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  1. Chalk me up as someone who has never been particularly interested in the Star Wars theme. Fantasy is infinitely more fun and immersive to me, hence why I never bought IA and only play it when visiting friends. Meanwhile I would buy anything and everything Descent-related.
  2. Even after all the expansion content released thus far, the Runemaster is still the most powerful Mage in the game and the Mana Weave is one of the best items in the game. Knight is also arguably the strongest Warrior, and the Disciple is best healing option within the base game. They are making best-in-slot skill and item choices so far it sounds like too. With just the base game the Overlord doesn't have as many tools. I'd say the Warlord deck would help you score kills - with excellent cards like Blood Rage and Expert Blow. Without Labyrinth of Ruin you don't have to worry about the Rune Plate making your life even more difficult than it is right now. For monster picks within the base game, your options are limited. Shadow Dragons are a great large monster, but with a 3 hero team you only get 1, making it significantly worse. Goblin Archers are usually a safe and effective choice if you keep the Master safe. Cave Spiders aren't too bad either in Act II as they have solid damage output. Blast can be countered with proper monster positioning. From your description sounds like you're playing within the rules correctly. Keep in mind that one of the best ways to defeat the heroes is to separate them from one another so they can't support each other as effectively. Dark Charm should almost always be used to perform the move action to go away from the objective and other heroes, rather than the attack. Immobilizing the Runemaster with Web Trap is quite effective as well. They can't put out their top-tier damage output if they can't reach their targets. Its generally believed that 3 hero games also favor the heroes due to the monster group limits. If you want an optimally balanced game, see if you can't get 4 heroes next time. One easy way to do this if you can't get more players is to suggest one of the players control an additional hero, or have a 'communal' hero whose actions are decided in a rotation. Even though expansion content can't legally be added to a game that is already in progress, I'd say the greatest power boost to the Overlord you can get in any single expansion is Manor of Ravens. The Unkindness deck's Call of the Ravens card is nearly broken in power - providing the Overlord with a 1XP card that creates reusable companion monster that will provide ongoing pressure to the heroes in the form of additional damage, as well as an assistant to perform objectives/open doors/block corridors/soak up hero actions/etc. Its especially silly on quests where reinforcements occur at start of turn, as the Ravens can be summoned just prior to the reinforcement to make the summon 'free', or 'better than free', by finishing off a weakened or condition-afflicted monster so that a fresh one can be spawned in its place. The heroes are punished whenever they leave any monster less than completely eliminated. For example, heroes will often like to leave a monster poisoned and with 1 health remaining, or Immobilized away from the team rather than eliminate it. It can save actions and may even deny a reinforcement.. The Ravens often negate this strategy. They also scale their damage into Act II by getting an additional yellow die. Manor of Ravens also gives you access to the Bandit monster group, which is one of the most powerful and over-statted monster groups in the game and is an optimal monster pick in most situations where Wildneress/Civ open group is available. Its borderline unfair, but they're using a min-max hero composition against you - so I wouldn't feel too bad Finally, if you're still on the ropes even after all that - pick a top tier Plot Deck like Baron Zachareth or Tristayne Olliven and really make the heroes cry! See Indalecio's great guide to plot decks on BGG.
  3. I think the scale mail would count the use of the Scythe as a -> skill/ability, even if these terms aren't precisely defined in the rule book. Any action performed with the -> symbol would meet the criteria in my view.
  4. New physical content needed badly!
  5. Oh great! In that case - a quick suggestion... In the dropdown option for Mists, maybe could put down "Mists of Bilehall / Mists + Chains" or something like that instead? That way users will know that this is the option to select when doing a full sized campaign. Thanks as always for the awesome site!
  6. Well, Logan isn't immobilized by Curse of the Monkey God. If anything, he becomes even faster, going from speed 4 to speed 5. If you intended to hit him with some other Immobilize effect, his immunity to the Immobilize condition remains. As for Trenloe, his heroic ability remains in effect while he is a monkey. When attacked he will still have 1 shield. Defence dice do not have to be rolled in order to receive shields from other sources. In other words, becoming a monkey is a thematic description - it has no gameplay ramifications to heroic abilities/feats or class abilities.
  7. Hey Atom4geVampire, is there support yet for a combined Mists of Bilehall + Chains that Rust campaign? Was looking into porting my current campaign onto the website, but I didn't see an option for Mists + Chains under the campaign drop down.
  8. I agree with Zaltyre. This doesn't just apply to Shadow dragons either. There are also some quests which add additional "Shadow-like" effects, such as Juliden's Keep in Mists of Bilehall. If a monster in that quest happens to have Shadow as well, then that is 2 surges required for the attack to not be a miss. The Unkindness Overlord deck lets your Raven familiars also have a shadow-like effect. Furthermore, if the attack has insufficient range in order for it to not be a miss, the Overlord has to spend surges on that too - so it can't be used to counter Stealthy or otherwise cause an attack to fail that required a surge to get enough range to hit. In summary, even when Uncontrolled Power is used the attacker must first spend surges to make the attack not miss - those are the only legally spendable surges at that time. Oh, an additional note. The Overlord could not have used two Befuddle cards to make any single Attribute test fail. This falls under the same rule that prevents the Overlord from using two Dash or Frenzy cards on a single monster. You cannot use more than one Overlord card of the same name on the same target with the same activating trigger.
  9. The quest is no more clear in the English language, unfortunately. Thankfully, the CRRG has errata for this quest. Your inference is correct. When Skarn leaves the map, the Overlord checks the tokens in his play area. If there are no blues, he loses. If there is at least one, he wins.
  10. I'm hoping this ruling from Nathan will extend to more 'special 'monsters, such as Shadowkeeper Juliden in Juliden's Keep (Mists of Bilehall). She cannot be defeated, cannot suffer conditions, cannot suffer hearts and has no defense dice or health pool. However, by RAW she can still be targeted by plot cards and Overlord cards such as Call of the Ravens to summon ravens for 'free'. Its pretty cheezy and I think goes against the spirit of the quest. A formal ruling disallowing it would be nice though. She doesn't even have attack dice. In my view that quest really should not have made her a monster at all - just a generic figure that activates once per Overlord turn and is controlled by the Overlord.
  11. Since you don't plan on getting the 3xp skills, nor Cripple, I would suggest you try Zyla, the Battlemage-Berserker. Zyla's heroic ability is highly effective on a melee class, and her low HP is offset nicely by the Berserker's "Brute" skill. She will be capable of flying right over hazardous terrain and enemy blockades, and make positioning very hard for the Overlord due to being unable to protect the flanks from Whirlwind attacks. Her heroic feat also complements an aggressive and reckless playstyle, as she can simply disappear if things get too dangerous for her. Her high Stamina will make her ready for Counter Attacks and additional Charges more often than other warriors as well. Very fun
  12. Yes, that works. A hero is treated as a Monster for the Dark Charm attack. Thus, if they attack themselves while adjacent to the Shadow Soul they will suffer additional damage. Andira Runehand's ability can be turned against the heroes in a similar way!
  13. There are plenty of quests in which misses being a factor are very important. Just off the top of my head I can think of 3 quests in Heirs of Blood campaign alone where attackers on both the hero and/or overlord side may spend surges during an attack to perform some quest-critical effect (e.g. remove or reveal an objective token, get points towards a quest goal etc.). With your house rule, since attacks can't miss, even botched 'X' attacks which deal no damage can still spend surges to trigger these effects. The bonus defense doesn't matter if dealing damage wasn't the goal of the attack. This shifts the balance of the quest considerably, as they were balanced with the additional '1/6' chance that any given attempt to advance the quest objective can fail. This relates to a big consequence in general of removing misses that really favors heroes. If an attack misses you can't spend surges to recover fatigue or trigger other effects, such as Avric Albright's hero ability, or powerful non-damage related weapon effects such as the Crossbow movement effect. With this change, heroes will be able to use beneficial surges significantly more frequently - making any attack with a surge have a guaranteed payout, regardless of enemy defense results. Not to mention just general, more subtle balance shifts. Even in your specific party setup alone the house rule reduces the importance of the Bard's Rehearsal Harmony ability, which is otherwise incredibly powerful for its party-wide reduction to missing. There is a reason abilities that prevent misses are heavily costed in the game (usually rare Act 2 items or 3-xp class abilities). There are also several abilities explicitly designed to deal damage without requiring attacks that are weakened by this change (e.g. Spiritspeaker Tempest becomes even less useful on an already hurting class)
  14. I think your house rule breaks many things because it essentially makes line of sight only impair traditional attacks. It imbalances Army of Death and the whole Bounty Hunter class (that normally needs Line of Sight to track monsters at start of turn). Black Arrow was already mentioned as a big problem too, and any other game effect that is intended to be played around through blocking line of sight with figures such as Radiant Light. I use Imperial Assault line of sight rules in my games. They aren't perfect, but far better than the regular Descent LoS rules in my view. They are also a much less game balance impacting change than the one you propose.
  15. I've used the forum house rule. Seems quite reasonable. A little strong on an already overpowered Hero perhaps, but I hate having a blank heroic feat too, and the proposed feat matches the 'flavor' of Mok. For Seer Kel I use the forum house rule as well, which is that she can cancel the effect of a Peril on a single hero (cannot be used on Perils that do not target heroes)