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  1. Hmm.. if you were playing the game such that heroes could generally pay fatigue costs for abilities using their health when they were out of stamina, then this was a very necessary modification to your heroes' play! This is a critical rule for proper gameplay balance. Attacking the heroes' stamina to deny critical plays is one of the most important ways in which the Overlord can stay alive. The Runemaster's Runic Knowledge is a very special exception because of its wording, and is part of the reason it is a top-tier class.
  2. I also agree with Zaltyre. The intent of the card is that you can target the Summoned Stone no matter where it is on the map and you can treat the attack as always having enough range. Even if the range is "ignored" for those purposes, I don't think it becomes zero and unusable for other effects.
  3. Normally the Overlord cannot use any hero or item abilities of a charmed hero whenever there is an element of choice involved (see CRRG). However, in this case, it is not the charmed Hero's item that has this ability, but rather the defender's. So, I'd say yes, the Overlord could invoke the Horned Shield's effect to do a double-whammy on the heroes. This definitely makes the shield a liability vs. charm effects.. I was never a fan of this item in the first place.. this makes it even worse! During the time the hero performed the attack he was treated as a monster. Airborne says when a monster misses they give the target an infection token. Dish out that infection!
  4. When using Plague Cloud, the monsters shown in the example are becoming targeted by the skill. Thus all of them they are fair game for removing hex tokens on to add damage. You can't remove hex tokens from non-targeted monsters to add damage.
  5. Seems legit! I don't see any rules errors. Nothing close to this would ever happen if the Hexer played against a skilled Overlord, but it is a fun bit of theorycrafting! I'm personally not a fan of high-stamina cost skills with multi-target effects like this one, Break the Rune, Prismatic Assault and Cataclysm for three reasons. 1) If you roll an X, you're not only out an attack but also a bunch of stamina, summoned stones, etc. Not good. I do like that plague cloud applies the hex tokens regardless of the attack's outcome though. 2) They cost a lot of XP to acquire - XP which could be used on skills that have passive effects that are always useful, or cheaper skills that can used more often with less setup. 3) Good Overlords just don't give golden opportunities to use these abilities all that often - they will play around the skill. If the opportunities don't arise, then the heroes will truly underperform compared to heroes which took different skills. Meanwhile, take the "Exploding Rune" Runemaster skill. It costs a measly 1xp and it threatens deadly Blast attacks at the cost of 1 stamina. This will perform as well as these other skills in many scenarios at much less cost. In RtL, its a different story. The AI is dumb as a stump, so it will easily totter into ideal board state. In that case, have at 'em!
  6. Jain is certainly among the fastest. Silhouette can achieve similar numbers with her Heroic Feat too, but she has a lower maximum stamina, making her slower. Additionally, you can gain more movement out of using a Wildlander with Fleet of Foot than you can with a Gold Rush. If Jain uses 10 stamina to move, she can gain an additional 10 movement points with Fleet of Foot vs. the 6 she gained from Gold Rush + Compass. Treasure Hunter gives her the extra Search + Attack though, if you're not purely interested in max # of squares moved in a single turn.
  7. I would argue that after the First Strike attack resolves, the timing window of "a monster starting its activation" remains open until the players decide to no longer use any other abilities with such a timing. This allows the Tahlia player to decide whether to use their Heroic Feat or not.
  8. Blargh.. how could I have fallen for this..! If it was anyone but Zaltyre, I would have been more skeptical.. Well played..
  9. What really makes it silly is that she has such an over-the-top hero ability, but doesn't pay for it in any way. On the contrary, her stats are actually boosted! 10 Health on a Mage, 5 stamina, no speed penalty (4), and what I consider an ideal Mage attribute distribution. Just enough Knowledge to fully utilize Rune Plate, and Willpower is (imo) the most important general purpose attribute to have - protecting her from Dark Charm, Uncontrolled Power, Howls and the like. You look at her, and then you look at.. say.. Master Thorn and... something is not right in the balancing department. I'm curious who you think is in contention with her for "greatest hero of Terrinoth"! Maybe you've figured out something we've missed!
  10. I like the idea. If the storyline for the personal quests focused around their personal lives and relationships rather than their talents, training and abilities then it becomes less of an issue that the class and character are separate in Descent. One way to handle the reward is through a buff to character stats (like bonus to health, attributes, etc.) or an enhancement to the heroic feat or ability.
  11. Astarra is ridiculously strong no matter what she is doing. The more I play Descent, the more I feel she is flat out the best hero in the entire game. Perhaps Elder Mok is a close second.
  12. Seems legit to me. It also makes sense to me that Doom would trigger for Shadow Tome damage and Vigilant Watch damage separately. The whole thing requires a lot of setup though. - Monster advanced into a space adjacent to the Marshal - Marshal had 1 stamina available and triggers the 2XP skill Vigilant Watch - Marshal has the Act 2 Shadow Tome shop item - Marshal has 1 health available to exhaust Shadow Tome - Conjurer Astarra is within 3 of the monster - Image Token is within 3 of the monster - Astarra has 2 stamina available and the 3XP Vortex skill - Astarra has her heroic feat available and uses it - Monster is already pre-Doomed If all that was done, kudos to the heroes! They deserve that once-per-encounter roll-less monster devastation. A similar combo can be done with a Geomancer and Gravity Spike, although the setup is even trickier in that case. The Overlord should be able to see this move coming from a mile away and chose to advanced the Doomed (or easily Doomable) monster up to a Vigilant Watch Marshal. Its up to him to avoid having his lieutenant or other valuable monster grinded up by this. The heroes also gave up a lot of XP to create this combo - creating other vulnerabilities.
  13. Last year they said they had something coming, and then Frostgate appeared. Presumably that's what they were talking about then. Perhaps another Frostgate-like RtL thing is coming up.
  14. Thanks for finding this! They've got nothing to announce at this time.. but they said "We got stuff" Huh. I wish someone had pressed him for what the heck 'We got stuff' means. Physical stuff? RtL stuff? But that is a lot better than "No, there is nothing planned." and its more than I expected. Its also good to hear that the game is still allegedly dear to their hearts, for whatever that's worth. And yes, it is still very high ranked on BGG - should be a testament to the product's staying power and popularity. I'd be really deflated if the 'We got stuff' translates to another very light-weight RtL offering like the Trials though.
  15. A bunch of classes have been posted on here and the BoardGameGeeks forums. However, in my opinion most of them wouldn't be the greatest candidates for a professional expansion. Some of them directly crib assets and ideas from other properties (for example I've seen a Druid class which is basically the World of Warcraft Druid, complete with Tree of Life). Others are very underpowered or overpowered, with not enough compelling build choices. There haven't been too many I've discovered that would cleanly integrate with the rest of the game. Also when it comes to new classes, I think it'd be especially great if they were developed with an eye towards having strong synergy with some of the seriously underplayed and underpowered heroes in the game. For example, a class with skills that trigger special effects when carrying or consuming potions would make a character that easily discovers potions like Ulma Grimstone more compelling. This would be a great opportunity to dust off those minis and get them on the table instead of the usual suspects like Astarra, Mok, Syndrael, etc.