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  1. Until I hear otherwise I am going to keep calling it a "Mango" cannon! Mango cannon sounds like a delicious cannon. It would totally clear stress from ships.
  2. There may be some x-wing in my future this weekend, but I am taking the lady friend to WDW for her first time this weekend. Oh the joys of living in sunny FL.
  3. I believe in another thread we got semi-confirmation that they aren't interchangeable. Don't quote me on this, but I could of swore I read it.
  4. First off hello forums, long time lurker and reader, first time poster. For Star Wars music I have a ton. Its my Star Wars Weekends album. When waiting outside of Hollywood Studios for hours at a chance to get Jeremy Bulloch's, Peter mayhew, Ray Park, or even John Ratzenberger's autograph I have collected a list of Star Wars music. My favorites are the Endor battle themes, The Throne Room/End Title, The Imperial March, and of course Fette's Vette.
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