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  1. While I do love me some action figures my favorites still has to be Star Wars Legos, especially the UCS line.
  2. I am partial to the Black Series 6" figure myself. My prototype Boba Fett looks awesome along side the regular Fett. Tried to get the Pilot Luke signed by Mark Hamill at this past Star Wars Weekend.
  3. I count four of the ADV. Targeting computer and 4 of the TIE/X1
  4. Yeah it appears they used the main store for Cool Stuff. I know the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, and Sarasota County areas have three areas to go. Working on making sure they are not scheduled on the same day.
  5. Oh man the holiday special has become a staple with my friends and I at our Christmas parties. Also I am getting some odd looks because of the laughter that I am producing, because of the cards in this thread. May the force be with you all!
  6. Actually it's not true. The rides and ambiance of a Star Wars area will be a blend of both old and new. Looking forward to this! We won't be seeing anything anytime soon. They probably won't have anything of substance until probably D23 thru December of next year. http://www.insidethemagic.net/2014/12/new-star-wars-theme-park-attractions-to-be-a-blend-of-new-and-old-films-says-iger/
  7. In related news, the teaser trailer should be up on Apple Trailers sometime today. So for those of us who can't make it, there you go.
  8. I am getting some major Don Carnage Sky Pirate vibes from that thing. Hopefully someone out there is old enough to remember Tailspin... Does anyone know his species? Thanks for the memories and the blast from the past! Now I have been humming Talispin, Duck tales, and Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers theme songs in my head! Cool looking paint job by the way. I am no painter so I won't even attempt a job like this. The holy trinity of Disney cartoons. Although I'm probably going to get some flak for not making it a quadrilogy and throwing in Darkwing Duck. I just never watched it. How quickly you forget Gummi Bears! For shame!
  9. I am getting some major Don Carnage Sky Pirate vibes from that thing. Hopefully someone out there is old enough to remember Tailspin... Does anyone know his species? Thanks for the memories and the blast from the past! Now I have been humming Talispin, Duck tales, and Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers theme songs in my head! Cool looking paint job by the way. I am no painter so I won't even attempt a job like this.
  10. What he just said. Welcome though to a game that may consume you. It will eat at your pocket book, destroy friendships and relationships, and leave you a shell of your former self. Or I may be completely overreacting here. But just have some fun with the game and concentrate on buying the imperial stuff.
  11. Disney hasnt made SWTFU noncanon. As for this show it has Rebels in it, there are craploads of Rebel Forces, including some that never Joined the Rebel Alliance. The "Rebel Alliance is what Star Killer helps form. There were plenty of Rebel forces before the Alliance was created. If anything all these guys are doing is encouraging people to Rebel not form the Rebel Alliance. Except that Disney has said that anything that isn't the movies, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and future novels, is now considered "legends" and isn't canon. Here is a little tool to help you out: SWTFU: non-canon Darth Maul: Son of Danthomir : canon The Clone Wars: Canon Star Wars Holiday Special: non-canon Star Wars: A New Dawn: canon any book before a new Dawn: non-canon This decision was made for continuity sake and to keep the new stuff fresh, as opposed to just rehashing the books for the new movies. Here is a link as well: http://www.joystiq.com/2014/04/26/star-wars-expanded-universe-including-games-no-longer-canon/
  12. She was expelled from the Order for a crime she did not commit. She was found not guilty, and she was allowed back into the Order, but she didn't join them, she just simply quit. Some say she went to the Coruscant underground. So if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her, maybe you can hire Ashoka Tano.
  13. It aint pod racin' if you aint rubbin'! Buh bye wave 5 may you forever be in our hearts!
  14. Sit down EvilEd we all want to say something to you. I am hopefully getting my pair from my local shop Thursday.
  15. Dark Curses' bio sounds like that of the police lieutenant character from movies who is 5 days away from retirement only to be gunned down, so his ex partner can exact revenge. On topic this is a pretty cool write up, and now I know!
  16. I am at my computer in a busy office laughing @ Breaking The Law's post. Thanks for the strange looks my friend!
  17. I stop trying to get my friend as regular players. They played a few times, liked it, but won't continue on. They often think $15 for one miniature is over priced. I rebutted with, you spend $4.00 for a pack of Pokemon and then continually buy the packs until you get 4 copies of a card you need. I'm just over here buying two X-Wings and I am done. When I ask if they want to play the would rather play the mentioned Pokemon or Star Wars Miniatures. Both get a meh from me. So in conclusion it might be time to stop beating that dead horse and find other people, or maybe he will come around in time. And know you know!.......And knowing is half the battle! GEEEE EYEEEEEE JOEEEEEEE!!!!
  18. I went to Tampa Bay Comic Con this past year and Cool Stuff Inc was there. They were selling CR90s and transports for 35-50 bucks. Why may you ask, because the boxes were broken. I am kicking myself for not getting the transport, but I did get the CR90.
  19. SwWhiskeyTears87


    I am debating, and listing the pros and cons of the battlefoam create your own foam plate versus the pluck foam. So any deep insights into the before mentioned would be great. My collection has grown and will continue to grow that will eventually outgrow my Plano boxes.
  20. I sprung for the new Lego B-wing. It's not in the same class as that beautiful beast though! And yes, B-wings are my favorite Rebel fighter as well. Gah I have always wanted the Lego Model kit of the B-Wing. Can't find them anywhere! I did finally purchase the new AT-AT though and its a work of art. As for the aforementioned topic, I too have a love of the B-Wing. Its such an awesome looking star ship!
  21. "Just to be clear, it's a good read, though my final judgement will have to wait until I see how it ends. So far, it's very much in keeping with the feel of Star Wars books as I've come to expect. If there's another book continuing this, I'm going to check it out. Disney taking over the franchise didn't suddenly turn the Star Wars universe into Mickey Mouse with a lightsaber. :)" Obviously you have never been to a Star Wars Weekend. They are everywhere! Its not a bad thing min you. I gave one of my Mickey Jedi pins to a kid at WDW when I heard him scream "MICKEY MOUSE AND HES A JEDI TOO! ON MY GODDDDDD!" ,I had on a May the Fourth Disney t-shirt by the way,made that kids day. Anyways I have just started reading it. So far, so good.
  22. He read it on the interwebs, so it must be true. Then....he posted it on the interwebs and *I* read it there. It's doubly true now! I had to do a little interwebbing action, and while it does say a woman is becoming Thor, it didn't mention anything about Disney forcing their hand at Marvel to make it so. It just stated that "Male Thor" wasn't worthy anymore, probably from the excess ale and women, and his half sister was worthy and took up the mantel. Lookie I even provided a cool little link! http://www.vulture.com/2014/07/marvel-is-making-a-female-thor.html But back on topic of buying the book I am getting it today. Hopefully it doesn't interfere with my X-Wing and creating a cool campaign in Age of Rebellion.
  23. And this is the exact same way it works with LucasFilm. Kathleen Kennedy is in charge. The LFL Story Group (made up of LFL veterans) is designing things. LFL has just as much autonomy as Marvel and Pixar. This 1000 times over. I am sick of seeing this "Disney is going to ruin Star Wars" argument. Disney has been hands off with marvel and Pixar and will remain that way with Lucasfilm. If anything Lucasfilm being owned by Disney is going to allow them to create something that is not in the shadow of George Lucas. Now back to the OP I plan on getting the book and will probably enjoy the story.
  24. Having met pretty much all the voice actors from the show, exception being FPJr, the show is in great hands. Every single one of the actors showed enthusiasm for being on the show. They all said the same thing, they wanted to hearken back to the original trilogy. I too am looking forward to it, and I hope it succeeds.
  25. Arvel likes muffins, puppies, the color green, and bridges. He loves bridges! Say something nice about Kyle Katarn
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