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    ecliptor reacted to Hobojebus in The Rebels Ghost Theorycrafting   
    The star wars movies are kids movies, no blood no harsh language etc just because they are for kids does not mean adults can't enjoy them but they were never intended to be adult films like terminator or aliens.
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    ecliptor reacted to Rogue Dakotan in The Rebels Ghost Theorycrafting   
    The clone wars was not kiddie. 
    That said. Rebels is great. All I need from X-Wing is a Chopper card because Chopper is the best. 
    I think the Ghost would probably end up running more expensive than the falcon, and i'll be very interested to see if it ends up being a huge or large ship. 
    Also a quintuple decapitation.  
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    ecliptor reacted to Breaking The Law in Favorite finishers?   
    Scorpion from Mortal Kombat had the best finisher, not even up for debate.
    I don't think this is a question you can directly answer. You have 3 distinct game stages, early, mid, and late. Any list needs to know where it is strongest, where it is weakest, and the same for what it is up against. You then have to maximize this timing, to know when to really put on the hurt.

    Early game is the jousting phase, and you can almost always guarantee shots/actions during this phase.
    Mid game is the big dogpile that takes up most of the game, and is when most games are decided.
    Late game is when one player is trying to mop another up, or both squads are limping around and praying for hot dice.

    Early game is an entirely blank slate, starting with deployment. Both squads are fresh and unhurt, and it really is anyone's game at this point.
    Mid game is critical, and barring an extremely bad early game for one player, the game should be decided here.
    Late game's nature is decided by the two preceding phases of a game. So you have less control over it than say, early game, or mid. More dice have been rolled and what not.

    Cool story time;

    My latest tournament list is Jan, Wedge, and Wes. Wedge in this case is generally my best late game finisher. He can really beat the hell out of another ship 1v1, and if I go into the late game with say, Wedge v 4 tie fighters, I lost anyways. This list is entirely front loaded, and is designed to make you absolutely miserable from the time the first shot is fired. The longer the game goes, the weaker it gets. But if I can doing serious damage in the early game, it is probably gg.

    Wave 3 I used to run 3 blue squadron pilots with fire control systems and an outer rim smuggler. This list was ok on the joust, but really powerful in a mid game brawl. So I had to minimize the damage going into the mid game, and then start hurting my opponent in the dog fight, or else I would probably lose. If you ever played against a 3 tie interceptor aces list it functioned in the same way. Turtling up, until it could get in close and knife fight you to death in about 3 turns.

    I think this is what makes Han/Chewie, and soon to be Dash, so strong. They don't put out good firepower for their points, not even close. I can get 2 daggers with advanced sensors, or almost 5 z-95s for the price of a Fat Han. If we just roll dice all day, those kill far more. It's that these ships can dodge your arc all day while doing a little bit of damage. And after 20 turns of chasing Dash through the asteroid fields, you're left with 2 half dead academy pilots and he still has some shields left. It's also what makes the games so frustrating, as you rarely lose in the first few turns, but die a slow and hopeless death.


    Dash is the best late game ship, followed closely by Han/Chewie. But they aren't very good late game ships if they are dead turn 4.

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    ecliptor reacted to Khyros in Ruthlessness and you MUST   
    I hate it when people say this.  90%+ of the lists you face will not have ruthlessness in it, and therefore, you may continue to fly in formation.  Formation flying takes skill and knowledge just like the rest of the game.  FFG is not trying to punish it, but rather trying to require the player to know how to fly in formation, but also how to ADAPT and fly out of formation when you encounter a list with Ruthlessness.
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    ecliptor got a reaction from TheycamefromBEHIND in Serious X-wing vs Attack Wing question: Trolls need not post.   
    is this simple enough that my wife who isnt a gamer could enjoy? its like pulling teeth to get her to play x-wing
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    ecliptor reacted to gambit1977 in Serious X-wing vs Attack Wing question: Trolls need not post.   
    I.have just the oppisit problemy wife osnt a gamer she enjoys playing but i have to build both squads
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    ecliptor reacted to EvilEd209 in Serious X-wing vs Attack Wing question: Trolls need not post.   
    I played AW and liked it well enough, but that is because I am a huge fan of Star Trek and the Flight Path system.
    Now that being said... here are the few things I DO Like about AW.

    1) Its Star Trek and Trek is cool.  All of the ships are there, from all of the races that you know and the characters that you love
    2) The fleets tend to be smaller and hence, fairly affordable to get into. Low cost buy in is a huge plus!
    3) It uses the Flight Path and FFG system, so the rules are REALLY easy to pick up.  Some changes, but most will seem familiar to you
    4) New Products all of the time - I think they are on Wave 14...its crazy
    5) Good Organized Play community

    Now that I said that, here are the reasons I DO NOT play Attack Wing:

    1) The FP System was really designed for Dog Fights and not Capital Ship on Capital Ship combat so I personally feel it doesn't translate very well on that scale.  The Enterprise-D pulling a K-Turn? Really?
    2) Their Size Scaling is WAAAAYYYY off. The ships all feel to be about the same size and that is wrong
    3) The cross faction intermingling, I do not get.  How in the heck can Captain Picard be on a Romulan ship with a Klingon crew?  Makes no sense to me!  Note:  Most tournaments no longer allow this, but 'Rules as Written' states that I can. 
    4) The cross time period shift stuff really takes me out of it.  I can not see how the old Enterprise could have LaForge as its Engineer and Worf as crew.  They should have followed FFG's lead and picked a single era and stuck with it, using original series stuff mixed with Next Gen and DS9 and Voyager makes no sense.  Plus, the 'Enterprise' Series stuff is soon to follow.  WHAT????
    5) Their Organized Play system is good, but introduces poorly tested ships to the game that break the game.  Far too many ships have been added though their OP game nights that are considered to be broken by most of the community.
    6) Their Organized Play system encourages a "Pay to Win" system I do not care for.  If you do not go to this event and win, you do not get the good ship and do not do well in the tournament scene.
    7) And finally, their models suck.  The paintjob is horrible.  Visually, that takes me out of the game right away.  Their ships are the reason pre-painted games had a bad reputation. 

    Ok, those are my two cents worth!
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    ecliptor reacted to klecser in WHY?   
    Vassal is a terribly designed and extremely buggy 2D online game simulator.  Gamers who are really into it are incapable of seeing its numerous flaws and pretend like they haven't spent hours trying to figure out how to load a specific game module.  It is slow and disconnects frequently.  You practically need a degree in computer science to make any traction with troubleshooting.  You may actually spend more time trying to set it up than playing actual games.
    If you decide to try it, you should be prepared for a large amount of frustration, followed by victim-blaming and little actual help from those that are afficionados.  
    "Oh, you just do this complex series of 40 steps to get it to work!"
    *an hour later*
    "It didn't work?  I don't know what to tell you!"
    That's my experience with other games and Vassal anyway.  I would hope that the players of this game offer better support, but based upon what I've seen on these forums, I doubt it.
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    ecliptor reacted to KnightHammer in Customer Service - Thank you FFG   
    I would like to make a big thank you to FFG.
    Recently I had a bag stolen at a tournament venue which had a box full of small card base pilot thingys (cant remember what they are called lol, toppers is it?), I contacted FFG explaining what had happened and a box came to the door this morning with replacements which I am so grateful for, just looking through them now.
    The customer service of this company is probably the best ive come across
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    ecliptor reacted to Flyingbrick in 40k refugees and newbies...   
    ecliptor i am in the same boat in my area but i am slowly but surely converting 40k and fantasy players over to X-wing  hang in there and be persistent you will soon see things change.
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    ecliptor reacted to VanorDM in 40k refugees and newbies...   
    Seen a number of people who have just started posting here, who have just got the game and are starting to get into it and joining the community.
    Many of them seem to be departing from 40k or just adding X-Wing to their list of games. Some are just new to the game period. I thought I'd start a thread to welcome them all, and a place they could post any and all questions they might have about the game.
    So first off welcome from a fellow former member of the Adeptus Astartes.
    First bit of advice, if if you have any rules questions we are pretty easy going for common questions on the rules forms.
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    ecliptor reacted to Blail Blerg in Oneway is a really nice guy =)   
    Just wanted to report that he sent me some nice painting supply things with lots of nice instructions, all at his own expense of time and shipping.  
    Thank you. =)
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    ecliptor got a reaction from Vargas79 in Greetings¡¡¡¡¡   
    I am new to this game and community but overall it seems very cynical and sarcastic...
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    ecliptor got a reaction from Puddy Tat in Greetings¡¡¡¡¡   
    I am new to this game and community but overall it seems very cynical and sarcastic...
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    ecliptor got a reaction from klecser in Greetings¡¡¡¡¡   
    I am new to this game and community but overall it seems very cynical and sarcastic...
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    ecliptor got a reaction from charlarino in Greetings¡¡¡¡¡   
    I am new to this game and community but overall it seems very cynical and sarcastic...
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    ecliptor reacted to Keffisch in Greetings¡¡¡¡¡   
    One could also ask, why do people from the US normally greet me by saying "How are you doing?" when they are not interested in hearing HOW I am doing?
    Just saying, could be a culture thing.
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    ecliptor reacted to Hobojebus in Making acrylic maneuver templates   
    Child slave labour I see much profit in your future sir!
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    ecliptor reacted to PS10 in X-Wing Coach in Tournaments   
    In the actual boxing pro level match the coach no influence on the game only in between rounds.
    For x-wing in between round 1 and round 2 I think its totally fine to talk to a coach, but in the match itself...no, a big NO.
    Compare it to a chess match instead of boxing (which is a way better comparison IMO).
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    ecliptor reacted to DR4CO in X-Wing Coach in Tournaments   
    Absolutely freaking not. This is not a boxing match, it's a miniatures game, and asking for assistance from outside the game (except for rulings from a TO) is cheating.
    Do you see Poker players bring coaches to their tournaments? Or, if you want a closer example, Magic players? No, you do not.
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    ecliptor reacted to zathras23 in Totally-ON TOPIC: That new "Rebels" TV series is looking so AWESOME it stokes me to think we'll be getting ships from it   
    Yeah, judge it before you have had a chance to watch a single episode. That's the ticket. Me, I prefer to wait and see the finished product before saying yea or nay.
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    ecliptor reacted to zathras23 in Totally-ON TOPIC: That new "Rebels" TV series is looking so AWESOME it stokes me to think we'll be getting ships from it   
    Interesting logic you have there. You hope it fails ("A great run into the side of a brick wall I hope") contradicted by your very next sentence where you're happy that it will continue with people enjoying the show. Color me confused.
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    ecliptor reacted to KCDodger in OT: An observation to make you feel old   
    Obvious similarity is obvious. I can't wait for Luke to serve an Obi-Wan role.

    I mean, just how thematically beautiful will that be, folks? It's been that long- we may very well get to see the obi-wan/luke scene again... But, this time... With Luke himself as Obi-Wan.

    Something about that just... Makes me gitty. That passing of the torch. That, "Your time is now, I've had mine."

    Can you just imagine?

    "You fought in the Civil War?"
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    ecliptor reacted to Explosive Ewok in OT: An observation to make you feel old   
    Since Mark Hamill had his birthday the other day, he is now 63.
    This is the same age as Alec Guinness in 1977 when Star Wars debuted in theaters.

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    ecliptor reacted to Parravon in Custom pilot card   
    Strange Eons is the one I use and it's really good. Doesn't yet have the upgrades for Scum and Villainy Illicit and Salvaged Astromechs, but I'm sure they're not far away. If you are planning on printing some proxies, these will print nice and clear.
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