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  1. One thing I am curious with this is that when you remove that die using force throw if that die has a resource cost on it I assume its ignored because you removed it and not resolved it?
  2. I would love to see a species book that has just all the species options. I know it wont happen but it would just save having to carry many books around. As it is you have 3 core books to carry round plus any splat books you need. Having one book with all the species in it would be very helpful and one with alot of the adversaries too. Maybe this is just me cause with D&D 5e I only have 3 books to carry round and it would be nice to have less books to carry with FFG SW lol.
  3. The only cap is the number of Force Rating talents there are to buy. And I wouldn't bother with putting a cap. Somebody focusing on just grabbing Force Ratings isn't putting it in anything else, and are going to hit walls in usefulness. And by the time any character is able to get 5+, any non Force-Sensitives are probably well past the point of breaking the system already in terms of how much XP has been given out and spent. Fair enough. I was just curious as having a 5+ FR in my mind starts to become very OP. I suppose you could counter it with villains who have about the same FR themselves. Just strikes me as interesting they didn't put a cap on FR was all. So you don't think it would be hugely game breaking?
  4. One thing that crossed my mind is does Force Rating have a cap? I don't have the book yet (hopefully it arrives today ). Also if it does not what are peoples opinions on putting a cap on it and what cap that would be? I swear this was talked about on the Order 66 podcast but I can't remember what episode or where.
  5. Do they call it Korriban, or do they follow Clone Wars and call it Moraband? I still have no clue why they decided to change that. From what I remember someone saying in another topic it's both. He's what he said So it's still Korriban as well as Moraband. Just different eras different names I guess.
  6. I have just put in the order for mine. Hopefully I'll get it before the weekend.
  7. Thanks to Star Wars Commander, Chiss have indeed been canonized http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Chiss/Canon. Video games produced after the formation of the Lucasfilm Story Group are canon as well. Oh wow how did I miss this. I play Commander from time to time but haven't come across the Chiss yet. Nice to know they reintroduced them.
  8. Moraband is Korriban. Georgie didn't like the original name, so when Yoda went there at the end of the Clone Wars cartoon series he had it changed to Moraband. Last I heard, the cartoon is "mostly" cannon so any future referrences to the planet will probably be with an M and not a K. Yeah I was aware of this. It just caught my eye and I was curious is all. Personally to me just like some planets have multiple names so does this one. In the Old Republic era and earlier it is known by Korriban. Then when the time of the Clone Wars it's Moraband. But that's just me lol
  9. I've been reading this for awhile and I can say that if I was like that at my table I wouldn't have a group to game with. I remember a scene where me and a friend were arguing in character and we we're obviously role playing well cause after the session our GM contacted us both and ask "Dude are you ok?" He couldn't tell if it was our characters that were arguing or us as players. Either way just this whole thing is making me shake my head. Wow just wow. As a lot of people have said, myself included, If this was happening in our group that player wouldn't have a group to game with unless they changed what they were doing. I just don't have any other words to say. I kinda feel sorry for the rest of the people in that group.
  10. One question I have with the Morality mechanic is when you are rolling for your conflict roll if you have say 6 conflict and you roll a 6 on the D10 what happens then? Do you get no points on the LS or DS so you don't move on the scale? I wasn't in the beta so I don't know if it was answered or not. An answer would be much appreciated
  11. I assume the book goes into making an Inquisitor? Did anything get changed in that part from the beta? I never got my hands on the beta sadly.
  12. There are currently three printings of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. The first printing has an insert and the second and third printings have the insert included in the book itself. If you want to make sure you've got the latest printing, (as of 29 July, 2015) make sure you get the one with the Disney logo on the back and the code "S14205" in the bottom right corner of the UPC area. Many errors and typos have been corrected, though not 100% of them. See the annoying thing is seeing as I'm all the way in New Zealand I can't go to my local store that sells RPG stuff to actually check that (partly cause they don't have it). I have to order it online and it doesn't give me any of that info sadly. The only info I can get is the ISBN number. So I don't want to fork out the cash for a older printing when I'm trying to get the new one.
  13. If you google images search the Terentatek you will see concept art and in game photos of said beast from The Old Republic mmo and the imagine in this article certainly seems like it could indeed be a Terentatek. If it is I can't wait to get stats for it.
  14. Seeing as I'm all the way in New Zealand (home of the clones ) I have to wait till one of the regular sites where I get my RPG stuff from has it in stock. And I have enough money lol. Sucks being a student sometimes . I have a question. Does anyone know if I got a copy of Edge of the Empire now as apposed to when they first came out would it be the updated reprint with the errors they found taken out or be the same as when I first got my copy?
  15. The RPGs are definitely Legends. I'm sure they'll try and hew close to Canon, but they are nothing in them will be considered Real. The only things Canon are listed in the Del Ray books and such, and include the Movies, TV Shows, Comics, and Novels. Sweet. I thought that was the case. I was just curious as I know some of the stuff is canon like Moraband for example but then we haven't had any examples of the Chiss species yet in canon. But it does make sense they try and hew close to the canon because some stuff in these books may be used in the new canon like the Inquistors were from one of the older SW RPG lines and then put into Rebels.
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