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  1. I'm still a really new player to X-Wing, so the thought of another entire faction to buy as I'm already building my frist two is mind-blowing, but very cool... That said, I've seen my fair share of games, and one game in particular popped in my mind when I saw this... L5R. (and maybe old L5R players may get an idea where I'm heading with this) Does anyone think that there may be the slightest possibility that FFG may introduce rules when both the Rebels or the Empire may "hire" Scum faction ships? Maybe a modified point cost? At first, when I saw those faction counters on IG2000 I thought they could be used to identify who hired him. Obviously hiring IG88 and Boba Fett are entirely within he SW canon, so wouldn't it make sense to replicate that in the tabletop game? (Boba Fett will now technically be filling that role) Like I stated, I'm still a new player, but it really made me think of Legend of the five Rings card game and rules when hiring "unaligned" personalities.
  2. But the other faction has all the nice upgrades. After picking one faction only when getting into this game recently I have to agree with some of this statement. The only downside to that is that I also plan to bring some friends that are SW fans, but not gamers into the fold, so it's crucial to have two balanced sides. My two ways of thinking right now are to order pretty much one of everything, even ships that don't initially appeal to me to have some experience with them in the game. The other is to find some of the ships that do appeal to me, and pick up 2 of those and develop those builds....(Interceptors,Defenders,Phantoms---A/B/Headhunters) If I were to just buy one of each right now, are there any ships that I can expect to perform poorly by themselves (i.e. just having one of a type in a fleet), that would have a dramatic improvement with a wingman? (say instead of having one A-wing, having 2+ in a fleet)
  3. The SW setting is great, but I would be open to other settings as long as the same level of attention went into the rules, game balance, and sculptures. while likely more suited for Armada, I would have loved a version from the Eve Online universe.
  4. As an old SW roleplayer, I was always a big fan of both A-wing and B-wings...more so than X and Ys.
  5. Thanks for that....you see, in many videos and postings, I always see negative views about both Interceptors and A-Wings due to how fragile they are. I've seen the Interceptor referred to as a "Glass Cannon" and the A-wing as worthless, but at that point, mandatory to get "Push the Limits"...
  6. Going to probably be a little bit of both. Small groups tend to be pretty fun, but you close yourself to guys using the same strategies where a store might bring in guys with different ideas and things you and your buds might not have thought about. At the moment, I think most will be done at home with a few friends that I will slowly convert, but I plan to at least go to local stores and spectate and see how players build their fleets and pick up on strategies I may not have thought of. I see two local stores here in Raleigh, NC that have Monday events, but I'll have to see how much that interferes with normal life. I have a 4 year old, and sometimes, I may not just be able to get out of the house for gaming, but on the other hand, my wife has actually been pretty supportive about my spending all this money for little plastic ships once again.
  7. Yeah...it's been about 10 years since I have done any miniature wargaming, but the mechanics seem really solid so far. Was also surprised to see a game that allowed players to play Rebels vs Rebels and vice versa. Seems like a lot of flexibility. I resonate with every ship so far out of sheer nostalgia and love for the SW Universe, but hear comments about how specific ships are good only in larger point value games, or ineffective due to either the ships characteristics, or point values....so being prudent, I figured I would try to get some direction on my second haul. I'm thinking putting $100-$150 on this order, so was thinking if even ordering 2 of a particular ship might be a better option than one of everything...
  8. I've already found myself headed down that dark, dark path I'm not saying I want to omit ever buying any particular ship, but say you have a choice between one or another...one you get now, and one to get later. I know player styles vary, but it is very interesting to see one person discuss how one ship is not really that great, and find another one say the complete opposite. I guess it is a testament to how well FF make their games.
  9. I just happened to catch a X-wing game a few weeks ago and was totally fascinated with the simplicity of play, but yet depth of strategy and decided to pull the trigger and join in on the fun. I found several sources giving advice to new players and tried to take the most from that. I bought 2 Core Sets, an X-Wing and Tie Fighter, and then chose to go with the Empire Aces box set and the YT-1300, for a bit of variety. This weekend I hope to place an order and expand my fleets a bit, but had a question as a new player. While I understand that most players will suggest you buy atleast one of each ship, if not for the cards themselves, are there any ships that one could consider somewhat obsolete at this point? I keep seeing remarks that a Tie-Ad may not be really that important now as it was when the Wave 1 ships came out. Same goes for Tie Interceptors with people suggesting that a Tie Phantom may be a better option now. Some of the new Wave 4 ships seem to be really stepping up to the plate and rather than buying Y-wings and TIE-Ad, it may be better to invest in either B or E wings and some Tie Defenders and Phantoms... any thoughts or advice for a new player?
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