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  1. I'll just roll the missing die, I don't like redoing the whole thing like that. Missing die: 1eD 2 failures Woo!
  2. Here is my question. Who actually came up with the Jedi Code anyway? I know it was given the Lucas seal of approval at some point, but wasn't it just basically cooked up by someone else YEARS later, to retcon some creed into something that really didn't have that much development originally? I mean, it just feels to me like it was some fan fiction crap that someone put up, and like all the other EU stuff at the time, people were like "Meh, sure whatever." and just let it slide. And now it's become this huge splinter in the paw (or the mind's eye) of the franchise, when it really might not have been anything that Lucas really saw reflected in the actual Order? Because I would find it incredibly funny that decades worth of fanboys are heaping scorn and vitriol at the feet of Lucas, if it wasn't something he even came up with. I know he loosely based it on some Eastern philosophies of Taoism and Buddhism and the like, but that's a lot different from a specific, codified list of official rules, that are open to interpretation (as evidenced by this very thread debate). Heh, as funny as that is, and I'm sure R2 was helping him a good bit, it's still heavily implied that Anakin did a lot of that. And while I don't like turning to outside material to support an opinion, I do recall a friend who had read the canon novelization, stating that Anakin clearly had agency in that fight, and it wasn't just R2 humoring him. I mean, he already was an insanely good pod racer, it's not like he didn't have a concept of spatial mechanics and physics enough to justify him being a good pilot.
  3. I think he's asking if you want me to just roll the missing die, or to reroll the whole thing with the right pool.
  4. .....wow. Knowledge Warfare: 3eA+1eP+1eB+2eD 0 successes, 3 advantage
  5. I'm fine with a boost die, every bit counts.
  6. Heh, while him having a literal axe would be appropriate, I was thinking more of a non-combat type. Though the idea of him swinging into melee with a vibro-axe, specially tuned to make heavy metal guitar riffs when he hits, all the while singing blistering high octave metal lines like this part at :20 seconds into the clip, is very appealing. And feel free to not listen to any more of that song. I find the rest of it grating on the nerves. But that one scream at :20 has been used in so many memes that I find it incredibly amusing at this point. The image of some alien with two little floating droids, blaring out metal music similar to that, with flashing lights, and a screaming axe wielder...yeah I enjoy that.
  7. So this is mostly for fun, but I am kind of serious too. For most systems, I try and think of a way to make a Champion of Rock n Roll, using the Power of Metal, and blistering vocals to subdue his enemies and let the freedom of rock reign supreme! For some systems, this is easier than others. Like having a fantasy D20 setting, but brought up to modern day. So you have Bards who are using electric guitars and the like. So, I thought I'd take a crack at it with the SW FFG system. And while I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the various career specs, I was thinking something focused with the Charmer spec. I was considering the way to translate his "rock attacks" would be to use Scathing Tirade. There's nothing really specifying it has to be a "speech" that makes someone feel strain. And since strain damage is the same thing as stun damage, for all mechanical purposes, I see no reason not to capitalize on this. Plus, don't the Ithorians get a racial bellow attack? If so, then there is some precedent for sound attacks in my book So yeah, Charmer, to reflect the Holonet Icon the character would likely be, at least one droid, possibly 2, to be floating speakers for his music, and then whatever class is really REALLY good at Scathing Tirade (and Inspiring Rhetoric as well, for stirring up his fans), to make his enemies kneel before the majesty of his golden pipes! Possibly the droid technician spec, so he can keep his own sound system operating at peak performance. So, what would be a good build for this do you think? I can't remember the name of the specs that are good at Scathing and Inspiring, but I know there is at least one that does this. Again, this is mostly for bleeps and giggles, so please don't post "technically you can't do this per the RAW" stuff, as I really, REALLY don't care. But how would you build your ultimate rocker?! What race/spec combination would you pick?
  8. Well, Jaycen has a 3G 1Y dice pool for Knowledge Warfare, given his Imperial past. I can take a crack at it to learn more details, unless someone's got a better pool to work with.
  9. Well it was originally a skill check. I can't remember if it was athletics or coordination, but that was what I presented the scene as. It was the player who then asked if they could attack the debris. So I turned it into an attack check per his suggestion.
  10. Kamoa trudges along with the rest of the group, curling into his thermal cloak. Seeing as they had picked up an extra person, he bought Shisa one as well, and had it draped over her frame when the weather began to turn. He puts on his gloves, partly for another layer of warmth, and in case trouble arises quickly. He scans the area as they walk, making sure to stay close to Shisa as they proceed.
  11. Nah, though I do bet they have something like a Muffin Moff. Muffins so good you'll subjugate the inferior species' for it!
  12. Kamoa has 1200 credits. If anyone needs anything like supplies or whatever, it's not really an issue. I'm not buying you a blaster rifle or anything but if you want some rations or a lantern, or some rope or whatever, just do a list.
  13. I'm fine with moving on.
  14. Kilimar sighs and walks over to the barrier between him and McTanen. "Not as fun when you're on the other side of the cage is it?" He says, no malice in his tone, just simply pointing out the situation. "Look, McTanen right? None of us asked to be here, none of us even wanted anything to do with the Empire. We just wanted to be left alone. But then your goon squad showed up and literally snatched us off the streets, and decided to convict us for being who we are." He squats down, to put himself at eye level with the guard still recovering from his injury. "We just want to go home. To see our families, just like you want to see yours. But if we don't get out of here, we will die, all because of your Empire, and it's need to crush anything and anyone it doesn't like. Please. Help us. What is the password?" Kilimar keeps his tone calm and empathetic, despite his desire to leave right now.
  15. That's fine, I just need a little time to write it up that isn't off the cuff.