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  1. As 10355ts said, I think Grey Ker is really excellent in RtL, as he can regularly reduce the # of attacks and ill effects the heroes' suffer by performing an action at the top of the round.
  2. Since the Runemaster is already the strongest overall mage in the game, I'm all for rulings that slightly tone down its power to let poor classes like the Hexer at least try to keep up. Just take a look at "Crippling Curse" and compare it to "Runic Sorcery". The Hexer has to work way harder to land those conditions - they should be the one to have multi-application, not the Runemaster.
  3. I experienced this playing this trial as well. If we're going with playing it as written, then destroying the crystals prevents "some" effects, such as taking damage per crystal, however it doesn't prevent any effects that aren't dependent on the number of crystals (e.g. Spawning random monster groups) However, it doesn't make sense to me that monsters and other negative consequences occur unabated when all crystals are off the map. This could be a bug in the quest to be honest. If you want to play assuming it is, just remove any monster groups spawned when all crystals are off the map, and ignore all crystal text. That's what I did.
  4. I really hope Zaltyre's prediction is wrong... but I fear it may be true :-( I too suspect that Mists and Chains did not sell well. I don't get their odd decision to split that campaign into two separate boxes either. Felt awkward and I doubt the decision made them any extra money. I think they may just be going about things the wrong way. Perhaps I'm just speaking for myself, but I think they need to focus on content that gives them the most game value for their development resources. Creating new lieutenant packs, map tiles, hero and monsters sculpts is pricey to develop and costly to consumer. I also don't feel starved for more of these things! Why not focus on small box content that breathes new life into what we already have? Additional hybrid classes, the missing Mage and Healer classes, new items, a new search deck, a new Basic III Overlord deck, new conditions, and a new campaign book like Heirs of Blood using more existing content? Maybe skirmish mode rules? Perhaps a balance update kit with new versions of weaker classes like Spiritspeaker? Many of these things would improve the RtL experience too, and could be priced lower. This is the direction I would go if I was FFG... despite all the content we have already, the game's potential still doesn't seem fully tapped yet - and it's not for lack of monsters and heroes!
  5. I've been thinking of some loose theory craft for a good min/max Trials team. First off, heroes should be picked for the heroic abilities. One-time use heroic feats seem really bad in an infinite mode like this where the feat *never* refreshes. Attribute tests also take a back seat, since the trials themselves rarely call for them. This makes heroes like Lindel much less useful. Skills that make attacks never miss seem really good in this mode. It would suck to have a high score ruined by a chain of misses in an endless battle. Here is what I'm thinking: Astarra Runemaster: Her movement ability is totally broken and the Runemaster's Blast is great against the clumping AI. A true beast once she has an Act II Rune weapon. With support she should be able to clear full monster groups in a single turn from halfway across the map. I thought about Seer Kel Necromancer with Army of Death as another option but the top-end damage of the Reanimate isn't all that great and will really struggle once monsters hit Enrage III. Runic Knowledge and Rune Mastery make the Runemaster's attacks far more devastating than other Mages. One Fist Skirmisher: One-Fist for a dual-wielding class? Madness you say? Not with this build. Pick up Unstoppable, Carve a Path, and Born in Battle if possible. Carve a Path with a high speed means another way to clear out full groups in very short order and One Fist's heroic ability means he will deal more damage per attack than pretty much any other warrior in the game with a strong weapon. Born in Battle means he may well have fully recovered stamina after each attack. No need to bother with Dual Strike. Logan Lashley Monk/Bard: Bard seems really strong in this mode due to many of the trials encouraging sticking together and the fixed map size. Logan has amazing mobility once he gets an Exotic weapon.. but that *does* require a bit of luck to find in the item deck. I think it might be worth the gamble though. The end goal is Vow of Freedom for unerring attacks and becoming tanky by getting Brown defense dice from cloaks and what not. Rehearsal also seems great for mitigating bad luck for the team and dealing with conditions. Elder Mok Watchman/Shadow Walker: Looting abilities aren't terribly helpful in the trials since the search tokens are finite, so this makes the Treasure Hunter less appealing. The search deck isn't even used, so Delver's utility is cut in half. However, the Shadow is a nice source of precious extra damage for the entire team. The main benefit however is that a Mok Watchman will be infinitely regenerating the entire team's stamina and health with Quick Recovery and Unity so the party will rarely, if ever, need to rest. This healing will be further augmented by the Bard - all at the cost of no actions dedicated to healing and recovery. And Watchman offers additional free movement too. Basic aim is that once maxed out these heroes are endlessly healing, recovering stamina, moving around for free, and never missing attacks - i.e. becoming an invincible whirlwind of death. Any other ideas for fun builds for this mode?
  6. So I ended up buying the DLC mostly to show support for Descent and hopefully encourage FFG to release more physical content. I also did a 'fake' run through all the modes just to get a feel for it. For anyone who doesn't mind spoilers I'll just give a quick run down of what this is and what you get for your $5: *********** WARNING MEGA SPOILERS **************** It is essentially four game modes (trial of Bear, Lion, Hawk, Wolf), each of which take place on a single fully revealed map. Each of the trials is an endless game mode which involves working towards a high score by playing until the heroes lose all their morale through KOs. There appear to be at least 4 or 5 different possible layouts for those who have all the expansion content and they are NOT 'balanced'. There is one layout with tons of sludge or water tiles, which would be much much harder to play through than another layout which has no special terrain at all. If you are really interested in going for a highest possible high score you'll probably want to reload until you get an 'easy' layout. Then you are of course subject to the luck of the random monsters. Some things in common between modes: There is an automatic transition to Act II after a certain number of rounds have passed or progress has been made (not sure exactly which yet). It doesn't tell you before hand. You also will get 1 XP to start, and gain an additional 1 XP every 4 rounds until around 6 XP, at which point they stop giving it to you forever. All of the game modes have an 'Enrage' mechanic which starts to happen once they've given out all hero XP and transitioned into Act II. Every round or two it essentially gives an endlessly stacking buff to all active monster groups. It starts at Enrage 1, with +1 damage to all monsters, then moves to Enrage 2, with +1 damage and +1 shield to all monsters, and finally to Enrage III: with +2 damage and +2 shields to all monsters. It never gets any higher than Enrage III, but I doubt any team could survive for too long under those conditions. It would be fun to try to find a totally broken team composition/loot distribution to go infinite though! Quick rundown of the modes. Apologies for any errors.. I only had time to rush through the modes and get a sense of what they are. This should give you a good feel for them though. Trial of the Bear: Trial of the Lion: Trial of the Hawk: Trial of the Wolf:
  7. This is cool news! However, I hope this wasn't the only new Descent content that was suggested at Gencon. I'm still holding out hope for another physical content release to round out the Mage and Healer classes!
  8. I'd say yes. Seems legit. Pretty cool!
  9. If only Serena could be a Monk, or if there existed a skill that she could get that was like "Vow of Freedom". I really like that skill because it turns that base brown die from a liability to an asset - essentially making the brown die have four "2 shield" faces and two "1 shield" faces. That's an outstanding defense die. As it is, I think she really only works as a Tempest + Ancestral Spirits Spiritspeaker, and requires lots of support in the form of Cloak of Mists and party shielding. She just doesn't have the Mobility and Hero abilities to make an effective Scout hybrid.
  10. Some of the hybrid classes are very strong. In particular I think the Watchman and Monk are great. The synergy of Watchman paired with Treasure Hunter makes an already overpowered class even more useful at the cost of some 3xp Treasure Hunter skills that aren't really needed. And the Monk's "Vow of Freedom" skill turns a Healer into a super tanky beast that can never miss attacks provided he's given a couple of brown defense dice (e.g. a cloak, some class abilities) and an exotic weapon. On the other hand, I'm not particularly impressed with the Battlemage or Steelcaster. They're okay - especially in that they open up a lot more heroes to certain class options - however their skills in themselves are really nothing to write home about... (although Ironblooded is pretty cool!) Given that there were already plenty of extremely powerful hero/class options available in the original game, I don't think the introduction of Hybrids will upset the balance. On the contrary, opening up Hybrids also gives the Overlord access to cards like the Scourge deck. Danse Macabre is a crazy strong card that can cost the heroes an entire round's worth of actions, if used optimally.
  11. Ah yes, Syndrael's feat! Good point! The best overall Hero in the game and the best Warrior in the game in a single team.. hope your Overlord took some pain killers
  12. If Astarra can find some means of gaining movement points outside of her own turn, then yes, if she hasn't used her ability yet this round she can use it off turn. This could technically be during the Overlord's turn. Tahlia the Knight for example will gain 2 movement points when she slays a monster with the Guard ability. Seems really powerful... however I can't think of any ways Astarra could gain movement points off turn at the moment. Finally, remember that any movement points gained when it is not your turn must be spent immediately after they are gained, or are lost. They cannot be banked during the turn like they can when it is your own turn.
  13. I plan on trying one of these heroes as battle mages in an upcoming Delve. We'll see how it goes! They both definitely seem well suited for Warrior classes due to their heroic abilities. Also Dezra would benefit from the tons of bonus HP that a Berserker has access to. Its a shame the Berserker class isn't really viable in traditional Descent...