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    ecliptor reacted to PhantomFO in The Emperor Crew   
    I actually hope he's going to be Epic only, like Dodanna or Raymus. Palpatine shouldn't have a place in 100-point conflicts.
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    ecliptor reacted to Jfitz1431 in Useable rebel cards only in imp packs?   
    Actually it's not available in the Phantom pack at all. It's only available in the TIE Defender and E-wing Expansion Packs. Which gives you a little more flexibility when purchasing!
    But yeah PTL and Outmaneuver on a Green Squadron Pilot with the A-wing Test Pilot title is really fun! Unless you're flying against a Decimator.... 
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    ecliptor reacted to Corellian Corvette in Useable rebel cards only in imp packs?   
    I don't think there is any, but predator is useful and it only comes with tie defender
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    ecliptor got a reaction from TheycamefromBEHIND in Storage   
    I havnt had to carry my models anywhere yet but when I do I have a sabol platoon case that I had for 40k. I don't play 40k anymore since I found this game.. 20 years of 40k gone. I just need to figure out what new foam trays I would use and if my tantive would fit or not.
    My friend has a couple of the Plano cases and if you kept the blister pack that your ships came in its really nice and cheap.
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    ecliptor reacted to Stelar 7 in Cry, Cry and Cry a little more!!   
    Came to a thread about crying in the forums.
    Read a post crying about crying in the forums.
    Wondered if the inherent hypocrisy of the post or the brutal lack of empathy will cause OP's head to explode first.
    / gets popcorn.
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    ecliptor reacted to PhantomFO in Power Creep   
    Counterpoint: That underpowered 2-attack ship has been on the final table of every world championship since FFG started doing them.
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    ecliptor reacted to Krynn007 in Having hard time keeping decimator/Yt2400 from falling off pegs?   
    I can't take credit for this as a friend of mine told me about this.
    Use the huge ship base and peg if you have one
    This solves two problems.
    1) The huge ship peg seems to fit more snug in the large ship
    2) When flying the decimator if it's ramming ships you will no longer need to take it off its peg to prevent the nose of the ship from bumping other
    3) Added bonus. It looks nice among the smaller ships at the higher elevation
    Sorry if this has been discussed
    Just read a post where the falling off peg complaint
    Hope this helps
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    ecliptor reacted to FTS Gecko in YT-1300 scum an villainy ?   
    Yes, absolutely.  I can easily see the YT-1300 becoming available to Scum & Villany in the future.  In fact, I'd love to see it - especially if we were to get the complete Azzameen family in S&V, with Ace, Aeron, Anton etc and the Selu and Sabra.
    I'd expect them to use the Outer Rim Smuggler stats, though, not the Falcon named pilot stats.
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    ecliptor reacted to VanorDM in YT-1300 scum an villainy ?   
    Sure, but that doesn't mean there weren't a ton of YT's used by pirates and other S&V types.
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    ecliptor reacted to Spaceman91 in We're Not X-Wing Miniatures Designers   
    Is it as big a waste of time as moaning about other people enjoying themselves? I would also say no one makes you look at them.
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    ecliptor reacted to quasistellar in We're Not X-Wing Miniatures Designers   
    oh look, it's our good friend Buzz Killington!
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    ecliptor reacted to Ebak in Will FFG put out a new Falcon?   
    patox, the E-Wing suggests otherwise.
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    ecliptor reacted to Spider in Will FFG put out a new Falcon?   
    I've heard one is planned for as soon as possible to tie in with the movies.Due in several years, the wave 5 boat needs to refuel and head back to China via the slowest route possible. Then it needs to filled with falcon mk2's one at a time. By craftsmen.
    It's an ancient custom. Or something.
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    ecliptor reacted to Trajan1 in Card packs   
    Why do you think it would be $49.95? I wouldn't have a problem paying $20 though. That seems to be a pretty standard price for the larger based ships. You are also being a bit assuming on what I would be upset about. If I don't like the price I just will not buy it. Pretty simple concept really.
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    ecliptor reacted to UnfairBanana in [OT] Lightsaber Nunchucks   
    I think not. I'm all for exotic lightsabers, but this one is a no-go in my books. Ever used nunchuks before? Sure, they're cool and flashy, but a lot of their moves involve hitting yourself with them before you can swing them the other way. Too much of a risk of self-mutilation there. Also, as soon as someone blocks your attack, that side goes limp and falls towards you unless you swing it back the opposite direction.
    And good luck trying to block a lightsaber with those.
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    ecliptor reacted to KCDodger in REAL FORCE AWEAKENS TRAILER... YEAH!   



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    ecliptor reacted to alemondemon in How to handle: A player who concedes very early   
    I had a guy concede because I did 3 damage to one of his headhunters (it had 1 hull left) during the second shooting phase of the game. He called me some vulgar name and stormed out of the store. Everyone looked very confused, and the only thing I have done in reaction to his behavior is outright refuse to play him - which seems to upset him even more, but I simply don't want to spend my time playing with someone who gets so upset that they can't control their emotions.
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    ecliptor got a reaction from Conundrum Eternal in Auto bumping your own ships. Good or Bad for the game?   
    What about if a ship bumps another ship you need to roll a damage dice like for asteroids?
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    ecliptor reacted to AdmiralThrawn in 2014 Worlds Results   
    Nice game guys and congrats on the win Paul!
    I guess this means were getting a Still On Target card next wave
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    ecliptor reacted to Sonikgav in 2014 Worlds Results   
    Top 16 tactic...
    Theres always THAT Guy.

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    ecliptor got a reaction from ghaerdon2 in Money going to IA   
    I wanna play imperial assault bad... But I'm the only one in my area it seems
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    ecliptor reacted to force kin in Porkins Explored (with rough math)   
    I have no idea what all these numbers mean.
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    ecliptor reacted to Hrathen in I never though i'd say this but....   
    I have very little problem with the world of the Epidoes I-III. Most of the vehicles, droids and troopers are really cool. Eppisode I-III were missing story, plot, character development. There are a few things from these episodes that I really hate.
    1- missiles that release droids that take your ship appart rather than just kill you.
    2- everything from naboo.
    3- most everything they did with the jedi.
    There were a few things that were really really cool
    1- Almost everything they did with the clones (designe elements not story)
    2- LAAT is my #1 Star Wars vehicle. Love that ship.
    3- The three legged walker (don't remember what it was called)
    4- Dager shapped republic/clone cruisers.
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    ecliptor reacted to Jbird793 in How far is too far   
    I've been playing xwing casual for several months now and I have to say my "addiction" is real. I catch myself wondering for hours about squads I wanna fly, pilots and upgrades that will go good together and ships I wanna build amongst other things. Now I'm thinking If the time I invest into thought is a little crazy or if everyone catches them self daydreaming about this game
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    ecliptor reacted to oneway in What about a pilot cards only expansion?   
    No, you misunderstand.. I wouldn't mind it... but they make more money selling ships... not cards.. and like I said they have said they won't do it..
    With recent developments that may change.. but I'm not holding my breath..
    Also... why the EU hate.. it adds more ships and diversity to the game. To shut it out deprives you of new ships and upgrades..
    But to each their own..
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