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  1. Nothing new here. I bought the original trilogy core set from tesco about 2 years ago online and collected it instore, so I can't see that it will bring more people to the game than it already has.
  2. Had been playing various Games Workshop games for about 20 years. it was way too time consuming (modelling, painting, building terrain and playing). I couldn't afford to keep up with it all so started playing board games. Seen that FFG was releasing x-wing and the rest is history. I've totally abandoned GW now and keep up with x-wing and Zombicide along with other various stand alone board games. Consequently I get more games in and have a much healthier bank balance.
  3. VNV

    Any dates???

    Can't wait to get my hands on this. I see its on the boat and it's due for Q4 release, but has anyone got an actual release date yet?
  4. Wow didn't expect this at all. Can't wait to get hold of these.
  5. No one is forcing me to buy any FFG products. I buy them because I want them. Doing most things competitively costs and £30.00 to stay competitive is a small price to pay. It's a bargain for what you get in the box.
  6. VNV

    Do I need two K-Wings?

    I would only pick up two if I wasn't prepared to wait for the ghost.
  7. Wonder when they will release another article on it. Maybe to do with how the ties deploy.
  8. VNV

    OT vs TFA

    I think I will be keeping all eras separate. With every wave that has/is coming out it gives the casual player more options to keep it all separate. Now all we need is prequel ships and I'm one happy gamer
  9. I've been thinking about doing something similar but maybes a little less ambitious. Would love to see the falcon escaping Tatooine not that I will be doing it lol. Hope to see some pics
  10. Anyone else downloaded this game? What do you think of it? When can I get a lightsaber?
  11. Well my pre order off amazon UK is estimated to arrive tomorrow because regardless of the reviews I gotta have them all. My OCD strikes again.
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