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  1. I have to emphasize, bringing all my books and going thru them because I cannot remember in which so and so was became hell. I can also relate to FFG for making information distribution the way they did in order to make more sale, the books are very good quality and I am fine with the prices. What would be great are some FFG pdf printable indexes that would help guide users searching for information.
  2. Would you rule the "Merr Sonn n57 armor" as sealable? (Thus able to receive the mod to make it so from the base book); the image in spec mod shows it only as a chest piece with shoulders. Thanks!
  3. What are the 4 skills associated with the 3 new specs? Thanks!
  4. I am formally asking FFG gives us a real time ship tracking map so we can guesstimate how long we have to wait to get the F&D rulebook. That is all. Thanks
  5. Id love to join you for your current group and potentially for the one in August. I can easily make a Smuggler using the pilot and eventually scoundrel tree.
  6. What is "canon" has to do with emotional maturity and stability, nothing with "power" or xp. You probably need the morality paragon first and then maybe 2 our of 3 trees filled to represent having assimilated the teachings. Also remember that when people think "Knight" they think about the "heroes" of the stories, not the random Jedi that gets his ass kicked by non named evil dude in the background. I would tend to see it as a roleplay thing more than anything.
  7. They make good and interesting games, I have no issue shelling them money.
  8. Not only that but I'm guessing you can use the same rules to buy the tree from another class. If you want more FR, buy these instead.
  9. Besides, never let Canon get in the way of good gaming...Its all fantasy anyways.
  10. Edge isn't supposed to be a moral game, its supposed to be amoral except maybe for the force sensitive exile. Sounds like your players are playing the right game but you might be DMing the wrong one...
  11. I agree about the semantics, if the DM wants force users, you'll have them if not you're SOL. I like the house rule someone posted a while back that if you want a force user, he should have it at creation; it cannot be acquired afterward.
  12. Curious about 2 things: In terms of relative power with the other games, does a starting character in F&D is the equivalent of a lets say bounty hunter + 200xp from Edge or are they deemed to be equal? The one thing that "disturbs" me, and don't get me wrong I love everything I see so far, is that these "classes" suggest a training structure, a dogma etc. If the games are deemed to be between 4 and 5, there are no such things (that I am aware of). Are there rules to uncover ancient teachings and so on or does the force simply guides you in? Thanks
  13. Ok, Then again to be coherent, you should have made the announcement then sell the beta book. Not let it seep like now. That being said, we love your company and your products and how many companies can brag about that level of excitement for a beta product? This is a good day for all, we just have to be patient but you need to hurry up ...
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