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  1. Hi redbull666, The design was approved, so I've sent you a DM with the MakePlayingCards link to the patch. If anyone else wants the link to print out the patch, I'm happy to send it to you. Just drop me a line.
  2. Hi there redbull666, Thanks for your interest! I'll try to get you a link to the "MakePlayingCards.com" version so you can print it out yourself. I need to wait for an 'approval' period before I can make the project shareable it seems. I've updated the Crossbow card in the project and in my Dropbox to remove the erroneous expansion symbol as well.
  3. Hi wyatt! Any further work on this has been put on hiatus since I'm unable to test the game with others during this pandemic situation where I can't do board game meetups... Oh, and great catch on the Crossbow. I thought for the longest time this was a Labyrinth of Ruin item! Probably because its balance seems off compared to other Base set stuff...
  4. Hey Dadler93, Thanks for the contribution. This feels a lot more balanced than the original Treasure Hunter, that's for sure. You've probably already seen my own re-working of the Treasure Hunter's abilities in my balance patch document. We definitely thought along the same lines in some areas. I like the idea of moving some of the effects around. Delver is crazy powerful as a starting skill, so making the secondary effect of Delver instead be the original Survey effect and moving the Delver effect to Trail of Riches is interesting! This would make Trail of Riches slightly more desirable, as its pretty bad compared to Finder's Keepers. One of my biggest beefs with Trail of Riches is that it has anti-synergy with Dungeoneer, which is a very popular choice. I am considering playing around with the idea that Delver *only* gives the damage bonus, and making Trail of Riches instead possess both the original Survey effect and the Delver secondary effect, as well as a Health bonus, instead of being just a boring clone of the Thief's Lurk skill. Lure of Fortune needs help, because its pretty bad, so making it not only function on dedicated search actions is an improvement. I feel like the deck manipulation is too similar to other effects. I like the idea of having Lure of Fortune heal the Treasure Hunter both when getting a search card, as well as when flipping over a search card - really emphasizes the 'greediness' aspect of the kit, and makes the Treasure Hunter more self-sufficient when running off on their own. The nerf to Sleight of Hand is well deserved because it was way too powerful as it was. I am enjoying the change of just reducing the damage boost from Pierce 2 to +1 Heart. The proposed 'exhaust to use after rolling' would work too. Either would be better than what we have. Nice work!
  5. Hello! You will be able to add additional cards to your Overlord deck by spending experience during the Spend Experience Points step of the Campaign phase. You will receive exp to spend as rewards for winning/finishing quests during the campaign during the Receive Rewards step. Once these additional cards have been purchased, you will be able to play them in subsequent quests after you draw them from the deck.
  6. I would argue that since you no longer have the Arcane Fusion card, the text that says 'as long as this weapon remains equipped it gains the abilities and traits of the chosen weapon' wouldn't be active anymore even if the weapon is still 'fused'.
  7. Ehm.. yes, that does sound like a ... fun... combo 😏 Certainly not game breaking. 😛
  8. I guess so? Still feels like cheating if you ask me, since the intent of the card is clearly to respec your character, not gain power by keeping abilities you no longer have paid for. If you can't remember what Element card you took, I would at least return a random Element card.
  9. I’d say if you choose Sun And Sea or Earth and Sky as the cards to refund, you would also have to return the Elemental card you had taken along with them when you got those skills. Keeping them seems like an exploit and not make sense, even if the RAW suggests you can get away with it.
  10. No cool looking new dice come with the PoDs, sadly.
  11. True! After playing the heck out of vanilla Descent, I'd been seeking a more tuned and competitive experience. I think the numerous issues with Lost Legends was the tipping point for me. And once I started balance tuning I haven't wanted to stop because its made my games that much more enjoyable... it is a little addictive :3
  12. I haven't played with Zerihell's plot deck before, but given that this combo is very cheesy and probably not intended, I would apply a simple house rule to it: "When activating a monster during your turn, exhaust this card when a monster rolls an X." This allows it to work as normal in all regular cases, but prevents its use during charm effects since the hero is not activated.
  13. Indeed, I don’t think there will ever be a rebalancing attempt that will satisfy each player’s individual tastes and opinions... However, if even some of the changes are helpful and improve the play experience for others, particularly given LL’s issues, I’m happy to share them.
  14. I've had a good amount of play experience with Lost Legends now. After trying the classes as written I really wasn't happy with them. There are a large number of problems with this expansion not present in content previously released for Descent that to me demonstrate a lack of play testing. They include: - infinite attack loops (All-Knowing + Bottled Courage), and infinite healing loops (All-Knowing + Focused Insights + Soothing Insights) - ability timing problems with no clarification or FAQ answers as of yet (e.g. Elementalist skills Tide and Blaze) - cards like Divine Light and Galvanize not clarifying whether the hero tokens placed are removed between encounters or between quests - poor mechanics for traditional game such as Soul Reaper losing all their essence and becoming a powerless healer when knocked out (a trivial task for a determined Overlord) and having no means to gain essence if no monsters perish. The Soul Reaper also appears to be balanced around the fact that in Lost Legends the monsters apply tons of conditions thanks to various activation bonuses. This gives the Soul Reaper lots of essence fuel via the Mirror of Souls and Blight Extraction. This is all well and good in Lost Legends, but the Soul Reaper is completely starved vs. an Overlord with brains who can simply employ tactics that don't involve conditions. - many cards missing the "even while this card is exhausted" test, when it should be present - cards with broken power level compared with other effects in the game, such as Righteous, which gives an extremely powerful effect typically reserved for Act 2 weapons, relics or heroic abilities and affecting the entire party with infinite range and no activation cost, or Grasp + Nature's Embrace allowing the Elementalist to stun entire monster groups without an action or test. - cards which should have a numerical cap on their effect to having no cap (such as rugal's example of using Whirlwind in combination with Momentum to move an absurd numbers of spaces, and Vicious Throw allowing a character to throw Melee weapons with a ridiculous +8 range, out classing even the most powerful magical bows and dedicated marksmen) - cards which should have a range limit on their effect not having a range limit (e.g. Death from Above allowing a hero an unprecedented ability to teleport an infinite number of squares and perform an attack) - abilities not being tested in general for quest interactions, such as Gust and Storm's Fury allowing you to move any figure, not just monsters and hero figures, thus allowing the Elementalist to reposition quest NPCs to make encounters impossible for the Overlord or trivial for the heroes (e.g. moving the non-monster figure Tyrus around in Blood and Betrayal Encounter 2A so that he may never escape the map) The power level in general is just all over the place (including the previously mentioned Now You See Me) and in my opinion the designer who created these classes doesn't play a lot against human Overlords. This to me is evident by many of the design choices, such as the ability for the Elementalist to reposition monsters via the aforementioned Gust and Storm's Fury when compared with the closest equivalent skills of Vortex and Gravity Spike which require dedicated actions to use, high fatigue cost, limit of 2 spaces, pre-placed images/stones, and restrictions as to how the figures can be repositioned. Due to these problems, I wrote a balance patch which attempted to address all of them and I reprinted the expansion using MakePlayingCards.com. The result has been pretty good at my table - we are now able to enjoy the expansion. The Soul Reaper is a competitive healer in a traditional campaign once he doesn't lose his essence on defeat, isn't reliant on conditions for fuel, and can gain a bit of essence during downtime of a quest when monsters have pulled back. The Elementalist without the ability to effortlessly reposition monster forces and mass stun everything feels a lot more balanced but still fun and effective to play. The hybrid classes feel a lot better too - I'm particularly enjoying the 'aura' mechanic added to the Crusader as it feels like a fresh way to use abilities that hasn't been in the game before (i.e. Paying the cost and exhausting an ability card up front and then refreshing it and getting the reward later once a condition is met)
  15. Yeah, the transition blurb only makes sense if the interlude played was "Saradyn in Flames". I think the piece of narrative that needs to be filled is that while you are discovering Eliza's plans by tricking her, Alric Farrow is sacking the monastery. If you win the Interlude, Tyrus is not captured during the sacking, but if you lose he is (maybe because Eliza isn't wounded in the battle and can help search for him?)
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