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  1. No worries guys. I know the rules and I know my biggest missed opportunity was calling the TO over. I was tired, I was hungry, it was a long day. Point is he knew what he did was wrong, he knew I questioned it, but he decided to act the way he acted. We were top table, he was flying Screed and ACMs. I don't think he "didn't know" or misunderstood and his attitude after that event reflected it. I didn't really want to play him after that and don't really want to play against him again. Really? I'm pretty sure I can concede to him, refuse to play him outright and give him a full win. I'm sure he'd like that very much. My point of this thread was to investigate whether there are other options available aside from this one (full win) or having a TO the entire time.
  2. I've always been a casual player and never did mind losing to a well-played game but this experience really soured the game. Thankfully, I had three awesome games beforehand so I know it's not the game but the gamer. Scenario: His Screed is in a Glad 1 with 1 hull left and 2 remaining shields on the left side. I shoot at it from the front arc of my Glad 1 (to his rear arc) and I had a reroll token. I get four hits, I have Screed and APTs. I see my four hits, I say "Ah! I don't even need the reroll" and proceed to put the token back on my ship card. Before I could even look up, he goes "I brace it and redirect to my two remaining shields, I live! Thank you!" I told him I've not even Screed-ed yet and he says the opportunity has passed and I didn't even modify the dice anyway (as I put my token back) and he's already dealt the damage. I said no, I just didn't need the reroll, not with 4 hits on 4 dice, but I could still Screed and kick in the APTs. No, he's already dealt the damage, and he wouldn't let me Screed. Note that he was comfortable taking backsies on his own actions before and after this bit. In 20-20 hindsight and with the benefit of rest, I should've called the TO at this point but that was the 4th game, maybe around 6pm and I was there since 8:30am and was up since 5:30am so a very long day. I would not want to say what the TO would've ruled at that point but suffice to say I've called him over at least 3 times prior in earlier games and he was very patient and went by the rules as I understood them (or as I was made to understand them! I learned at least 2 new [good] things yesterday!) so I would probably been happier with an official ruling.
  3. Had a rather unfortunate experience today playing a very unsportsmanlike opponent and I was wondering what would happen if I were to be matched with that person in the future. Is it possible to flat out refuse to play against an opponent in Competitive or Premier events? Maybe ask to be paired down with the next guy in the rankings paired up? Of course in Casual events, I can just walk out... I can't imagine asking a TO/Judge to babysit a table. Are there rules for this? Has anyone come across this? I would love to hear of other's experiences or even what my options are should this arise again. I probably won't come across that player again, but I want to know what my options are if that should arise. The Armada player base isn't really very big at the moment. Thanks!
  4. Is it better to post over there? Thanks for the heads up on that!
  5. Thanks for that explanation! We've found the relevant sections for questions 1-4 for future reference as well as the "flow" mentioned in #7 so at least that'll help us remember stuff if it comes up again. A few more questions: 9. A unit with 2 unit damage and 2 blast damage attacks and two of the other player's unit defends. The attacker wins the edge battle and focuses his unit to strike. His 2 unit damage is not enough to kill his target defender. Does the blast damage still hit the objective? Basically, do blast damage always hit (unless the unit is killed or exhausted before it can attack)? 10. As follow up to #9, is there any way to avoid/mitigate blast damage besides shielding? 11. Is it possible to "skip" reactions? For example, the objective cards Fall of the Jedi or Defense Protocol. Can I choose not to put 1 card to the bottom of my deck? Can I choose NOT to reduce my reserve value? Other cards have Reactions as well such as Superlaser Engineer, Backstabber, and Devastator that I might not want to use their Reaction ability. 12. There are some cards that have no unit damage/blast/tactics icons such as the Superlaser Engineer. However, as per shielding rules, he needs to be declared as attacker or defender for him to be able to put a shield token to a unit or objective. Assuming he does not die during the engagement, does he still have to be "focused to strike" seeing as he cannot really strike anything? 13. Can "Back"stabber be a "Front"stabber if I were to use it's ability when attacking? Basically, I declare attackers, then use Backstabber's Action to play it from my hand into the engagement... does it automatically deal 1 damage to the engaged objective? It kinda goes against the "Back" bit of Backstabber... 14. Is there any site that shows all the expansions and the objective sets and specifically the cards themselves that come with each objective set? I'm trying to be a little picky when buying expansions and direct my purchases to how we plan to expand our decks. Again, thanks in advance for any help!
  6. 7. A card with Trust Your Feelings - Can he attack, then move the focus token from the Character card to the Enhancement card (Trust Your Feelings), then attack again? 8. Double Strike - Can he attack, then use Double Strike, then attack again? Therefore, if paired with #7 above, a Character can attack 3x?
  7. Might as well just use one thread for all the questions that are to come... So, we just bought the box set and have had a few games with my son. After a couple of games, here are the questions we come up with: 1. What happens if both players are tied on the Edge battle? Who gets priority? 2. In one round, one player can only draw the exact number of cards then his command deck is empty. Can he still play that round? 3. In one round, one player is one or two cards short of a full hand (ie, he can only draw up to 4 or 5 cards instead of 6 cards). Can he still play that round? 4. Does the Empire player automatically win once his dial gets to or past 12? Or do they still have to play that round? 5. How can a card have more than one focus token on it? This question came about due to cards like The Hand's Blessing and Darth Vader. I know there are some cards that "hit" another for a focus token, but can players willingly activate their card more than once and end up with more than one focus token? 6. With the Black Squadron Assault objective card, if I used it to generate a resource this round, can I still activate it for it's Action effect? I'm sure more questions will come soon... thanks in advance for any help!
  8. My son has two Secret Informants attacking and are unopposed. I don't place any cards during the edge battle but he places a Target of Opportunity card. He triggers it twice with the first Secret Informant, can he trigger Target of Opportunity again with the second Secret Informant? Thanks!
  9. I just bought the starter box and noted that I'm missing the #17 objective set... is this included in the box?
  10. I'm loving the Armada Warlords page for making a fleet... glad to see how much work has been done on that site! So I'm using Armada Warlords when on my PC and using Armada Fleets Designer on my phone... sweet! Thanks for the help and recommendations guys!
  11. Okay, what is SWAFT? I can't seem to find Armada Fleets Designer... are you referring to the Play Store? How do I access Google Groups? I have BattleScribe but the interface and presentation leaves A LOT to be desired!
  12. As per title. Currently using Fab's Fleet generator but was wondering if there are other options, maybe even an Android one I can use on my phone to bring my lists with me and create new lists while on "dead time." Thanks!
  13. A player has a CF token on his ship, then reveals a CF dial. He makes his first attack, rolls dice. [Roll Attack Dice] He declares he will use his CF dial. [Resolve Attack Effects, Modify Dice] He adds one die, rolls it. ----------------- > at this point, can he spend his CF token? Note that he did not declare using it during the Resolve Attack Effects, Modify Dice step. Answers I've come across: Yes, because he is still in the attack phase wherein he spent his CF token. This is technically combining the CF dial (spent earlier) and the CF token (spent now), so it counts as one resolution of that command, combining their effects. No, because he did not declare using the token when he declared using the dial. Personally, I would say "No" because he did not declare using the token. If he had declared using both dial and token, then he has two effects that kick in at the same time so he can add a die then reroll, or reroll and add a die. But since he only declared using the dial, the Resolve Attack Effects, Modify Dice step was over as soon as he rolled the die. Thoughts?
  14. I think the problem here lies in people's expectations. The Learn-to-Play booklet should not be a reference for rules, it is only a broad-strokes demonstration of how the game plays out. How the phases flow into each other. What steps there are. The new player should know that there are 4 phases, Command, Ship, Squadron, and Status. The new player should have a rough idea what he can do in those phases. Then he can go play the game. Lots of errors, lots of blunders, but that is because of how intricate the game is. To push the entire game, 100% complete, from the start will be like trying to eat an elephant in one bite.
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