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  1. Any chance its making its way to the Android app anytime soon?
  2. The Dark Side Comics and Games - Sarasota, FL Tuesday nights are aiming to be our open and league nights with the third Saturday aiming to be our official tournament day.
  3. Here is another for Florida! https://www.facebook.com/events/280675412328228/
  4. I totally read this in Arnold's voice. Thanks for that!
  5. I used mine in the spokes of my bicycle to give me that vroom vroom sound when I get my exercise on.
  6. I remember I had the same exact collection and then one night, I heard a pop, this was several years later, and I was then being showered with old soda. It was a chain reaction too, one popped, then another, and then another. It wasnt pretty.
  7. You have Armada Games and Critical Hit games that have regular X-Wing.
  8. Its the Parisian x-Wing, pilots are Pepe LePew & Insp. Jacques Clouseu.
  9. I honestly have to say the ARC-170 has become my new favorite ship. We had a wave 9 release tournament in which I won flying Nora, Braylen & the Mustached Superhero Biggs. Seeing lots of aces neutered by Braylen was amazing for me and uber frustrating for my opponents. Love these ships and Fickle thanks for inspiring the zeal I have for them.
  10. Jyn and Rey work together well, confirmed they are related.
  11. I will never forget back in the day when I was a TO for a little known game called Raw Deal. We had about 15 regulars who came to our tournaments. One guy in particular was tearing it up with his deck the league before our tournament. Well one of my friends played him first round and the guy played the same exact cards, the same exact way, first turn. You might be saying well this isn't anything special, all of them were unique. So my friend mentioned this in passing, I walked over to where he was playing next round and sure enough, same cards, same turn, played in the same manner. Now I knew something was fishy, so after the round was over I politely mentioned that you could ask for cut your opponents deck. Well when his next opponent said he wanted to cut his deck, Cheater Dude flew off the handle. After that he finished out of the cut going a massively awesome 2-4. Shortly after, lies were made, emails sent and I was replaced as TO by Cheater. So yeah cheaters stink!
  12. Here is an updated link for The Dark Side Comics and games tournament https://www.facebook.com/events/1762375287319267/
  13. https://www.facebook.com/events/967305190011192/
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