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    ecliptor reacted to MacrossVF1 in [Commission Paintjob] Kath Scarlet's Firespray   
    This is actually the second commission to re-paint Kath Scarlet's ship I've recieved and I doubt it will be the last. In any case, enjoy!



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    ecliptor reacted to Bakura83 in Announcement on 9/26?   
    I can't even get Wave 1 stuff at the moment due to stock shortages, so I really want them to put all their energies in restocking before they announce even more stuff we won't see for months.
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    ecliptor reacted to CatPeeler in Destroyed my defender   
    Sounds like someone just scored a new Debris Field...
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    ecliptor reacted to Jetfire in Destroyed my defender   
    Busted the whole model... just buy a new one guy.
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    ecliptor reacted to VanorDM in Out of print?   
    Before you start screaming you might want to check your facts...
    Trying various forms of "out of print" I found this thread and nothing else. So even if the OP did use the search bar, he would of found nothing based on the wording of his post.
    Screaming at someone to search, without using search first yourself to see if anything would turn up is not exactly helpful.
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    ecliptor reacted to Mikael Hasselstein in Fourth faction: confirmed   
    I think it's granted that most of this game is about that combat, and that much of the X-Wing community is aimed at tournaments as being the highest level of play. I also don't think that FFG is going to spend its resources developing material outside of the competitive-and-balanced format.
    That said, there's no need to be snide about the desire of many people (myself included) to have this game be about a lot more than that.
    I do think there's room for overlap between roleplaying and tabletop battles. I've already spent countless hours devising an online engine that facilitates just that. Unfortunately, it seems to be the casualty of time constraints, and I haven't worked on it for a month at least.
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    ecliptor reacted to Mikael Hasselstein in Fourth faction: confirmed   
    If there were more roleplaying aspects to this game, it would be totally awesome to have civilian ships. However, it seems to be pretty much just a game of competition.
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    ecliptor reacted to EvilEd209 in NOVA Squadron Radio – Episode 7 “Wave 1 Review: Part 1 and Clint from the Medal Bikini”   
    NOVA Squadron Radio – Episode 7 “Wave 1 Review: Part 1 and Clint from the Metal Bikini”
    Welcome to NOVA Squadron Radio! This week we are rejoined once again be Sean and we start our review of every ship and card in the game, from the beginning in Wave 1!  We kick off the show by discussing what we have been flying lately, then moved on to some news and a topic right off the FFG forums; ‘Token Placement’.  We then did the Rebel side of our Wave 1 Review, and close out the show with an interview with Clint from the Metal Bikini blog. 
    NOVA Squadron Radio is:
    Ed Horne – Host
    Kris Soehnlin – Co-Host and NOVA Squadron founding member
    Ronald Brannan – Co-Host and NOVA Squadron founding member
    Chad Brown – Co-Host/Editor
    Sean Dorcy – Guest Host

    Here are the show notes from Episode 7:

    [0:00 – 1:09] Show Opening

    [1:09 – 29:42] The Flightdeck – We discuss the lists we have been playing, league games, and local events

    [29:42– 44:22]  The News:
       -Wing Store Championship Signups: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=5046

       -Team Covent Open 2014: Round One Pairing are up:

    [44:22 – 1:52:10] Main Topic: Wave One Reviews: Part 1- Rebels!
       -The X-Wing and all its upgrades
       -The Y-Wing and all its upgrades

    [1:52:10 – 2:25:50] Tactical Readouts: Clint from the Metal Bikini

    [2:25:50 – 2:27:07] Show Closing

    Musical Credits go out to the band ‘Insane Ride’ and their songs ‘Sound of Rock and Roll’ and ‘Wrong or Right’ found on the Free Music Archive at http://freemusicarchive.org/ 

    Thanks for listening, and talk to you again in two weeks!

    Here is the link: http://novasquadronradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/NOVA_Squadron_Radio_Episode_07_final.mp3

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    ecliptor reacted to Gadge in Frustrated friend may quit! Help.   
    to be honest it sounds like your friend isnt really into it deep down.
    You have to sort of be behind a game in your heart to play it or want to play it with conviction.
    I'd put an add up to find local players or go to a gaming club rather than make your friend play a game hes not that into.
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    ecliptor reacted to FTS Gecko in Survey about Phantom Impact   
    An undeniable fact?  People are taking the Falcon in numbers, yes - that much is true at least.
    But has been pointed out time and time and time again, this is NOT due to any imbalance on the part of the Falcon or ANY of it's upgrades.
    It was a knee-jerk reaction to the expected proliferation of arc-dodging options available to Imperial forces following the release of Wave 4.
    Specifically the TIE Phantom, but also the Defender (which will be a mean old beast and a staple of many a list once the community as a whole catches on to it) and to a lesser extent, the TIE Interceptor.
    C3PO was around during the Imdaar Alpha campaign weekends.  Did we see a proliferation of Falcons at those events?  No.  We saw a huge mix of lists and builds.  The number of Falcon lists increased following the release of Wave 4.
    You want to point the finger of blame?  Take a good look at the Advanced Cloaking Device.  That's the upgrade card which changed the meta.
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    ecliptor reacted to FTS Gecko in Survey about Phantom Impact   
    Again, so much hurt over ONE evade per turn.  The solution is as simple as always, no ban, nerf or restrictions required.
    Er, no - the prevalence of YT 's is a symptom of the problem Phantoms posed - nothing more, nothing less.
    Nerf/remove/ban turrets?  Fine - nerf/remove/ban the boost card and cloaking as well.  Job done.
    Or everyone could just, y'know, quit crying and attempting to pick fault and instead play this fun and balanced game with all the quirks, builds and options the designers intended.
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    ecliptor reacted to mrknify in REPAINTS, CONVERSIONS & SCRATCH BUILD THREAD   
    Fixed lightning..

    I have another falcon in the works, the armored version.
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    ecliptor reacted to HoundsTooth in REPAINTS, CONVERSIONS & SCRATCH BUILD THREAD   
    Not a great deal to show as I like to keep the painting to a minimum. I tend to concentrate on adding little details like the engine lights on my TIE's along with a few 'blood stripes'/alternative markings.


    Though I did go 'all out' on the Phantom. I never intended to as there are far too many superior versions already out there. But when I got mine home and took it out of the blister it had a massive black wash mark on the front, just underneath the cock-pit. Not a great paint job but I'm happy enough to fly it! 

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    ecliptor reacted to BAGGY in Yet another YT-1300 Conversion   
    The plan is to have a armoured hull cockpit like below

    I would like smooth panels like below

    and a non metallic metal repaint like below

    My skill probably will be way short to pull off what I have in my mind so it will be interesting to see what I end up with.
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    ecliptor reacted to DreadStar in new player: what starfighters should I get next?   
    A-wing and B-wing will take a bit longer since rebel aces haven't been released yet.
    You will have 2 xwing, and 4 ties. I recommend you an Xwing expansion and a Falcon.
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    ecliptor reacted to thehoffman2787 in new player: what starfighters should I get next?   
    A Falcon could be the starting point to a team. Then you can use your remaining ships to fill out the rest. If you don't want to do that a three xwing build works great.
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    ecliptor reacted to StuManChu in new player: what starfighters should I get next?   
    All great suggestions above. I would add a Tie Fighter expansion for the extra ship and cards.
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