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  1. same here, that and more stable due to the lower center of gravity (important when one of the dogs bumps the folding table I use for gaming).
  2. I am thinking of the children! And this is why I need your help! By designing a tankier Falcon, I will lose less children laden freighters as they make their perilously journey from the violent outer rim to the peaceful and prosperous core worlds. The border crossing is fright with danger as pirates, imperials, and vigilanties try to plunder, destroy, and free the slaves children. If I get a tankier falcon, more children will make it to the factories refugee camps on Alderaan, where they will be safe and will never need to worry about violence again. I hope that by designing better falcons, I can reduce my ship loss rate by 50%! Think of all the kids we can profit off of save! you sir won the internet.
  3. The CSA (Corporate Sector Authority) could be interesting to see as a faction, they're a bit light on unique fighters and thus may fit better in Armada than X Wing though.
  4. not to mention that the debris from the deathstar's destruction falling out of orbit would kill off all the ewoks...
  5. LOS is LOS regardless of who is shooting, if it looks close there's no reason not to check whether it's your shot or your opponents.
  6. pretty much my reaction too, I love the warhammer (especially the 40k) universe but I just can't justify continuing to play it, especially when you can field a competitive X-wing list for what I've paid for single models for 40k.
  7. I was about to make the same point FFG's games are already dirt cheap compared to many other companies products (especially GW...)
  8. fortunately my GF prefers the rebel scum so in games with her I always get to play my Imperials, and when introducing the game to new players I'll let them play w/e side they want.
  9. a race that the jedi persecuted to extinction...
  10. I actually prefer the extended universe to the movies and I've never liked how it looked.
  11. because the right branding helps sell products
  12. Personally I wouldn't have let the OP fix his error, but at the same time if I weren't the opposing player for that game I wouldn't have cried about it.
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