the item is listed as Weapon, doesn't mean that's the only way you can use it.
  7. KungFuFerret

    Pyromaniac without the maniac

    You should watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, season 3. It's got a GREAT storyline in their about how fire isn't always about destruction, and is a force of creation as well. You might try incorporating that kind of philosophy to things. He could also try and use his flamethrower in indirect ways, not specifically cooking enemies. Perhaps using it to lay down hostile terrain, closing in enemy units so his allies can gain an advantage. Or perhaps focusing on destroying enemy cover, basically any number of things that a wall of flame could improve, other than directly barbecuing sentients.
  8. KungFuFerret

    Animals as characters

    I am well aware that their entire race is sentient already. My point is that if it's "in canon" for a freaking tree, a TREE, to be sentient, then a Loth-cat can also be as well, and it's hardly breaking the setting to do so.
  9. KungFuFerret

    Animals as characters

    Yeah, and there was an actual TREE that was apparently a jedi master. I remember one of the tales of the jedi comics having a scene with 2 kids tied to a tree, and you think they are captives. But apparently they were padawans, going through some final ritual or something, tied to the tree, who was their Jedi master. So...yeah...if a tree can be smart enough to be a jedi MASTER, you can have a smarter-than-normal Loth-cat
  10. KungFuFerret

    Animals as characters

    You'd have to ask someone else, as I didn't read a lot of the Legend material, as I found most of it incredibly poor quality writing. But I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn there are examples of the Force doing that. I suspect the most common example would be some kind of sith-alchemy, harsh, fast mutation kind of thing, to give an animal intelligence, as that makes for quick and easy foot soldiers for a story. But a planet with a Light-side nexus, and a species that happened to live in that habitation, passively improving over generations from the aura effect of the Light-side spot? Seems totally in spirit with the franchise. Again, I'm pulling from outside the franchise, but the symbiotic relationship between the Navi and their big tree could be a perfect example of that type of growth. They were a tree-dwelling species, that mostly nested in that massive tree. It was alive and sentient (to some degree), and they benefited from that intelligence, eventually developing it themselves. This lead them to have a deep, spiritual bond to the tree, that provided most of their needs for them for millions of years.
  11. Athletics: 2eA+1eP+3eD 0 successes
  12. KungFuFerret

    Dark Force Ritual

    I just toss it out there since every table is different, and their individual level of mature content can very a lot. Though I always find it funny that adding sex is "bad", but rampant mutilation and severing of limbs, slavery, torture, strippers/pole dancers, infanticide (he killed younglings!) and genocide are perfectly ok content "for the kids". But implying people bump their naughty bits for fun and profit is a bridge too far in the terms of "appropriate content" for the franchise. Play it how you like, I'm just saying I find the distinction amusing personally. I tossed it out there mainly because the first example that came to mind was from Farcry 3, the "bad" ending if you will. It seemed very "sithy" in it's context, and felt like a fitting part of some sith ritual.
  13. KungFuFerret

    Dark Force Ritual

    Regarding the "Through Passion" angle, there are a few directions you could take, depending on if you want to go PG or R(X-rated). The obvious, and naughty ritual for "passion" would be some kind of sexual, or lust related act. Perhaps she dominates and takes the victor of the afore mentioned blood sport between those people she captured and forced to battle. If she was somehow boosting their emotions, urging them on, she could see which one responds to a push towards a blood-lust reaction, and who is thus likely the victor. She could then "claim" him to some degree, based on your level of comfort with kinky boinkiness. There are plenty of examples in fiction of various cults blurring the lines between sex and violence, and a sith ritual would hardly be an unusual place for it. If you want to go for something less 50 Siths of Grey Jedi, then you could just have her react when the combatant embraces their rage (thus passion), to win, and harnesses that energy. And since that person used Power to Gain Victory, it would embody the second line you had issue with. Have some ritual lines start to glow when the deathblow is delivered by the person who went all berzerker rage on their opponent, possibly when that blood coats the ritual lines (assuming you draw some of course). Blood of a foe, felled through passionate rage, that passion gave them strength, that strength gave them victory. If you want to go for something more mental, you could somehow (force visions possibly), have some kind of specter confront someone in the ritual, urging them to embrace their anger. Perhaps a hated rival, mocking them until they lash out in rage. Or a family member that abused them, returned to further the torment, forcing them to lash out, etc etc.
  14. KungFuFerret

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    I'm still here, just FYI. Gaze just wants nothing to do with the investigation as it is. So he's off screen for a while meditating and all that stuff.
  15. So this was just a random thing that always confused me when it comes to the new trilogy, and how I see a lot of people talk about it, especially in regards to Force users. I've seen countless posts, on this very site in fact, and other places, as well as seen video critiques that always seem to mention something that always confuses me. When discussing the final shot of Last Jedi, a lot of people say stuff along the lines of "finally! A story that takes the Force away from only being a Skywalker thing! I'm so tired of everything being Skywalker only!" Others talking about how that shot "opens up the field for stories about just about anyone becoming a Force user" etc etc. Now, this confuses me, because the entire gist of the statements assume there was some Skywalker exclusivity to being a Force user, and I don't understand why they think that. It's never been even hinted at, that the only people with Force capability were Luke and Leia, only that the JEDI were purged, which isn't the same thing. Heck the first thought pretty much everyone had (and a lot of them went on to publish stuff in this line in the Legacy material), after Return of the Jedi was "ok so obviously Luke is going to start a new Jedi school, and teach other people how to become Jedi." And in the novels and comics, games, and even the new trilogy, they do exactly that. So those Force users obviously had to come from somewhere, as they weren't all Skywalker kids. So why is there the misconception that Star Wars is "all about the Skywalkers" when it comes to Force users? Because it's just simply not actually supported by the facts of the decades worth of material. I mean, sure the Skywalkers would be an integral part of any Force-Jedi story, post Return, because who else is going to teach the next batch of kids? That's hardly the same thing as having "everything being about the Holy Bloodline". Now sure, there was a lot of material published ABOUT Luke and the OT cast, because they are fan favorites, but there was also tons about other people that had no connection to them at all, or only tangentially. So...yeah I just don't get it.