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  1. Minor Bug: Once you select any deployment card and then click 'Restart and Choose Faction' the selected deployment card essentially disappears and does not return. As always, very good app!
  2. Something very very nit-picky and small: I don't know if I am the only one whole likes sorting via 'Cost' and 'Descending' when building a new list. I tend to always chose those two sorting methods so I can see what can fit as I fill in my points. I would personally love sorting via 'Cost' and 'Descending' be the default instead of sorting 'Name' and 'Ascending', but I am not sure if any one else feels the same way. In any case, that's all I have for you. I love the improvements and overall feel of this list builder!
  3. Thank you guys for working on this project! So I ordered the maps and they turned out great! They were even delivered 10 days earlier than estimated. Now my question is what is the best way to store & organize these maps? I was just thinking of putting a rubber band with a paper that shows the map name - I'm open to any ideas
  4. Fully agree with this. I even play mostly trooper lists and I think it was way too OP. This balances trooper lists but at the same doesn't nuke Troopers into oblivion.
  5. Forgot to thank you for this excellent write up by the way. And congratulations on your victories. Question: Now that you've finished your regional, what adjustments are you thinking about making to your deck? For example, I noticed you've taken celebration for the +4 VPs when you kill a unique. Would taking something else benefit you better against a non-unique list like on your 4th match (Primary Target, Toxic Dart)?
  6. Congratulations very thorough write up. These are the ones I like to read Although, I consider your list a TROOPER list just as much as any other. Just because you don't have Reinforcements or Grenadier, you still took 2 sets of troopers, they just happened to be elite troopers. When I see a list of all unique characters or creatures take the world by storm, we can dance on the grave of trooper spam. Not exactly. I would consider it a hybrid. Half his list are uniques in points. It resembles more of a hunter/force user list than a trooper list if you're going by command cards. He has like one trooper command card in his deck. But yeah I guess it depends in how one would define a trooper list.
  7. Hi, I was considering making several lists with an additional group elite Gamorrean Guards and Weequay Pirates. Not sure why these expansions only come out with one elite card. Is there any way to get only the elite cards? I would probably have to print out a copy and sleeve it if anything - just doubtful if tournaments would accept it.
  8. Awesome work. Do you have a template for the weapon items and the XP cards?
  9. Has anyone had any success pulling this off? I managed to get the Armored Cartographer Maps from the miniature market a while back: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/collectible-miniatures/star-wars-miniatures/star-wars-maps.html Definitely a lot easier to set up and it does allow for bigger battles. You can even combine four of these maps to make an even bigger battlefield. Perhaps a 2v2 battle? But I'm thinking this would be very difficult to balance. Probably the Rebel player would have to proxy more Rebel units, Planning on giving this a shot with my buddy sometime soon. Maybe adding in activation tokens for the proxied Rebel Troopers?
  10. Hello, Wondering if anyone came up with some homebrew rules for combining these two games. Also planning on adding Heroes of the Aturi Cluster for some Xwing Space Battles. Thanks
  11. Super excited to play this after reading up the booklet & seeing all the positive feedback. I'm expecting all of the materials to be printed in the next couple of days. I'm just curious, for future updates - are you going to have a "changelog page" like what FFG has for their Errata? It could be very useful for those who already paid for the prints. Thank you for this brilliant project! -R
  12. Thanks for this. I have several of the SWM maps handy I was wondering if there was going to be rules for larger scale fights. Did you come across any homebrew rule by any chance? Combining IA with SWM?
  13. Would definitely want to check this out but the links aren't working
  14. This looks fun! Did you use custom deployment cards for the rebels? Did any of the other SWM maps work out for you? Did you also use custom objectives? I'm trying to see if I could use some of the maps on http://starwarsmaps.blogspot.com/ for bigger skirmishes.
  15. Hi I was wondering if you had templates for the deployment cards. I'm considering making custom cards for some of my minis. Thanks
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