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  1. I dont think any ship needs a price hike. Im more interested in what gets a price reduction. Keeping the current crop of "good" ships and adding new options is much more interesting that the whack-a-mole style of "balancing" where you just smack whatever is on top and see what pops up in its place. Reducing the cost of other ships could have the natural effect of making whatevers good now less good in the future without having to mess around points. Upgrades on the hand.... quite a few deserve a bumb. Han gunner, sloan, .ect.
  2. Its not even that great TBH and only really "good" if your opponent straight up flys badly. Certainly nowhere near tournament good. Its not like hes gonna 1 shot any of the I5/6 Torp carriers who are much cheaper and efficient list wise. Not to mention If youre competent enough at all to make him have to rotate arcs the combo doesnt even work at all since he has no way to get another action. Even at 10 points cheaper this list is mediocre. At 204points you get the bare minimum upgrades required to pull the combo off plus a naked AP5 to coordinate. 6 points left to put something else on Dash or toss something on your 2 naked support ships.....Meh. I really wonder what lists they playtested 2.0 Dash with were they decided "Yeah this is totally competitive and worthy of 100 pts baseline" Like what wingment were they using?
  3. Whisper is fine. Jesus things are allowed to be good sometimes. The whole point of points adjustments are to eliminate the missileboats, super dengars, and supers ghosts of the world, not have a revolving door that cycles out anything and everything that's good.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wth0BXGZRvc 12:25: After combat ends he "checks for range" for some reason to see if his K-turn next round will fit. He even uses the range 2 ruler which is exactly the distance of a 4 K-turn. 15:30: Some shady "fixing" of his ship that got bumped. 18:40: Checks "range" again on a ship that plainly has nobody in arc just to see if his K-turn will send him off the board.
  5. Would you like yet another video to watch where he blatantly cheats?
  6. Shazbot


    most imperial players huff paint and wear padded helmets
  7. Shazbot


    Of course it is. This is the internet I didnt think literally everything said needed to be prefaced by "in my opinion"
  8. Shazbot


    Phantoms are good because theyre like one of the few ships that can take advantage of the cheap upgrades and powerful crew. That said they are nowhere near as interesting or fun as they were in 1.0
  9. Because it's not the first time hes pulled this type of thing on their stream. Go on their YouTube channel and search sam vs darwin and watch him k-turn off a rock, then next round twist his template 20 degrees so that he doesn't re land on that same rock after another k-turn. Or maybe he was just tired and drunk (after 3 rounds and more non existant alcohol)
  10. lol@ this latest dumpster fire of an episode. Especially at the guy who plays worse than michael j fox off his meds and the other white noise host for calling out the winner on his plays.
  11. What were you drunk on because noone saw you drink anything the entire day.
  12. Armada gets like 12 people a week at the store around here. For legion its lucky to get 2-3
  13. The bomber is in no way guaranteed to survive that encounter with any combo of Trajectory bomb/1-2 TLTS/or 1-2 Harpoons coming his way(He absolutely doesn't need to save harpoons for whisper when the list has bomblett + 2 TLTs vs a non autothrustering Phantom.
  14. Who cares? Is this something the rest of the world actually cares about? Does it keep you up at night? Noone else but like...Japan even plays baseball.
  15. What is it with Europe whining about football and baseball and not understanding that its about US cities competing amongst each other and not the rest of the world. Enjoy your soccer we're fine over here without it.
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