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  1. I finished 16th out of 32 in a local 100pts tournament. I used Jabba the Hut as a new card on the VY666, supported by 3xQuadjumper with double HotShotBlasters. My conclusion was that Jabba the Hut seems to work fine, but my list probably needs a bit of tweaking. Triple*2 HotShotBlaster seems to work great with tractor beam spam support. However, I struggled once HSBlasters were used up, especially against large ships with enough health to survive. They simply don't deal enough damage against large ships. However, against small ships, they can be beasty, especially if you lure them onto asteroids. List in detail: Jakku Gunrunner (20) Quadjumper (15), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), Spacetug Tractor Array (2) Jakku Gunrunner (20) Quadjumper (15), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), Spacetug Tractor Array (2) Jakku Gunrunner (21) Quadjumper (15), Intelligence Agent (1), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), Spacetug Tractor Array (2) Trandoshan Slaver (39) YV-666 (29), Jabba (5), Dengar (3), Glitterstim (2)
  2. le12ro

    FAQ 4.3.1

    In 4.3.1, on page 17, the wording for the Emperor Palpatine card has been corrected, but it is still wrong elsewhere in the document. On page 17, the card now says (its instead of yours) Once per round, before a friendly ship rolls dice, you may name a die result. After rolling, you must change 1 of its die results to the named result. That die result cannot be modified again.
  3. Yes. And you may declare a different target whilst using gunner, which activates hot shot co-pilot.
  4. I see a lot of chats about them being used, but what about showing some lists?
  5. It does make sense to me though. Contrary to other similar cards (e.g. Targeting Computer), the Gonk card does not add two distinctive separate actions to the action bar. It merely adds the action "Gonk" to the list of possible actions a ship can do, which can be either one (charge up tokens) or the other (recuperates shields). Both are Gonk actions. I suppose this clarification paves the way for future cards that have one name, but provides two different types of actions.
  6. What apps/tools/websites are good for iPad? Any links/recommendations?
  7. Hello guys! Great job on the tool, it's highly appreciated. I do understand that it's still fairly new and that people are still working on it. I have though, one small request: Would it be possible to filter the availability of the different cards as according to the owned collection? E.g. I do not want to see cards/updates/etc that I do not own, or already have used within the scenario. That would make things much easier. Cheers, lero
  8. Update: It's working now!
  9. A mate of mine on facebook was able to see the video before he was removed. this is what he said about it: "Nice piece of software that lets you drag and drop components to make a set up map, and standard text stuff to write up the special rules and each sides points limits. It had a feature for creating the ships, drop down menus for upgrades options, and you can input what stuff you have and it will tell you if you don't have the relevant upgrade cards. There are also features to share your missions with others." So, pretty much like Descent, just for x-wing?
  10. I'll join the group. I'm living in Lincoln, and it'd be fun to occasionally have matches against other people.
  11. Shocking news! Apparently they are working on an online xwing manager tool?
  12. Welcome from another Midlander. Lincoln is lovely. I actually proposed to Sian in the Bishops Palace bit outside the cathedral! Odd place to ask her to start playing x-wing with you but must of worked. Oh, nice. That is a nice place indeed to propose to someone. It's really nice there during the Christmas Market too, as they open the place for a medieval market.
  13. Hello! I registered an account upon discovering your post, I thought I'd stop consuming everyone's replies and start posting myself. Greeting from Lincoln, Lincolnshire!
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