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  1. You are correct. I was imprecise. Thanks for helping clarify.
  2. Very good point! It doesn’t negate the less/fewer differentiation, but specifies it more. Nevertheless, it still follows the rule of measurable/immeasurable. Average points of damage in the case of fewer and 1.7 damage in the case of less. Even with 1.7 before it, damage is still uncountable.
  3. Thanks. It isn’t a big deal in the scheme of things, but I think preserving more specific language over less is a good thing. And, for whatever reason, I can hear any number of other grammatical mistakes, but this one always alerts me.
  4. Due to Jay (of the Fifth Trooper) refusing to see reason and his rejection of all that is good in life (see the most recent Notorious Scoundrels podcast and his continued mispronunciation of melee), I decided to finally take a stand. All of the podcasts I enjoy (In no particular order: SWStabcast, Fifth Trooper, The Notorious Scoundrels, Critical X, THE Legion Academy, and the Legion Outriders) all analyze unit/weapon/model effectiveness to some degree. Ok, maybe not the Outriders. In any case, since they all do such analysis, I think it is helpful to make note of an important grammatical point that they All get wrong. When to use less & fewer. Less is used when discussing something immeasurable (ie less damage). Fewer is used when discussing something measurable (ie fewer points of damage or fewer damage icons). This becomes particularly important when discussing things like “hits,” “crits,” “blocks,” etc. In all these cases we should use the word fewer, not less. Please be aware of this so that I will be less frustrated while listening and have fewer times that make me sad. * please take this as intended...an attempt at humor and good grammar*
  5. And now Luke has a new nickname.
  6. I also think that concentrate fire working for all of your AA attacks in one arc would be appropriate.
  7. Any opportunities for gaming?
  8. Adding my 2 cents. As a former WHFB player & Warlord Games and someone who enjoys the opportunity to have models that look different from others, I am very excited. The added detail and opportunities for customization far outway any added time. Anyone concerned about breaking all the pieces or physically harming themselves with an exacto knife can rest at ease. With a little practice, you get very fast and I can't remember a time that I broken a model (6+ armies), although I suppose I may have.
  9. I see this as them having spent a huge amount of energy on Legion and X-wing 2.0 over the past two years. They were unsure of which lines to continue and where to move forward in their mini lines. Runewars got cut and Armada, after deliberation and the realization that they needed to put resources into a game IF they decided to continue it, made it.
  10. I understand and appreciate your sentiment, but respectfully disagree. I phrased my statement as a request. Thus, while we often emphasize the right to speak and have ones opinion heard, we should also note that treating others respectfully (in this case by acting in line with their wishes as much as possible) ought to be a priority as well. When someone makes a request, it shouldn't be ignored unless honerous. I suggest speaking in a public forum might allow for free speech, but does not necessitate debate. So that leads to discovering whether or not my request is oppressive or otherwise objectionable. You claim that since it is on a public forum it invites debate. The problem is that I didn't deny anyone the right to debate. I will gladly discuss the topic with anyone, I simply requested that such debate not occur here. The request in no way requires anything more than someone simply creating their own thread in order to discuss the issue further. If said person wanted to tag me and quote my topic they could do that.
  11. I would like to say thank you to the FFG promotional team and anyone who took part in making the decision that information and communication would better serve the game and the community than silence. I was a vocal critic of the latter approach and consistently requested that you, FFG, update the community even if there was no new releases upcoming or even if the information was bad, such as a delay in the release schedule. I believed, and still do, that with such information, communities can be maintained with hope of continued support of the game and with trust in the company. The most recent few months suggest that you have implemented a program to increase communication with us, the community. Thus, I appreciate this policy, including the candor of the SSD news, and the efforts to keep all of us informed. Best, RyanAbt *This thread is for demonstrating your appreciation of FFGs recent communication. If you have complaints about this policy, I request that you please keep it to another thread.
  12. I am in Austin for research. Anyone available to play tonight or Thursday? Maybe Wednesday after I play an armada game at dragons lair (done at roughly 8:30-9).
  13. Just wanna be clear that you are complaining about a lack of communication because they wrote an article? You are complaining that they could have content with community members in an article with an interview with a community member? I have been vocal about FFG having poor public relations, but when they actually do something right, let's be positive about it.
  14. Exactly. This is what I, and many others, have been asking for for a year. Just talk to us about where we are and where we are going. Doesn't have to be actual announcements. Updates that let us know you are still thinking about the game matters. Thus, thanks for trying to get better, FFG.
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