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  1. I watched italian job. Apparently your supposed to put spiderman randomly into a cutscene for 2 frames or so
  2. I tried running a game with non-gamers with one person that has only watched 1 star wars movie. they wanted to watch TV while they played. I gave them a book and said I'll run the game if they can make some adventures so now they will undestand how much work goes in. I think GMing for children would be easier than adults sometimes they are less likely to bring egos and more likely to listen. But anyway so far I try to just be descriptive as possible with thr environment its best to leave as much as possible to imagination I think. I will still show pictures if I have good ones and it can be hard to not repeat when describing things
  3. Well I was actually just going to make one as an NPC so wouldn't be game breaking but would be the kind of thing where would need PCs help. Creating the Kajidic would just be to appear more legitimate to the underworld, and has the secret approval of the Hutts previous much stronger Kajidic but operates under its own name. It's a chance for Hutt's of both kajidics to become more powerful, and easier chance for PCs to work closely with a Hutt if they need to establish the legitimacy for themselves so they can have access to more Hutt territory. Eg. Slave worlds etc.
  4. Hello just confused. If a hutt wanted to create a kajidic does he just have to hope and wait he becomes the oldest in his family or can he just go and create one himself? Has anyone gone through creating their own kajidic for a player or NPC?
  5. Core rulebook for a designated movie? Yuck Sounds like itd play like one of the movie video games
  6. Hey so ive made up that there is a security technology event. This would be an event where companies etc. Show there technologies to potential investors in the corporate sector. This is where the protagonist 'a mechanic' is minding a droid he helped design. Here he meets a girl, who helps him with an audio recorder he was confused about. Anyway then I just need one of the technologies there to cause some catastrophy causing a small evacuation. This is where I am stuck I was thinking could either be: 1. Someone trying to sabotage the corporate security industry (either some competitor or criminal) 2. The creator was some kind of outlaw tech, and it had some great flaw only now apparent. 3. Some type of sith technology which no one understands maybe developed after some archaelogical find. This makes it so the character doesn't finish talking with the girl and has to follow clues to find her.
  7. I feel there wouldn't be many Situations the local populace would want a ship blasting around the place. I probably would allow this sometimes if the situation is correct why not. But I feel most of the time If they are searching for a particular person its usually because they need information. If its a bounty, I think there body will be a bit too obliterated to proove its identity. Just always have to keep in mind, every decision has consequences "every decision"
  8. I liiked Cloverfield was different at least. Its not something id be a fan of like star wars but I liked it had alot of unique things I haven't seen before. Star trek was ok imo, but alot of things that make me cringe. Kirk running from police as a child, and kirk walks into a bar and gets insta recruited for starship I like when practical effects and digital effects are used together, then they have enough to look natural to the eye and can go beyond what people can realistically animate. Game of thrones vfx would be like this
  9. My list. From most liked to least liked. 1.A New Hope Just good movie all around, and amazing it was done so long ago. 2.Return of a Jedi Seeing Luke come back to Tattoine as a Jedi Knight was one of the most kick ass memories I had as a kid. 3.Empire Strikes Back Has all of the Jedi training which i feel is one of the best ways of immersing into the star wars world. 4.Phantom Menace Darth Maul was cool, Qui-gon was cool, and I did like the trade federation. 5.Attack of the Clones Mediocre, nothing really stands out for me. 6.Revenge of the Sith The fight between the Emperor and the 4 Jedi Masters makes me cringe too much.
  10. Well I guess if I waas making then unique. I would make them incrsase your chance of turning to the the dark side (so like thr ring in lord of the rings) Would possibly say they grant a bonus to get making decisions or actions that are force related. And/or would make them a type of key in some way for me a trial ot literally a key. If were for a trial then I imagine would mostly be useless to your characters but a potential sith would try hunt them down so they can unlock whatever secret to themselves.
  11. In my game i wont let players choose to become force sensitive but i will make one of them force sensitive at random because i want it to be just as surprising to the player. Because I am the GM i will probably just make them suspicious to the fact just by having more force related characters and situations come into contact with them. For Luke he discovered his force abilities when he encountered the wampa and it was his only chance for survival. so a tense situation like that where a skill is absolutely vital could be a possible player way to discover your ability. or perhaps another force sensitive NPC can sense your force sensitive player. or perhaps some kind of force activated item like a holocron (which they dont know about) activates for your character
  12. That is bad for you. All the salt and other waste material would just worsen the condition faster. Same with drinking salt water. Yes i am sure it is quite unhealthy, but it still gives you more time before you die. I guess in this RPG it would be something like. You successfully drink your own urine you get +12 hours of survival, but suffer a critical injury And if you failed the resilience check you would vomit and suffer 1 wound, multiple strain, and -6 hours of water
  13. With the water at least your body recovers pretty quickly unlike with lack of food. Lol, you could have resilience checks to drink your own urine
  14. I think you would lose some brawn if didn't eat after a time. And certainly some setback die to after about 3 days without food Do Droids need power sources in Star wars or do they have long power reserves?
  15. As to point 1: not everyone has fun playing the obvious newb with a lot fewer class toys to throw aroundAs to point 2: this is not an issue for everyone, especially if the replacement is due to character retirement or death Basically I have never seen a good reason for XP disparity. I cannot really think of anything positive it would add to a game, but I can easily think of a lot of negatives. What you can't see any reason a Jedi Knight might be with a Jedi apprentice or why they would have different skill levels or how there would be a story with these 2 together? And I think if you say 'not everyone' still means there are some people you can see why this is the case meaning you can see some reasons. Guess just depends if people just want to win and be better than each other or if they want a cool story
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