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  1. no problem, just freeze the having to pay the money / get the stuff back, and we´ll simply let you guys run with your characters and pick up my part of the story from there.
  2. Hi guys. As we all have noticed, i haven´t been arround lately and no sessions were held. It´s not that i have forgotten you guys, just life is getting in the way. Especially my wifes business has picked up lately, so quite a bit of my time is going in that also. Right, what does this all mean for the party/sessions? In short, i expect this month and half of the next to also be a write-off. After that things will be slowing down, and i should have time. It may not be great, but i´m not going to made promises i can´t forfill. At the moment i´m looking at sunday the 14th of december, to deal with the longest 24 hours a party ever had to get some money.
  3. The wife and the little jawa are both sick. I was hoping they would get better today, but didn't happen. So tonight is canceled, sorry.
  4. The real short version: Landed in the right dockingbay on nar shadaa, gave the stuff to the guys waiting there, went shoping for parts for Gigas, got back, just to find out from an other guy that they gave the stuff to the wrong persons. But we was kind enough to give you guys to following options: Get my stuff back, or get me the worth of the stuff back (5000 credits), you have 1 day...
  5. Let me try to explain what i don't like about the way EU is treated (based on that first episode). When lucas/disney made the statement about the EU, thhey were saying a few things. The message i got from it was the following: the EU are stories that could have happened ( or perhaps even happen, we just don't show it). However, if there is something that would be a problem, we will ignore it. I do love thrawn as a bad guy, because he was an intelligent "bad guy", but i can live without him. And there are quite a few characters we will probably never see, but that's no problem. My problem is Kessel. That perfect planet is not a example of a story that happene differently. That is just a we don't care about the world that has been made the last 25 years. Kessel is kinda iconic in the way it was, and lucas film has been very consistant about it looks in all the products it has appeared in. So why change it? Changing the stories is not a problem, changing the setting for the heck of it, feels disrespectfull to me.
  6. Right, the show is for kinds, so that part is does good enough. Wookies look really bad in this art style, but so be it. It´s the F. you EU, that really bothers me. Kessel as a normal planet, tie fighters that are able to stand on their wingpanels, instead of being suspended in normal " docking racks" . Kessel bugs me most, there was no reason to change it. the look it has in the Edge book is great, It screams: this is the place you go to die, it´s dark and evil. Now it was just, some planet. Then again, even if it is a kidsshow, i want to believe, so to speak. It just pulls too many stupid things to be creditable. And there is no excuse for that, clone wars proved it can be done, the Tron cartoon also proved it ( a show cancelled way to early, it had such potential) There is one feeling that i have from this, and it´s not a good one. It is making me fear the movies that are coming out, guess i love my EU to much.
  7. Since we had half the party present, we had a short session. In this the goods were picked up and after that GIGA´s got a new voicebox (it´s lovely). A little problem happened after that. But i will lett the rest of the players tell you that, but in short: "what do you mean, you give that stuff to those guys???, now you owe the boss 5000 credits. You have 24 hours to come up with it" Next session will be next sunday 20:00 CET, and you will have till friday to give your groups plans how to solve this little problem. That way i will have enough time to plan the things out.
  8. Right, this didn't go as planned. So tommorow (sunday) 20:00 cet. Since we nowadays have enough players, we simply start at20:15 and go from there. Anyone who is later then that, can join later. About destiny dice, since we have such a large group we will take the rolls of the first 4 players. This way it is a resource that can run out, so we even have to think about using it.
  9. right, i take the blame. It´s been far too long since i spoke up. So time to get this thing back on track. I want to get a session in this weekend, if that is ok with everyone. Only thing is that i cannot give a precise time at this moment. So that will come within a few days grtz Puracy
  10. Sorry guys, a change in my schedule has made it imposible for me to run the session tonight. A new date will be picked shortly.
  11. Next session: next friday (19th): 18:00 MGT, or 20:00 on our actual clocks.
  12. In that case, there is good news for you. My kid decided that sleep was for the weak, so daddy duty went before GM duty. So the session of today has been moved to Sunday 18:00 MGT, or 20:00 on our actual clocks. And we even have a timer for this : http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20140914T20&p0=2300&msg=edge
  13. Same time is ok for me. Now to figure out how to compensate for all the holes i made in my own storyline by forgetting /altering things on the fly.
  14. I´m back, so let´s get this thing going again. We kinda talked about it after session one, but it has never been made "Official" . I´d like to have the next session next friday (12th), so that should work for everyone.
  15. Right, since i hear no objections to saturday. I would like to start at 18:00 GMT. If all people are in chat earlier, we can start sooner. But because of the x-wing tournament i don't want to commit to an earlier time.
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