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  1. I'm pretty sure what Indalecio meant by "4 attacks" in this case was the 1 attack from each of the 4 members of the Changeling monster group affected by Curative Spirit (assuming a traditional 4 player game) Whoops, missed the "Master" monster part. No idea what was meant by 4 attacks then :3
  2. Woah, they're paying to create new Descent content! That's a pleasant and unexpected surprise~ I'll have to check it out if I can get my old players back together again. Here's hoping this indicates a small chance for new physical content...
  3. Charmy

    Archive of Arrizon Questions

    No. Arrizon can only recover hearts via the Mend ability.
  4. Charmy

    Ogres and trolls

    The new Ogres are pretty poor and you'd pretty much never want to use them over an Ettin, unless you desperately need Knockback. Waaay too squishy for a large melee monster group. The conversion kit Ogres are good though -> Undying makes them very sticky, allowing their powerful Knockback move to trigger in some crucial situations, such as against Sir Palomon in the Shadow Rune campaign. In contrast to Ogres, the Trolls are an excellent group - better than Ettins in many situations, in fact. The Troll's Backswing is a tremendously powerful ability. One of the best in the game, in fact. It is capable of combining a powerful attack and a stun effect in a single action, and no surge is required. This is very economical. The even crazier part about it is that the attack can deal no damage, or even miss completely and they still have to test for the Backswing. Same can't be said for almost any other monster that can inflict conditions. The fact that it works with Sweep to stun multiple targets is just icing on the cake. Get a lucky Sweep + Stun turn off and you will dominate a quest. In short, use them Trolls and win!
  5. Charmy

    Descent speculation

    I don't see Leoric here, just Landrec the Wise. Sorcerer art appears to be mostly unchanged. Not big news to me.. but perhaps there is a tiny glimmer of hope that art being made for Landrec means we might get another Heroes and Monsters collection..
  6. That's a great question. As far as I know, there is no official answer to this one. Personally, I would play it as the Scalemail would still trigger whether the hero was targeted or affected by the attack, so Blast attacks would be included. There are a few other abilities which use this wording of "each time you are attacked", such as the hero cards Eliam and Lyssa from Conversion Kit, but I don't think this has been brought up for them either. I think its worth e-mailing FFG about this one.
  7. Charmy

    Quick Sir Valadir Question

    Hmm.. if you were playing the game such that heroes could generally pay fatigue costs for abilities using their health when they were out of stamina, then this was a very necessary modification to your heroes' play! This is a critical rule for proper gameplay balance. Attacking the heroes' stamina to deny critical plays is one of the most important ways in which the Overlord can stay alive. The Runemaster's Runic Knowledge is a very special exception because of its wording, and is part of the reason it is a top-tier class.
  8. I also agree with Zaltyre. The intent of the card is that you can target the Summoned Stone no matter where it is on the map and you can treat the attack as always having enough range. Even if the range is "ignored" for those purposes, I don't think it becomes zero and unusable for other effects.
  9. Normally the Overlord cannot use any hero or item abilities of a charmed hero whenever there is an element of choice involved (see CRRG). However, in this case, it is not the charmed Hero's item that has this ability, but rather the defender's. So, I'd say yes, the Overlord could invoke the Horned Shield's effect to do a double-whammy on the heroes. This definitely makes the shield a liability vs. charm effects.. I was never a fan of this item in the first place.. this makes it even worse! During the time the hero performed the attack he was treated as a monster. Airborne says when a monster misses they give the target an infection token. Dish out that infection!
  10. When using Plague Cloud, the monsters shown in the example are becoming targeted by the skill. Thus all of them they are fair game for removing hex tokens on to add damage. You can't remove hex tokens from non-targeted monsters to add damage.
  11. Seems legit! I don't see any rules errors. Nothing close to this would ever happen if the Hexer played against a skilled Overlord, but it is a fun bit of theorycrafting! I'm personally not a fan of high-stamina cost skills with multi-target effects like this one, Break the Rune, Prismatic Assault and Cataclysm for three reasons. 1) If you roll an X, you're not only out an attack but also a bunch of stamina, summoned stones, etc. Not good. I do like that plague cloud applies the hex tokens regardless of the attack's outcome though. 2) They cost a lot of XP to acquire - XP which could be used on skills that have passive effects that are always useful, or cheaper skills that can used more often with less setup. 3) Good Overlords just don't give golden opportunities to use these abilities all that often - they will play around the skill. If the opportunities don't arise, then the heroes will truly underperform compared to heroes which took different skills. Meanwhile, take the "Exploding Rune" Runemaster skill. It costs a measly 1xp and it threatens deadly Blast attacks at the cost of 1 stamina. This will perform as well as these other skills in many scenarios at much less cost. In RtL, its a different story. The AI is dumb as a stump, so it will easily totter into ideal board state. In that case, have at 'em!
  12. Charmy

    Fastest Hero in the game

    Jain is certainly among the fastest. Silhouette can achieve similar numbers with her Heroic Feat too, but she has a lower maximum stamina, making her slower. Additionally, you can gain more movement out of using a Wildlander with Fleet of Foot than you can with a Gold Rush. If Jain uses 10 stamina to move, she can gain an additional 10 movement points with Fleet of Foot vs. the 6 she gained from Gold Rush + Compass. Treasure Hunter gives her the extra Search + Attack though, if you're not purely interested in max # of squares moved in a single turn.
  13. I would argue that after the First Strike attack resolves, the timing window of "a monster starting its activation" remains open until the players decide to no longer use any other abilities with such a timing. This allows the Tahlia player to decide whether to use their Heroic Feat or not.
  14. Blargh.. how could I have fallen for this..! If it was anyone but Zaltyre, I would have been more skeptical.. Well played..