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  1. Quermians. The rules for them say extra arms...the art says no extra arms (maybe its under the folds of that robe, but the navigator's suit does not look so large as to hide extra arms). I know its a made up species...but for some reason that peeves me. If they made a reference that perhaps yes Quermians keep the other arms hidden I for some reason would be nice...but no.
  2. Played a game with pre-gen characters, I was playing a hot shot rebel pilot and I had a Chandra Fan sidekick. We were trying to escape Hoth during the Imperial invasion and just had a run in with a Wampa who was "mysteriously" missing one hand. My character took the other hand as a trophy after killing the Wampa and jut needed to sneak up on the last Rebel transport off Hoth just past 3 squads of Stormtroopers. My character made his check and ducked behind a cargo loader. The Chandra Fan sidekick was not so lucky, rolled bad and landed in a pile of snow after tripping. It went down hill from there. The Stormtroopers saw the Chandra Fan, now covered in snow, and had no idea what to think. My pilot character decided to be a jerk, and with the trophy Wampa hand, waved it just above the top of the loader and made sounds like a roaring Wampa. The Stormtrooper panicked and thought the now thought they were being attacked by a family of Wampas, with the S]snow covered Chandra Fan being the baby Wampa. The Stormtroopers fired on "baby" first.
  3. Against a vehicle or something larger than a human there should always be a Force resistance check. For a vehicle it should be like trying to shoot the vehicle with a weapon, talking silhouette and speed adding to difficulty. For huge creature probably the creature's Strength plus Silhouette. Same if you are trying to use Move on a Vehicle or huge creature too, except you are not trying to make it suddenly dead stop but change its trajectory or toss it off a cliff.
  4. Yes, but Inquisitors are no mere magnificent men...those they cut down with said lightsabers.
  5. Ok, so the season 2 ending of Rebels was great. But seriously, what was with the Saber-copter thing? Can a spinning duel lightsabers allow you to fly? My answer...NO! Talk about a nightmare that would be if Sith and Inquisitors just chase you like that. I have heard friends talk about other people asking about it in THIER games, "yadda yadda perhaps a repulsers in the blade to give lift blah blah" and other theories. My thought is after watching the show and noticing how the Inquisitors do it, they are not using the saber to give them lift, rather they leap and let the saber extend and slow their fall. Here is my interpretation on how it can work. Pure and simple its the Enhance "Force Leap" power. Used in conjunction with the saber and an Athletics skill check (hard one I would say as unlike a real helicopter, the Force user doesn't have a back rotter to keep him/her from spinning around out of control), it can be used to extend the range of a Force Leap by one range band. So combine this with the Range add on for the Force Leap and you go from Medium range to Long range...as long as you can make the check. If you don't succeed, you don't go as far as you want, but if you Despair...well remember the one Inquisitor who fell off the pyramid after his damaged saber went kaput? Yeah,,,SPLAT!
  6. Pre Viszla, the Mando we first see using it, does seem to be able to wield it much more effectively than any other non-sensitive we see using a lightsaber, except Grievous, so I could see that being possible. Or he simply had enough time to practice. The vast majority of lightsaber style basics are not force enhanced, and given enough time, should be usable by anyone. It's just that 99.9999999999999999999999999999999 percent of the galaxy has never so much as seen a lightsaber, much less owned one. I had the idea that the unique design of the darksaber is that it allows either the use of melee OR lightsaber skill for anyone who wields it.
  7. I disagree using the Saber Throw talent with a Discblade as you would essentially need to be one of the lightsaber specializations or Armorer. That doesn't match with the Zheison Sha being family honoring, telekinetic wielding, survivalists. I think a "Discblade Expert" tree so to speak would be the best way to go. That way you don't have to be a, official "Sha" to use it.
  8. In the Guardian book they had the shield gauntlet for the Kilian Rangers, meaning that is is possible to play another Force using tradition something other than a wanna be Jedi. I hope they have the disc blade in the Seekers book for the Zeison Sha. That tradition seems more wilderness survival.
  9. Kaminoan (great for playing a doctor) Nagai Mandalorian Defel Selonian Lurman
  10. True that. And maybe it is how one is perceived that affects the Sil. I mean an Ewok and a Lannik could be roughly the same size. But it might be harder for a Sil 1 human to shoot an Ewok because they look so darn harmless, while a Lannik looks like a wicked imp always angry at you. So Stormtrooper Bob would find the Lannik more threatening than an Ewok, so Stormtrooper Bob feels more subconsciously inclined to wanting his shot to be a little more precise despite the Lannik's stout size. And the a Lannik's perception on themselves might effect their Sil. An Ewok knows it is a fuzzball and larger people firing at it with strange weapons is dangerous, so it will scurry about more in battle not to be hit. A Lannik is from a warrior race and as it said in a small segment of their info in the book, they don't think of themselves as small but everyone else as being too big. So in a fight a Lannik isn't going to scurry, it stands its ground better than most larger people, and it is going to fight.
  11. At first I would have sworn that Lanniks would have Silhouette 0 for their small stature. But after reading about them they remind me of fantasy Dwarves of the Star Wars universe, minus the beards. Meaning they are stout, but not enough to count as an actual small sized species. That makes sense. Anyone else think differently?
  12. What I got from reading it is that you can either pick more money OR more xp OR change morality to go up OR change morality to go down. As both high and low morality gives you bonuses (more hp for low and more strain for high), seems that they are just as much an advantage as the xp or money so its really pick what you want without consequences (although lower morality means you are closer to loosing your character to the darkside...but if you wanna play that way...). But here now is a question of the day. If you play a campaign that uses DUTY, OBLIGATION, and MORALITY at the same time, would you get the bonuses from each of those? Example being you raise your obligation for more money, lower your duty for more xp, then choose the more xp again and keep your morality at the starting 50? That is a hefty bunch of starting advantage there. I guess that would be up to the GM though.
  13. Does that show come on BEFORE or AFTER "Here Comes Darth BooBoo"? I may have to HoloTeevo the new episode of "Sith's Kitchen" just to watch it.
  14. The F&D update has put an end to this issue...lightsabers are un-sunderable.
  15. Actually Wookipedia says it has no shields as well and I think you pointed it out as the same source who said it did. Sorry, but have to go with the majority report on it...no shields. You want some use that hard point for it. You didn't read the full article . Here are the two relevant quotes: 1) "However, a later variant did include shields, as well as slightly heavier armor and a stronger hull." the note refers to the Clone Wars Campaign Guide. 2) "A number of Jedi Knights voiced strong opposition to the new craft's lack of shielding, causing a shielded and more resilient variant to be developed." - again with the note to Clone Wars Campaign guide. So it did have shields, and armor 3 to boot, (i guess you can make a case for reducing the handling due to heavier armor, but for me that's mostly fluff). Ok, I will meet you quarter way... Name: Eta-2 Actis Interceptor Silhouette: 3 Speed: 5 Handling: +3 Def. Fore/Port/Star/Aft : 0/ - / - / 0 Armor: 2 Hull Trauma: 6 System Strain: 6 Hull Type/Class: Eta-2 Actis Interceptor Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Enginreering Hyperdrive: None Navicomputer: None-astromech droid socket Sensor Range: Close Ship’s Compliment: One pilot, one astromech droid Encumbrance Capacity: 4 Consumables: 5 Days Price/Rarity: 78,000 credits/6 Customization Hard Points: 2 Weapons: Forward-mounted twin medium laser cannons(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range: [Close]: Linked 1) Forward-mounted twin medium ion cannons(Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 4; Range: [Close]; Ion; Linked 1) Boosting the customization had points to 2 so you can add the reinforced shield generator attachment (there is nothing saying you an't put it on a ship that has shield stats of 0...just means you are giving it normal starter shields I would think) to finally get those shields you want, but I am not changing anything else.
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