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  1. I reset the password with my old one and now it works. Typical "Have you tried turning it on and off?" Problem.
  2. But I got an account that works on the keyforge website and also here. I thought there is only one account for all?
  3. Anybody else got problems logging in? It keeps telling me that my username/email and password don't match, even though they work on the website and here.
  4. I guess it is not online yet. You should also be able to register decks on the keyforge website but that's also not an option at the moment. I hoped for an automated process in rolling this out, considering the US is many hours behind of the rest of the world (LA is just after midnight right now.), but it dosesn't look like that. I hope they get it activated sometime today or many people will be mad.
  5. I tried to build a Hutt one using the Explorer - Trader but it almost seems impossible to build, even though I added 10 Obligation for additional XP. The most used Characteristics will be Int, Cun, and Pr but even when I raise only two of them by one I can only buy like two Skills and have zero Points left for Talents. Is it always like that to build a character in this System? It is my first one and I feel frustrated, that the amount of stuff I can get almost feels like nothing. Someone told me that raising the Characteristics is important, because you will not be able to change them a lot during play which is fine by me but spending all my XP on them feels strange. I would love to hear your insights and helpful tips in building this character.
  6. Outside EotE I found the Diplomacy Quartermaster. The talent trees are really frustrating, knowing that I have to buy a lot of stuff I don't need, just to get to the ones I really want.
  7. Hi. We are starting a new group and I would love to play a young Hutt, out there to make some fortune in selling and buing illegal stuff. First I thought of the Explorer Class, because of the Trader specialisation but then I read through the talents and found out that it is only all about the legal selling stuff. Now I am not sure what Class/Spec combination might be right. Probably one of the Smuggler but I am not sure what to think of these. Do you have any suggestions for a character of that kind?
  8. I think Disney would be ok with a book like this. I just started playing SWTOR and the dark side is much better (for me) than the light side. If you can play the Imps in a computer game, you should be able to play them in your RPG. I can see that probably a sourcebook would be enough (like I think the jedis don't need one). My adventures would be all around infiltrating the rebells and trying to make the Huts work for you. More low and personal jobs than killing tons of people. Of course I can play the EotE thing for the dark side (and if I would ever play the characters would definately be total different from the base adventures), and I really like some of your ideas for that but I would really like to get some real book to work with. I can't think that there would be no interest in such a supplement. Jan P.S.: I don't think that the Empire is like the Nazis, even though they also dress in style, they do a totally different kind of evil.
  9. I looked around but wasn't able to find anything about it. Am I correct that FFG is not planning to release an RPG for the Imperium? Most people I know would really like to take the side of the elected government (and with the cool uniforms) and defend the citizens against the rebel scum. I think instead of doing a third one for the jedi they should have just added them a source for AoR and given us the Imps as third faction to play.
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