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  1. D23 is going to have a ton of information about all things Star Wars! I am really looking forward to any Disney Parks announcements in regards to expanding Star Wars at the park formally known as Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  2. Well we know of at least two of the pilots for the Inquisitors TIE, the Inquisitor and Baron Valen Rudor.
  3. We are beginning the process of demoing games every Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Dark Side which is located at: 935 N. Beneva Rd (Map) Suite #902 Sarasota, FL 34232. Tournaments will be starting soon once we get a good player base. Come on out and wage fleet battles with your fellow players.
  4. 1-2 hours for a Armada game! Wow this is going to make those tournaments really long!
  5. Then maybe sometime later today there will be a posting about Wave 2 of Armada.
  6. If flown well its hard to get past the wall of y wings. The danger is from the main attack and then the follow up ion attack. I watched it handle lots of various builds rather easily.
  7. Im so glad someone else won with 4 y-wings! I really hope that ship starts getting the respect it deserves I can report that the same list won the Store championship in Sarasota as well. It beat a list of Kath and 4 Pirates in Z-95s.
  8. As a Star Tours 2.0 savant, the best scenes are Coruscant and Hoth. You do indeed get two randomized planets, opening scene, and middle scene. The particular scene that is listed above is the ambush by Boba after you fly through an unfinished Death Star 2. Love this ride, and will be riding it a bunch of times here soon at SWW.
  9. Rogue One starring Felicity Jones. Just named it at the shareholders meeting. Coming December of 2016. Episode 8 returns to the old release window of May in 2017.
  10. I don't know if anyone has seen this video yet or not, but read the description, it says that the Han Solo expansion pack will be out next week.
  11. Thanks Groggygolem for attending this event. The turnout was unexpected, but was still awesome. Glad you had fun! Thanks for attending!
  12. AS a TO I must apologize to you. That TO is unprofessional. I take a strict no play stance when I run tournaments. Only time I would consider it, is at a non-serious tournament and we needed an even amount of players. Our recent SC I ran the tournament, had players write down their lists, and use score sheets. All seedings were presented on a computer anyone could come up and look at.
  13. Except holotransmissions can be faked or forged. This was pleasantly set up in the Tarkin book. Do I still think it is her? Maybe.
  14. I cannot say how much this movie is underrated compared to the other movie that premiered the same day. It had so many laughs and WTF moments. It was over the top, but in such a great way.
  15. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/bustling-west-coast-ports-fall-quiet-amid-labor-dispute/ar-AA9i1wg?ocid=ansnewsap11 This will hold up the release of a few things( IE Imperial Assault and Armada) and maybe Scum and Villainy. Lets hope it doesn't though.
  16. Haven't seen the episode yet, but I'm wondering just what in the name of the Force that Tarkin can do that is more ruthless than blowing up an entire planet just to make a point? I am not going to tell you for fear of LOSING MY HEAD !
  17. This is a friendly update on The Dark Side store championship it has been moved to March 7th, thanks to February 14th being the celebration of love and other stuff like that.
  18. Just recently we had a story down here in the Sunshine State where a guy threw his 5 year old kid off a bridge leading the the Skyway bridge.
  19. Down in the SRQ area we have our league nights on Thursdays at The Darkside Comics and Games. Also have tournaments every second Saturday of the month starting at 1PM.
  20. I remember once a few months after my graduation from high school( it was 1998) and I came home from a rather dull day at work. I got to my front door and noticed that it was unlocked. SO I naturally grabbed a broken hockey stick, and if anyone has seen a broken hockey stick thats aluminum and has removable blade you will know they become spears once broken. I worked my way through my house noticing that nothing has been stolen, that was until I reached my bedroom, There I found my N64 and all its game gone, but the the one thing they took was so low it was stupid. The stole my dang HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA which was displayed in a rather nice leather bound cover on the top of my dresser. So yeah when you say people suck, I totally sympathize.
  21. I played a friend who used 2 defenders and Major Rhymer and I used a Slave 1, Soontir Fel, and another Interceptor pilot. Slave 1 went down in flames in two turns, Fel in 1 and the other in 1. The guy couldn't miss. Oh and he had HLCs on the defenders. Also reminds me of what happened last night during an RPG session. My fighter with his mighty Great Sword of electricity couldn't miss anything. I rolled 6 crits against both bosses annihilating the end fight. It was a 2d6 +6 weapon with a 1d6 electricity bonus. Lets not forget the damage I rolled never rolled below A 4 the whole time. SO yeah dice CAN help out a lot.
  22. I get that pretty much every afternoon from about May till the end of September down here in Florida. I really hate it when people do it on the major highways.
  23. I loved last night's episode. Of course I may be a little biased since I am a huge Yoda fan and having Frank Oz return as the voice was just awesome, no offense to Tom Kane of course.
  24. May as well change the name of this thread to "what would win a toddler or a grizzly bear?" Ultron pretty much kicks the crap out of a god, billionaire genius, super solider, gamma radiated green orb of destruction, sexy russian spy lady, robin hood, two mut.....err special people, and a robot named Vision. IG88 was a gum ball machine that was beat by a human bounty hunter with no special powers at all. No I kid but yeah Ultron would win hands down.
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