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    I havnt had to carry my models anywhere yet but when I do I have a sabol platoon case that I had for 40k. I don't play 40k anymore since I found this game.. 20 years of 40k gone. I just need to figure out what new foam trays I would use and if my tantive would fit or not. My friend has a couple of the Plano cases and if you kept the blister pack that your ships came in its really nice and cheap.
  2. Thx man! I was a late commer to the hobby (B-Wing expansion) and now I got the pieces I was missing. 2 extra firespray, 2 a-wings and a y-wing!
  3. i have been having lots of success with super dash and wild space fringer with hlc and gunner
  4. Willing to trade starter set tie fighters x 8 with imperial cards Want a-wing expansion with cards and/or y-wing expansion with cards. I live in Sault Ste Marie Ontario canada, but have an American mailbox if need be.
  5. What about if a ship bumps another ship you need to roll a damage dice like for asteroids?
  6. Just a quick question, in the middle of a game right now and this came up, we are both pretty new
  7. I wanna play imperial assault bad... But I'm the only one in my area it seems
  8. i like the hwk with moldy crow, kyle and recon...i know it's not meta but i think it's fun, i am also digging the b-wings. i just ordered some new ships so i will have in total when they get here 4 x-wings (2 from transport) 2 b-wings (1 from aces) 1 a-wing (from aces) 4 z-95 headhunters 1 e-wing 1 hwk 1 yt 1300 1 rebel transport 1 firespray 2 yt-2400 (pre-ordered) i'm not expecting the yt-2400's to be available but the rebel transport should arrive in the next couple of days, is there good cards in that? i don't think i can ask to borrow cards as i won't know anyone there really. i have to travel 5 hours one way to play with a bunch of strangers and i don't think i would want to count on using equipment that they have
  9. is this simple enough that my wife who isnt a gamer could enjoy? its like pulling teeth to get her to play x-wing
  10. Yeah, I would like everything but since I started so late it's hard to find certain ships unfortunately That my for the tips dude
  11. Hey folks, new player here, have played around 5 games and I love it. I am leaving my one horse town for a weekend to go to a tournament and I really have no idea what to use, I have only played against one friend who whoops me everytime. This is what I have. 1 hwk 1 e-wing 1 z-95 2 core sets 1 b-wing 1 rebel aces 1 yt -1300 Thank you
  12. ecliptor


    I was thinking a computer/mobile game for X-wing based exactly on the tabletop game. Have micro transactions for each expansion or like the op said use proof of purchase code from the actual expansions to unlock them in game. I want to play often but I only know one person who will play, we can't get together more then once a week and vassal turns my bowels to liquid
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