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  1. I'd be extremely surprised to not see cloakeshapes in wave 9...tech upgrade scum ship!
  2. I think that is appreciated just fine. Not by me My personal favorite Y-Wing with BTL and R2 with Ion Turret. A very competent dogfighter that puts out damage similar to TLTs, but adds control and punches harder at close range. Only 25 points too.
  3. Welcome to the community Grayfax! A few things: 1. Hit me up anytime, I'd love to play/teach what I can! I've been flying really well with my new imp list; of course I'm not a world champ so I've plenty to learn myself...but I want everyone to love and enjoy this game. 2. The last part of the above: I've loved X-Wing for years (3+ to be exact heh) but I've had times where I just get angry and annoyed due to the dice involved. I leaned heavily on Armada (which noticeably reduces the impact dice can have on your battle-plan) but since I've plowed back into X-Wing (with a large boost from TFA Core and new Imperial Veterans info) I've noticed some huge changes. 3. As blade said: dice mods are life! Since i've been exclusively flying my Vessery list (I love TIEs and namely the Defender) i've noticed a MUCH different game experience when you actually play "properly" and set up ways to modify dice. I've actually taken care to pay attention to situations where my and my opponent "dice off" by just rolling unmodified junk dice...it's never good for one/both people. I specifically threw a targeting computer on Dark Curse for my previous iteration of the list to give my main gun two sources of "free" target locks; and it helped him AND Dark Curse a lot. Since then i've swapped two a pair of identical Epsilon pilots with Comm Relays and the sheer work those things can apply to a list (esp with Vessery) is beyond reproach. I actually don't think I've lost either Epsilon in my ~7 games with them...only my bomber. Perma evade + focus to defense and moving to block and set up a TL so i can hold a TL+evade till needed and spend all my moves an actions to block/turtle/dodge is utterly insane. 4. Playing a list you love, I feel, makes you 100x more competent at the game. I've noticed this with every game played. If you, mentally, love the idea of what you're playing then it'll just feel better and you'll often just play better to boot. So, again as blade said, don't judge a game where you're helping someone test a list you don't LOVE as anything of what you CAN do. Just take the learning you can from it...maybe look for ships/combos you don't normally consider and see if they fit you're style at all. 5. Have fun. I've, especially with Armada, stopped being so invested in the winning and situations such that even when I get wrecked by dice or something bad happens I don't let it affect me as much as It has in years past. You can do a TON to mitigate random chance..more than I ever noticed when I played before my withdraw to Armada. So take bad dice as an indication that you should try to figure out a new way to fly: Position differently Set up more actions for dice mods (trust me, this is what can make your perception of randomness in X-Wing. This is comeing from someone who did a 180 on this stance is the past month or two) Laugh at Fel's poor luck! hehe, have fun. Esp on vassal. 6. Last, Vassal is interesting in how it differs from tabletop. It's so nice to have all the commands built in. It saves time, i feel, for a lot of things...but it is a different medium for sure. I've never had a lot of issue with distance and angles on vassal myself. The translation of moves from table/computer isn't as noticeable for me. What I DO notice is the insanity of the fire arcs. What i'm SURE is in is often way out when I flip them on in vassal. Bugs me to no end. Waste so many actions just BRing to make SURE i don't get screwed by Vassal's funky angles Again, welcome! I like your generics lists to learn. However, my one suggestion in X-Wing and Armada is to specifically look to take a lot varied things. These games are one of the few Miniature games that actually allow for you to eschew redundancy and take 4 ships that are completely different and perform well. Good luck and have fun.
  4. I was just thinking about the changes. I'd wager to say it'll lose Barrel Roll and gain boost over the f/o TIE. It'll obviously lose the green 2-turn, and I'd wager it'll lose the Segnor's in favor of a Talon Roll @ 2 or 3. The 1 turn will prob turn red while 3 stays white since "they can move" but are obviously bulkier than regular TIEl/ns or f/os. It'll get a missile slot, cannon slot, and perhaps a new ordnance slot special to the new ships that includes the Mag Pulse Warhead and eventually more weapons. Likely keep the tech slot as per the VII, VIII, IX era ships are likely to largely hold. I'll also say that they'll be able to fire secondary weapons out of their front or aux (rear) arc. Can't wait to find out though.
  5. It's hardly similar to a TIEf/o...perhaps you should actually look up the ship being discussed... Furthermore, the official crossection material stats turret...I just hope for aux-only to rear. Fun to fly.
  6. Completely true. I feel you should fly it a little different than TIEl/n's in that you get in and layer on those actions, even if you give up a shot. It seems to pay off in spades.
  7. Ya..I'm really looking forward to a full spoil of the v1. I might rock one instead of two TIEfoos if I can get a good 18pt model that can TL+evade every turn. Be a tad more economic than even comm boosters sometimes.
  8. Vessery list is my list, back off! Heh. Just joshin. I do find it interesting the types of ships people tend to choose for him. KISS, f/os and bombers/shuttles. The TIEfoos fly like a dream, block, tank, and are just all around gold. Bombers add non-ace punch. Then again I'm a stickler for 4-ship lists: so it's 1 ace only.
  9. No PWT...we need small ships with aux fire arcs; and this fighter is Bing, bang, boom, perfect. Furthermore, as is the case with the f/o model, they have more than enough reason to release a new model to sell. The s/f TIE is so completely bonkers different than either TIEl/n's or TIEfoos that they can't do anything but design a new model and figure out how to make a rear fire arc look snazzy on the cardboard with small ships.
  10. based on the movie its a 360, because if you remember when they steal acquire one inside the SSD he shoots behind to clear up the riff raff, but underneath he shoots in front. the direction of travel. we sure it doesn't have two sets of weapons? because turrets would be incredibly stupid on something even Poe was impressed by (dude flies a T-70; it ain't no slouch!) imagine TLTs on that thing T-70s are, apparently, old tech.
  11. Pretty sure Poe was just shooting copious amounts of Proton Torpedoes inside the Oscillator...of course T-65's only carry like 3-4 pairs of the things and he fired like 10+. Guess that's what happens with a few decades of technology. Hell, the E-wing had almost 2 dozen of the suckers only a handful of years later.
  12. They're an absolute joy to fly. Check my "Vessery Resurgance" list here to see how I run them (hint, Epsilons with Comm Relay). They fly like butter and have insane action power.
  13. Before? I played it after when I used him...whoops
  14. Amen FGD. No more PWTs! I'm reasonably certain it'll be similar to the f/o TIE (TIEfoo) with a secondary rear arc...it'll fit on the card just fine. It'll probably have all the same actions as a TIEfoo but I'd wager to say it'll have a less forgiving dial: probably lose the green hard 2s. It'll prob, of course, come out at a base of 18ish points and have missile slots and perhaps cannon slots that can be shot out of either arc (or even rear only) in order to give Imps a cheaper cannon-carrier. I'd wager the Tech upgrade will also stay.
  15. Oh snap...this: does it change granting squadron points when killing all ships?
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