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  1. Armored Cruiser was a real ship class in pre drednought era, battle cruiser is a real term too so there are proper translations for those in most languages. Also looking at the MC75 you can clearly see armored belt around the midsection of the ship, Armored cruiser makes the most sense no matter how you look at it.
  2. We know that. Anyone who read the rules know that. It really doesn't have much to do with how rules are formulated, its basic english and thats sad. Still, there are many people who have problems with it, i had people ragequit the game becouse of this lol.
  3. "DOES NOT MOVE" is PRESENT TIME meaning it's NOT TAKING THE PAST INTO CONSIDERATION so it DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU MOVED BEFORE THE ACTIVATION. You can learn this during your first semester of english course
  4. You can reroll 3 blues and blank reds with leading shots. Also you may have Intel officer. Thats rolling 7 blues 5 reds on avarge including intial roll and rerolls. You may never roll one but is this rare occurance worth spending more points? Real tanks have weakpoints and downsides too, to save weight and money, and yes you pray you will not get hit there but if its low enough chance its worth cutting the costs.
  5. If you have XI7 Spinals Leading shots and optional Intel officer You roll 6 dmg and 1,5 accuracy on avarge, just in case you have leading shots Against Mc30: Accuracy/Intel evades (you may not need to use intel as you might get 2 acc half of the time), he can reidrect 1 dmg. Condireing you roll 1 acc and have no intel only thing MonKaren would do is force him to chose if he wants to evade or use redirect for 1 dmg. Against Vsd: no use for Mon Karen at all as long as you have 1 accuracy Against Assault frigate: If you have 1 accuracy and no Intel Mon Karen can only force him to chose between using unblocked token and reidrecting for 1 dmg. Against ISD: Acc/ the brace and contain (optionally use intel if you have it, it would help if he has ecm). Defender is left with only 1 resonable chocie anyway so Mon Karen is again almost useless. Best way to make Karen work? With Sw7 and Spinals+ cf command you have ensured 5 blue dmg + 3 avarge red dmg. You can drop Spinals to save points, post brace dmg wont go down and you lose only 0,75 on avarge pre brace. But you give enemy choice, its a hard choice but i prefer not to give them choice at all.
  6. Sorry but those builds are just dumb. I cant help but shake my head at how people try to build Mon Karren. If you have XI7 you need either 1 acc or Intel officer to hit the brace. Mon Karen is almost useless in this situation, well it will prevent reidrecting 1 point of dmg only if the defender has and decides to use contain. That costs you 8 points. If you shoot something smalelr like a Crovette XI7 the redurect acc/intel evade, if 1 evade is left unblocked defender can use it anyway and Mon Karen does nothing again. With every other upgrade restricting use of defense tokens MonKaren loses value. In some rare cases it may do soooomething but remember that you pay 8 points for it on top of other upgrades,
  7. Mon Karren with all those upgrades, so much redundancy.
  8. You have a point. It would be boring if it turns out to be a red blue dice raider reskin so i hope we get something difreant.
  9. In rebels its shown to be at least 3x longer than Gozanti, that would make it aorund 200 meters. Clone wars variant (canon) had massive double gun turbolaser battery on each side, and its also supposed to have missle tube on the sides too (dont know if this part is canon).
  10. Its at least triple leanght of gozanti so rather bigger than corvette. Missle batteries are mounted on the sides and some variants should also have turbolaser batteries there, both of those can't fire forward so broadside should be stronger than the front arc. It may well be an Imperial corvette but broadside not front arc oriented, a bit more sturdy but more cumbersome. Rebels could get dp20 (its already on the slaved turret card) which would be a rebel raider equivalent.
  11. What stats do you predict? I would like to imagine it as a more of a broadside ship to give empire some variety especially since rebels got a strong front arc ship (liberty). Speed 3 command 2 squadron 1 engineering 3 5 hull as its bigger than the raider measuring at least around 200-250 meters but it shouldnt have more hull than the Gladiator. Shield values 2/3/3/1 would make it unique armament: front: red blue blue side: red red blue black, rear: red blue defence tokens: evade redirect brace or evade redirect redirect(would allow it to use trc maby?)
  12. Landing craft go into atmosphere. Also, the wings presumably have some sort of thrusters inside to assist in pitch, yaw and roll, which is easier to do in a controlled manner further from the center axis. Most of ships in star wars dont have wings, if they do they are relatively small. They are there to look cool and not to assist in anything, thats why the look the oposite.
  13. Ah again those HUGE RETARDED WINGS IN SPACE. Force awakens did that with Kylo Ren's shuttle but i hoped i wont see such an abomination again.
  14. I belive that the 2000 final battle thing was missunderstood in some way.
  15. Veteran gunners reroll all dice and your blues dont need that so its kinda a waste. Replace it with gunnery team and you might wreck 2 ships simulatnously.
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