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  1. Challara's familiar is actually really powerful since it can use her weapons, and she only gives up a little bit of stats to have it. Brightblaze also can't be permanently killed. It has 2 lives every single encounter, which is pretty darn resilient, actually, so the Overlord often has to devote several monster attacks to taking it out. If Brightblaze is ignored or kept protected, Challara puts out an unmatched damage output compared to most other heroes due to many turns of additional attacks granted. Her movement limitation is definitely a liability, however quite a few party compositions can offset this, such as a Watchman to give her movement points. Most of the parties that I've seen use her in usually give her the Elven Boots too. The new expansion also gives her additional options to negate her poor Speed. For example, as an Elementalist, so she can use "Gust" with Nature's Fury to propel herself forward, or play as a Truthseer and use Translocation to teleport to a speedy hero for very efficient transportation. I feel the nerf to her was fairly minor. She can still bring Brightblaze back, but she doesn't get to attack with it twice in a single turn. As is she really outshines most of the other mages except for the best ones likes Astarra, Quellen and Leoric. With this change and the nerfs to those other top tier Mages there is more incentive for other Mages to be looked at as well.
  2. As requested, here are some more of the balance patch changes I'll be testing in the coming weeks. The goal of these is to surgically tweak things the minimum amount necessary to increase the number of compelling choices for the players. As is, there are really clear 'best' choices, such that some cards and figures are never played. Andira Runehand: Health reduced to 9. Astarra: Health reduced to 8. Heroic Ability: Once per round you may spend 1 movement figure to remove your figure from the map and place it in an empty space adjacent to 1 hero who is within 2 spaces of you. Challara: Heroic Feat: Action: If Brightblaze is not on the map, place Brightblaze in an empty space adjacent to you. Corbin: Health reduced to 11. Elder Mok: Health reduced to 8. Stamina reduced to 3. High Mage Quellen: Stamina reduced to 3. Heroic Ability: At the start of your turn, you may choose another hero within 3 spaces of you. If the chosen hero has at least 1 fatigue token on his Hero sheet, you recover 1 fatigue. Jaes the Exile: Heroic Ability: Apply +1 Stamina for each Rune you have equipped (to a maximum of +3). Jain Fairwood: Speed reduced to 4. Karnon: Might reduced to 5. Awareness increased to 3. Krutzbeck: While you or a hero adjacent to you has 6 or more damage tokens on his hero sheet, each of your Melee attacks gains +2 damage. Lindel: Speed reduced to 4. Stamina reduced to 4. Logan Lashley: Health reduced to 8. Heroic Ability: Immediately after you perform an attack with an Exotic weapon, you may move 1 space. Master Thorn: Stamina increased to 5. Mordrog: Stamina reduced to 3. Nanok of the Blade: Health reduced to 11. Heroic Feat: Use after another hero performs an attack. Immediately perform an attack with a Melee weapon that targets 1 of the same monsters. One Fist: Heroic Ability: When you declare the target of a Melee attack, if 1 of your hands is empty, you may add 1 additional yellow power die to the attack pool. Limit once per round. Ravaella Lightfoot: Stamina reduced to 4. Raythen: Once per turn, you may suffer 1 fatigue to allow 1 hero within 3 spaces of you to reroll an attribute test. He may use your attribute value for the reroll. Reynhart the Worthy: Heroic Ability: If you roll an X during an attack roll, you may suffer 1 fatigue to reroll 1 attakc die. Limit once per round. Roganna the Shade: Speed reduced to 4. Seer Kel: Figures and obstacles within 5 spaces of you do not block your line of sight. Doors still block your line of sight as normal. Serena: Replace the brown defense die with a gray defense die. Silhouette: Health reduced to 9. Sir Valadir: Speed reduced to 3. Health reduced to 11. Syndrael: Heroic Feat: Use during your turn to choose a hero within 3 spaces of you. That hero may immediately perform a move action. This is in addition to the 2 actions that hero receives on his turn. Tahlia: Health reduced to 12. Tatianna: Health reduced to 11. Tetherys: Health increased to 11. Tinashi the Wanderer: Health reduced to 11. Tomble Burrowell: Heroic Ability: If you are attacked while adjacent to at least one other hero, you may choose an adjacent hero and add 1 defense die from the defense pool of that hero to your own. Trenloe the Strong: Heroic Ability: Each time you are affected by an attack, add 1 shield to your defense results. Ulma Grimstone: Heroic Feat: You and one hero adjacent to you may flip one of their facedown Potion Search cards faceup. Widow Tarha: Health reduced to 9. =============== Arachyura (1 / 1 ) 3 / 5 / Gray+Brown -> 3 / 6 / Gray + Brown 3 / 7 / Gray+Brown -> 3 / 8 / Gray + Brown = 3 / 7 / Black -> 3 / 8 / Black 3 / 9 / Black -> 3 / 10 / Black Bandit (1 / 4): 4 / 4 / Brown -> 4 / 3 / Brown 4 / 5 / Gray -> 4 / 4 / Gray = 4 / 6 / Gray -> 4 / 5 / Gray 4 / 7 / Black -> 4 / 6 / Black Pillage: Perform an attack that targets an adjacent hero. If that hero is knocked out by this attack, choose 1 of his Search cards and flip it face down. Bane Spider (1 / 2): 4 / 4 / Gray -> 4 / 5 / 1 Gray + 1 Brown 4 / 7 / Gray -> 4 / 7 / 1 Gray + 1 Brown = 4 / 6 / Gray+Brown -> 4 / 7 / Black 4 / 9 / Gray+Brown -> 4 / 9 / Black Bone Horror (1 / 2): 5 / 5 / Gray 5 / 7 / Gray = 5 / 6 / Black 5 / 9 / Black Lash: After this attack resolves, place the target in an empty space adjacent to this monster. Chaos Beast (1 / 2): 3 / 5 / Gray -> 3 / 6 / Gray 3 / 6 / Gray -> 3 / 7 / Gray Minions: Morph / +1 damage / Sorcery 1 = 3 / 7 / Gray - > 3 / 8 / Gray 3 / 10 / Gray -> 3 / 11 / Gray Minions: Morph / +1 damage / Sorcery 1 Crypt Dragon (1 / 1): 3 / 5 / 2 Gray -> 3 / 6 / 2 Gray 3 / 7 / 2 Gray -> 3 / 8 / 2 Gray = 3 / 7 / Black + Gray -> 3 / 8 / Black + Gray 3 / 10 / Black + Gray Deep Elf (1 / 1): 5 / 7 / Brown -> 5 / 8 / Brown 5 / 9 / Brown -> 5 / 10 / Brown = 5 / 8 / Gray -> 5 / 9 / Gray 5 / 10 / Gray -> 5 / 11 / Gray Fire Imps (3 / 2): 5 / 2 / Gray 5 / 4 / Gray = 5 / 4 / Gray Surge: +1 Damage Surge: Burn 5 / 6 / Gray Goblin Witcher (1 / 3): 4 / 3 / Gray Surge: Curse Surge: +1 damage 4 / 5 / Gray Surge: Curse Surge: +1 Range Surge: +1 damage = 4 / 6 / Gray Surge: Curse Surge: +1 Range Surge: +2 damage 4 / 8 / Gray Harpy (1 / 3): 5 / 3 / Gray 5 / 5 / Gray -> 5 / 6 / Gray = 5 / 4 / Gray -> 5 / 5 / Gray 5 / 6 / Gray -> 5 / 8 / Gray Hellhound (1 / 3): 4 / 4 / Gray -> 4 / 3 / Gray 4 / 6 / Gray -> 4 / 5 / Gray = 5 / 6 / Black -> 5 / 5 / Black 5 / 8 / Black -> 5 / 7 / Black Hybrid Sentinel (1 / 2): 4 / 5 / Black 4 / 8 / Black -> 4 / 7 / Black = 4 / 6 / Black+Brown 4 / 9 / Black+Gray -> 4 / 8 / Black+Grey Manticore (1 / 1): 4 / 5 / Gray -> 4 / 6 / Gray 4 / 7 / Gray -> 4 / 8 / Gray = 4 / 7 / Gray -> 4 / 8 / Gray+Brown 4 / 9 / Gray- -> 4 / 10 / Gray+Brown Medusa (1 / 2): 4 / 4/ Gray 4 / 6 / Gray = 4 / 6 / Gray+Brown 4 / 9 / Gray+Brown Piercing Gaze: Medusa can apply a Condition even if the damage dealt is 0, after defense roll. Naga (1 / 2): 4 / 5 / Black -> 4 / 4 / Black 4 / 6 / Black = 4 / 6 / Black Ogre (1 / 1): 3 / 6 / Gray 3 / 9 / Gray Fleshmonger: When this monster suffers damage equal to its health, if there is not a fatigue token on this monster's base you may place a fatigue token on this monster's base. If you do, that monster immediately recovers 4 hearts. Discard all Conditions from this monster. = 3 / 9 / Gray 3 / 12 / Gray Fleshmonger: When this monster suffers damage equal to its health, if there is not a fatigue token on this monster's base you may place a fatigue token on this monster's base. If you do, that monster immediately recovers 6 hearts. Discard all Conditions from this monster. Razorwing (1 / 3): 5 / 4 / Brown -> 6 / 4 / Brown 6 / 6 / Brown = 5 / 7 / Brown -> 6 / 7 / Brown 6 / 9 / Brown Sorcerer (1 / 3): 4 / 3 / Gray 4 / 5 / Gray = 4 / 5 / Gray -> 4 / 6 / Gray 4 / 8 / Gray -> 4 / 9 / Gray Volucrix Reaver (1 / 3): 4 / 3 / Gray 4 / 5 / Gray = 4 / 4 / Gray+Brown -> 4 / 5 / Gray+Brown 4 / 6 / Gray+Brown -> 4 / 7 / Gray+Brown
  3. I'd like to echo some previous posters about having great interest in knowing if there will be any more physical product for Descent 2nd Edition? An update to the Quest Vault to support our modding and writing community would be appreciated as well.
  4. I have some of the changes done but creating professional cards for them will take some time. Over the weekend I might just share the Google doc of what I have. I have an order through makeplayingcards.com to create nice professional versions of the new class and item cards for my future sessions.. however, as far as I know they can't print cards that are "hero card" sized. Anyone know a place that can produce those? I thus far have to test out changes to them with sticky notes on the hero cards
  5. You're very welcome! I think its interesting to be able to damage yourself to deal more damage, but I worry this might be too strong when combined with a hero like Krutzbeck, or skills like the Berserker's Death Rage that deal more damage when the hero is damaged. Currently the Overlord has the ability to avoid damaging Krutzbeck/Berserker and focus on other heroes instead to mitigate the effectiveness of those skills. When the hero can damage themselves at will, less counterplay is possible. I like the idea of buffing Shared Pain and Drain Spirit in some way... Although they scale well into Vigor/Ancestor's Spirits, they still feel a little lacking, especially compared to what a Bard can do passively. Stoneskin definitely needed the help, and I like the idea of including Condition removal as part of Healing Rain to make up for a major shortcoming in the Spiritspeaker. The Reanimate getting the surge abilities of your weapon is a nice change that makes the Reanimate feel less dull - a +1 damage surge is kinda uninspiring. However, there is now another option in the game to spice up familiars like the Wolf and the Reanimate - including a Heretic in the party with Forbidden Arts. This gives them the ability to surge for +2 damage and to poison - quite nice! Overall, these changes go farther than I would go in a balance patch - it feels more like a full reworking of these classes. I tried to avoid doing that for the classes outside of Lost Legends because I don't think they needed that much work. I definitely went more into full rework mode with Lost Legends though - I feel that expansion had very many serious problems as printed. Undead Might can be combined with Army of Death, so I worry this combination is too strong with the updated card. Dirty Tricks getting poison is a neat idea. Definitely makes the skill a little more attractive, although Stun on demand is already pretty handy. I don't know if Bushwhack needs a buff - its already a pretty great skill... Also missing a word "...exhaust this card during your turn to attack..." I'd be curious to see what you'd think of having Nature's Bounty function essentially the same way that a Rest action in Imperial Assault does (e.g. You recover health equal to your Stamina, minus the current fatigue on your character) These updates definitely make those classes more fun to play and open up more build options and inject some life into otherwise unplayed classes and skill cards. I like the idea of this change to Death From Above in that it makes it more thematically accurate. (e.g. Why is Death from Above dropping you next to the hero rather than the monster)? However, counterplay might be a too easy for the Overlord in some cases as a result, as they can then use ranged attackers to take out your allies without ever triggering the skill, depending on positioning. Would be worth play testing though! Sneaky isn't a monster skill as far as I know. Do you mean "Stealthy"? If you do, then no, Cursed only affects monster actions. That is, abilities on the monster that are used via the 'action' symbol, such as the Bandit's Pillage and the Blood Ape's Leap Attack.
  6. Thanks for sharing Rugal. Some interesting ideas there. Looks like we even had the same ideas in some places (e.g. Berserker Rage). It's an interesting take removing the Scourge's ability to perform Melee attacks. Kinda invalidates certain cards, however, such as Grotesque. I like buff to the Magus overlord deck. I was planning a similar type of buff to Word of Pain. Making Airborne, Contaminated and Adaptive Contagion into always-active cards like the Familiars is a huge buff to the Infector class. Probably too big of a buff... sure would be fun to play as Overlord though! 😛 The ability to place the Reanimate on the map without an action seems too powerful to me. I do like it thematically though... powered by monster defeats, like the Soul Reaper is. P.S. I updated the PDF with my own change to the Scourge as well as revisions to items in the Act 1 and Act 2 shop decks.
  7. Thanks for checking it out rugal! Sorry to hear you weren't a fan of most of the cards. I do plan to get to the Overlord as well, and some of the heroes too - just haven't gotten there yet As a preview, here are two of the cards that I have plans to change on the Overlord side that I think are quite badly needed: Raven Flock is probably the most OP thing in the game, and start of turn allows the raven to attack the same turn its created and immediately punish heroes for failing to finish off any monster that remains near them, sometimes generating health in the process (e.g. 1 health monster turns into 4 health monster). Also, the original wording allowed you to target monsters that were immune to damage because of quest rules since you created the Raven first and dealt damage second. The new wording requires that damage be suffered first, so no more immunity shenanigans allowed. Scourge are runner up for being really oppressive since they were a completely free monster you got every time the heroes did something they generally have no choice but to do - defeat monsters that are in the way. Now the Overlord has to pitch some excess resources to get the Scourge out there, so it can't be quite as recklessly spammed. A subtle change, but an important one. This change means you cannot target Familiars and other hero figures that don't have Stamina, such as Mirror Images with the punish effect. Prior to this, the Conjurer seemed unplayable against an Overlord with Scourge, as you could chain-pop all of the Mirror Images every single time the Scourge effect was triggered by any hero, which felt awful and cheap. === And a sneak preview of a hero nerf and buff:
  8. Thread bump now that I've upgraded the patch from Lost Legends only to all classes in the game. (See original post edit) Here is the link again to the new cards: https://www.dropbox.com/s/26v7eo5m6y5qhm3/CharmyBalancePatch.pdf?dl=0
  9. Yes, that's right. If a monster is defeated anywhere on the map, the Soul Reaper gets Essence. There is no range or timing limitation. I wasn't happy with that, as sometimes the Overlord destroys monsters across the map and behind doors (e.g. when summoning the Raven Flock) and doesn't feel like the Soul Reaper should be able to draw power from that. In my balance patch I added a range limitation of 6 spaces to Essence Harvest.
  10. At this point, I'd say rather than hunting through the FAQs and FFG response threads just replace the regular rulebook with http://descent-community.org/index.php/crrg/ It's far more comprehensive, accurate and up to date with all the errata included.
  11. 1) This is a good point and possibly an oversight with this card. I assume you shouldn't be able to regain a Condition that has been applied to yourself when you remove it with Blight Extraction, otherwise you can get a continuous flow of essence from the same Condition as you describe. I imagine the card should read, "Each time you use Stream of Life, the chosen hero may also discard 1 Condition. If you were not the chosen hero, you may gain that Condition and place 2 damage tokens on Essence Harvest." Seems like something worth asking FFG about for clarity. I'll include the change in my Balance Patch version, too. 2) In this case, it's not legal to gain a Condition you already have. So you can't gain the 2 essence. 3) Yes, the card doesn't say you have to only choose skill cards that exhaust. Any skill card is fair game.
  12. You're not the only one who doesn't like the Descent line of sight rules. I highly recommend trying the Imperial Assault line of sight rules described in the following document: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=2ahUKEwiRzdCSo8TjAhWH_p8KHQNsAaIQFjAAegQIAhAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fimages-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com%2Ffiler_public%2Fef%2F86%2Fef866943-534b-429e-b8db-7d99875431b7%2Fimperial_assault_rules_reference_guide.pdf&usg=AOvVaw3o_TZ5ddoTN8WgZJdagEA0 They fit well into Descent. Keep in mind this is a change that does affect game balance in many subtle ways. For example, skills that target all figures in line of sight are weaker with these rules (e.g. Army of Death, Sweep). However, since the changes affect both sides roughly equally and they can plan accordingly, it is totally worth it. It also introduces many more strategic positioning options for both the heroes and overlord, as well as feels much more intuitive. There are far fewer cases of "What? How the heck could you see me from there?". I would never go back to the original rule set, myself. Unfortunately, unlike Imperial Assault, the quests, heroes and skills in this game are balanced around not having a cap to fatigue movement. Changing this would have a huge negative impact to the heroes and outright eliminate certain heroes from any kind of viability (e.g. Serena). However, I myself have a serious beef with this rule - in particular when it relates to Stamina potions. Being able to save up 1 or 2 stamina potions and then fly across the map in a single round feels really silly, and it also can break certain quests. I would prefer to address this issue by targeting the Stamina potion itself though, rather than fatigue movement in general. As Overlord, I usually just take Refresh and Placebo early on - and then take out this potion with extreme prejudice whenever I see it to keep it from ruining my plans - especially vs. a Fleet of Foot Wildlander. However, I also am considering playing with Sadgit's Search Deck from Sands of the Past. This search deck wisely eliminates the problematic Stamina potion in favor of the Timmoran Shard - a far better designed potion which recovers 1 fatigue every time it is used - and it can be used 3 times (once per turn) before it is fully consumed. https://descent-community.org/index.php/obtaining-sands-of-the-past/ I recommend checking it out.
  13. Even with the change I suggested, it is still quite a bit stronger than similar skills due to only costing 1XP, as well as having an additional passive bonus effect. There also needed to be some trade off with the adjustment I made to Soul Harvest allowing the Soul Reaper to passively gain essence. Getting one essence per round passively doesn't take out the Soul Reaper's core mechanic. He may not be able to spare the fatigue every round to get it, and he will need a lot more than that to be effective. The passive gain really helps though when there are lulls in the action - which is far more common in the regular game than in Road to Legend. It sucks to be the only hero who is unable to assist their team when there aren't any monsters around to kill. This addresses that problem. Immobilize isn't the only condition that is worth grabbing for essentially no ill-effect. Terrified is also a 'free' condition to take when you are out of sight of monsters. Taking Weakened when you were planning on resting anyway is a 'free' removal. And if you have a very high Might or Willpower stat, taking Poison or Disease is often just free essence as well. Condition transfer/removal shouldn't be the primary way the Soul Reaper gains essence - but it was designed this way. As I mentioned in another thread, it sucks when your primary essence gain is from conditions which it is up to your opponent to apply (Blood Dagger withstanding). RtL monsters are dumb and will happily apply all the conditions you need to keep yourself powered up. That just isn't the case against an opponent with a brain - which was how Descent was originally balanced. This 'saving up for the final battle' mechanic sounds interesting at first, but not if you actually try it in a competitive environment. With sufficient motivation, it is very easy for the Overlord to prepare and take out a specific hero no matter how much the party wants to protect them. You'll notice how quests designed later in Descent's lifecycle mostly eliminated the finales where heroes were permanently dead after being knocked out - it was a mechanic that was too Overlord favored. All it takes is a single Dark Charm to move the healer out into the open with monsters, followed by a couple of Frenzies, Critical Blow, etc. and the hero is dead. Yes, the Overlord expended many vital resources to do that, but against the Soul Reaper the benefits far outweigh the costs. Against other healers, once their companions help them up they can get right back into the fight after chugging a stamina potion. With the Soul Reaper, when they're picked up they're useless to their team as a healer until they start building up their essence from scratch again. That makes this healer a huge liability in competitive Descent and to me makes it clear that the designer of the class played Road to Legend far more - where it is much easier to predict what your opponent is capable of and protect your healer from harm.
  14. Yeah, Soul Reaper seems to excel in RtL. Blight Extraction is a key way for him to get essence. Unfortunately he's pretty bad against a traditional Overlord, since if you take Blight Extraction the Overlord just won't spend surges on conditions and won't take condition-applying monsters. Without the assistance of Blight Extraction and the Mirror of Souls, he has a really rough time getting essence.
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