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  1. As a soviophile i *love* that Hind even though normally i dont like 'real world' paint jobs on SW lore stuff , nice job.
  2. *this* is what the game is about for me!
  3. Looking for a good list myself having just bought one today For me though it has to be thematic. Four U wings feels as 'wierd' as four shuttles in a dogfight to me. its a transport/lander/gunship so i'd want to fly it with a fighter escort. A couple of B wings seems quite cool and wont be racing off ahead of it.
  4. Shame you're not local to me. We play in a large group of people who play for the story as much as the win. We love playing thematic stuff and you often see stuff in out games that is 'not meta' because its fun. I've flown t65s a lot lately, i also flew scyks before and post 'buff' To me the game is as much about creating a story as having a 'killer list' , without the lore its a maths exercise with bits of plastic.
  5. My only tip would be to play games with people who actually like you and are your mates Play socially with mates and you dont get hit with spam lists that are a boring or walkover game because they dont want to piss you off and they are more interested in a good game than the 'win' Honestly its why i dont play tournaments, we've tried things like TLT spam to see how they play (boring for all of us) but if you're not enjoying games because people you play against take dull and gimmicky lists then change who you play against.
  6. From memory Transport Pros: Cool xwing repaint Good xwing extra pilots Nice model Makes great 'rock replacement' scenery for games Cons: From memory the campaign requires *three* transports for the last mission so you cant play it through without loaning or proxying some others. Tantive Pros: C3p0 is interesting if you play the falcon More useful in epic (well it can shoot, the transport buffs but has no weapons) Excellent and really good fun campaign Nice model, makes good scenery too but you have to say its 'disabled' to explain it not shooting everything. Cons: Big and awkward to store No real use other than scenery outside epic play much more expensive
  7. Those rules are a really cool idea, i might try that!
  8. We use epic ships instead of asteroids all the time, as others have said it looks a lot better. I also use 3d asteroids on clear rods. They are mounted on a second set of asteroid templates. I put the first set underneath, if you have to land on one you just lift up the top 3d layer and place the ship on the flat template beneath. I cant see it being too hard to cut a piece of black card the size on an epic base (or use a spare base of the same size) to put under an epic ship being used as an obstacle if you ever had to move it to measure or do a manouvre.
  9. There is that but when you use stuff without any modification to it the sci fi falls down for me (in this case russian gorka suits.. very distinctive bit of kit tbh) Battlestar Galactica was terrible for this. All the space stuff was superlative but the away team/ground mission stuff just looked like people playing airsoft as it was all modern real world camo and unconverted modern weapons. In contrast , firefly was excellent for using hard to spot real stuff, putting it in a bodykit or out of normal context and fooling you.
  10. I dont think they are. If they are its so obscure i never notices it. I think they were a soft cap with the ribbing on and then a plastic 'doughnut' worn over it. TBH, rogue ones 'props' are substantially easier to spot than OT stuff. Like in the OT you really have to look to see that a concussion rifle is a lewis gun, that leia's blaster is a luger etc. In R1 they made hardly any effort to disguise the M4/M16 base of a lot of the rifles, its a really distinctive reciever. In contrast the rebel rifles in ROTJ were a blend of m4/m16 and german STG44 from wwii.. so pretty obscure. I'll have to check now
  11. Well that was interesting. Got to play as a U wing door gunner on the ground scarrif missions.. it is near impossible to see what you're shooting at so just strafe fight areas and hope for the best. Oddest of all though was on the approach mission i was selected to be the U wing, you have boost, shields and jammers but there are that many things trying to kill you as you approach the shield gate that i didnt have time to try first person view or even try and shoot anything, i spent most my 'life' as a u wing dodging like crazy edit: Krenic seems massively overpowered.. i've hosed him down repeatedly with heavy blaster fire then been one shotted with 'armour breaker'
  12. I think the problem is a small mod team and a lot of forums. when i asked Evan to set up painting and off topic as sub forum, i suggested the idea of 'player mods'.. namely long standing forum users with sensible attitudes and no warning points. They were not up for it. So you're right until mods start moving stuff we'll have stuff in the wrong places. (i didnt suggest myself as a player mod btw )
  13. thats what i mean, my initial thoughts were 'ah the obvious stand alone is EPIV' But while its obviously written to be a stand alone (hence the small plot inconsistency with later films) i think that depending on your age you might have a different view. As mentioned before, my friend Daryl has a 14 year old son who actually prefers the prequels. I think thats because they were the first films he saw. I don't think he'd rate A new hope or empire as being paticularly great.. personally i can't understand how he could do that but to him the republic era is the best.
  14. Jeez dude. It was a light hearted discussion. The reason for it being that while i think 'rogue one' is excellent and on a par with ESB (and therefore a bit better than ESB to me...) its probably only so good *because* of the prior knowledge from having watched them all. If i wanted to show someone *one* star wars movie it might well be 'a new hope' but I also think that ESB is a much better film technically than ANH and stylistically better than RotJ because it wasnt quite as 'broad brush' as jedi. I'm personally happy to completley forget the prequels ever existed , because i felt they were terrible and 'not star wars' when they came out but to people younger than me who saw them first they had no pre expectation of what Ep.I would be and loved them. So perhaps to those people EP.I is the best to see first and possibly to prequel fans the best 'stand alone' movie.
  15. This is well 'on topic' btw... although tbh no one seems to care as the game forum seems to have about ten threads on the movie at the moment.
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