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  1. An exceptionally powerful deck indeed. But which is the overpowered part of the deck? Fire/Blood, Steward of Gondor, or Boromir himself? Most people say Steward, but I think Blood/Fire is the real culprit here.
  2. Welcome back! It's always a pleasure to watch you gaming.
  3. I've just watched Covenant's demo vid on Arkham Horror and it seems like it plays much more differently to LoTR. It has strong RPG and boardgame elements. Can't say I am a big fun of the chaos bag mechanic (simulates dice rolls?). As I suspected it doesn't seem like a replacement to LoTR.
  4. Haradrim mercenaries please. Friendly Mumakil rides. Underground resistance. And belly dances.
  5. Excellent. Now let's play "Guess the heroes"!
  6. Amarthiul with Destrier becomes a 1/4/4 hero who can ready and attack back the same round. Whew lads.
  7. Elfhelm seems great and very splaahable. Arrows from the trees could be insane in the right deck I think. Dwarf ally is ok, he needs more support for the milling archetype to excel. Revealed in wrath seems also very good, too bad it's an action instead of a response to an enemy revealed from the encounter deck. Destrier is also good. Great pack confirmed?
  8. The French are watching the Euro, the Brits are voting for Brexit, the Italians have gone for a swim. Only the Spaniards can spoil us now. Godspeed.
  9. He should be the first double-sided hero card tbqh fam.
  10. It is the year 3019 of the Third Age and people still don't know how overpowered Eleanor is in multiplayer. The custom card posted above is even more overpowered. Not exhausting a hero to reshuffle an encounter card back to the deck is out of line with similar effects. Also, I repeat that Eleanoris a fine defender who doesn't need a willpower boost. Now I'll give you that she's not a very exciting hero to build around but that's a different issue altogether.
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