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  1. The potential for Snowspeeder action actually has me tempted to try the game when it comes out. Dependent on cost/mechanics this could be a fun little game if they are actually going straight to releasing Iconic units.
  2. So in a game that meant to be about skill rather than just rolling dice the ideal solution to an ongoing structural problem is to pick up a bunch of dice(which arbitrarily penalises many builds) and roll them to find out who wins? This is a really dumb solution. If FFG are so dead set against draws being a thing- why not just remove the concept entirely and have players with identical scores/mutual destruction both count as losing the game? At least then its equally harsh rather than handing out a win on a coin toss equivalent, which wouldn't sit at all well with me if I was to win a game off the back of such an unfair system. What exactly is the obsession with note taking and outside reference material? I don't see what advantage it provides, and it seems only marginally enforceable so what benefit does having strict rules on this bring to the game?
  3. I was at Athena and thought it all went rather well. I won't lie it was a bit nerve wracking what with many of us having to re-write our lists the night before and the judges needing to learn a whole set of rulings very quickly, nearly put me off attending. On the day however everyone was wonderful, I saw little to no conflict generated by the new FAQ rulings of which surprisingly few people were unaware considering the short notice. All in all it rather exceeded my expectations.
  4. Pretty furious about this one. I'm playing at the Regionals in Norwich,UK tomorrow and its not going to be an easy day for the TO's who now all need to be fully up to scratch on the new FAQ which is released less than 24 Hours before the event begins. Stupid mistakes will be made, possibilities for bad rulings exist and a large number of players are going to have to ditch the lists they've been practising for months. This is a really really bad move from FFG Organised Play.
  5. I set the bar too high by coming 4th in my first tournament , took me about a year to beat the record set then but even thats in smaller events. I've yet to make the cut in anything large enough to require a cut after 2 years of play. First time for everything though, so hopefully my luck will hold and I'll do well in my first regionals.
  6. Ion Dave

    K-Wing Builds

    Commanded by the powers of Necromancy I shall enter the thread of the K-Winger's. I've only skimmed through the thread but somehow or another it seems to have missed out the joys of Tactician equipped TLT K's, whats not to like about rebel Stress Control on a platform that isn't an individual Y-Wing? They are the cornerstone of my present list which I'm hoping to take to my FLGS's summer tournament at the end of May. List reads as follows- Guardian Squadron Pilot (25) Twin Laser Turret (6) Tactician (2) Seismic Charges (2) Guardian Squadron Pilot (25) Twin Laser Turret (6) Tactician (2) Seismic Charges (2) Gray Squadron Pilot (20) Twin Laser Turret (6) Bomb Loadout (0) R3-A2 (2) Seismic Charges (2) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Total: 100 Everything's PS4 to help give me an edge over the dreaded U-Boats, everything can double stress,everything has a seismic charge! The Seismic Charge's were a case of what to do with the past 6 points in my list? Rather than me being fully committed to the bomber cause which I can see many of the posters in this thread I just view them as something that great for pushing through an extra point of damage on a stressed ship rather than a game winning strategy.
  7. I like the idea of only spoiling a few cards in the initial reveal article so that there is room to build anticipation in the follow ups. The trick is in picking the right cards and I don't think that they did that this time around. Nothing in the reveal article made me go out and want to buy stuff again that I already owned as an X-Wing player, and I think its a pretty safe assumption that the main group of people who are interested in preview articles are the already invested player base as opposed to new potential customers. It is my heartfelt belief that Heroes of the Resistance will be a great boon for getting Force Awakens fans into the game(who I hope for FFG's sake exist), but that will happen when the set is out. Right now all I see is some re-paints and a few underwhelming pilots, a perception that FFG could easily have avoided by showing off some of the new upgrades that no doubt will be what would tempt me to pick up a new expansion like this one.
  8. I think some people just like to moan about stuff for the sake of moaning, mouse clicks for the love of god who moans about that? I was 5th (3 wins, 1 loss) with double JumpMaster plus other stuff, so they seemed to do pretty well for me. I was 4th(3 wins,1 loss) and it was my first outing for the Jumpmaster(Deadeye,Proton Torps,EM,OC-R4,G.Chimps) but was pretty underwhelmed by its overall performance. Lots of folks seemed to be struggling with co-ordinating the large base ships working together and while there were a hell of a lot of Jumpmasters on the field(for any non-local readers this is our first tournament where all the local players have had time to familiarise themselves with Wave 8) I'm not seeing the Guidance Chip/Ordnance builds doing as dramatically well as I would have predicted. First place was Rebel Aces, Second was some kind of Attani mind link sillyness. Roll on the next tournament and we can see how things go.
  9. I shared my nightmarish vision of a TLT master race with several people today. Came 4th with a list I cobbled together last night and only practised the 60 point step with! Still don't understand Jumpmasters, did anyone using them actually do well in this tournament? Good fun day for all the family, hope some people enjoyed the twitchstream and I'll have to catch up with it tomorrow to see what shenanigans you kids were up to in the back room.
  10. Ion Dave

    Did you wander

    1. Did you stray away from X-wing? Yes, but I'm back with a vengeance now. 2. What game? Armada,Bolt Action,Infinity, Horus Heresy. 3. What game systems do you play other than X-wing? At present none. Armada is just a total snafu.Bolt Action has an online culture that I don't care for and very few players at my flgs. Infinity's my high school crush that I hooked up with many years later to find the fantasy doesn't match the reality. Horus Heresy is a cool assed setting with a really crappy game attached to it, should have really known better as fleeing 40k is what brought me to X-Wing. Looking forwards to trying the Halo:ground combat game when it actually gets a non-working title and have backed the Mantic Deadzone & Warpath Kickstarters so hope to get some game in with those once they go into print.
  11. I've been playing for 2 years without sleeves without issue, seems like overfussy CCG nonsense to me. My cards haven't even begun to show wear. I was wondering if the sleeving thing was lazy copy-pasta as I believe it applies in Netrunner for Alt-Arts, it would quite severely reduce my perceived value of card rewards from the tournament packs.
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/3/16/prizes-worth-fighting-for/ This article mentions that "The alternate art cards in this kit are produced via FFG's In-House Manufacturing and may appear slightly different in color and texture from the game's other cards. To be tournament legal, these cards must be sleeved with opaque or art sleeves.". How long has this been a thing in X-Wing?
  13. In my game with Chris it my turn 2 that went wrong(bumped Poe) as well, we must have been having a strange day. Congratulations on making top 4, I came 5th so of course am deeply jealous. Now you just have to make the cut and do a writeup for the Store Championship at the end of March. The winning list was Bandit,Stressbot,Doni(TLT),& Biggs(Integrated Astromech,R4-D6). I only remember because I was having a chat with him between rounds, and was fascinated by the list as I hadn't seen R4-D6 used before.
  14. Just say no to adding the upgrade cards mate, that's way too much visual clutter to put up on the screen at any one point. Keep it simple wherever possible, just track damage and talk us through anything else happening in the game. Sorting out some way to show Dice rolls in realtime like FFG do at worlds is the main improvement, I've watched some of the games where you and the other commentators have been struggling to work out what's happening as you don't know the results yourself which is doubly awkward when people are taking their sweet time to decide what they are doing with modifiers.
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