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  1. Huge ship has ordinance team, a missile and a torp equipped. Performs a reload action. So I choose 1 upgrade (say the missile) and recover 1 charge. Ordinance team says I can spend up to 3 energy to “reload that many additional charges on your equipped missile/torp upgrades”. That sounds to me like I can use those additional charges on The torp as well. Thoughts?
  2. Actually improvised orders refreshes itself at the end of the round. But u r correct about HQ uplink. Need to perform a recover action.
  3. The closest parallel i an think of is r3 astromech. 1 action, 2 target locks. If the target lock action was red u would still get 2 locks and the second lock isn’t an action.
  4. So normally I would agree except the Hux coordinate is 1 action, not 2. The way ur describing it (taking a stress after choosing the first ship) implies the action is complete, that means u could NEVER choose another ship regardless of action chosen as hux is now stressed. Hux doesn’t allow u to coordinate multiple times. He allows u to coordinate once with multiple targets. Still one action.
  5. But couldn’t u resolve 3 first. Declare coordinate as action hux to a coordinate. Select 1st ship ship 3 (for consistency) to coordinate a focus to ship 2, ships 3 has completed its chain and now takes a stress, select 2nd coordinate target as per hux ship 2 (who shouldn’t be stressed yet as it performed a white focus action) coordinate hux a white focus and ship 2 takes a stress. Hux coordinate action is now complete, takes a stress. Activate the other 2 ships, perform green. Ship 3 focuses and ship 2 jams. All three now have a focus, hux has stress, the other two don’t.
  6. I agree if u fail u def get stressed but the rules reference doesn’t use “successful” as a trigger. The trigger for stress on red actions is “fail” or “after performing”. I don’t see any reason u would take the stress upon declaring a ship as a target as that is only the first step out of three under the coordinate action. Not sure if that’s what u were saying or if u were just warning about the stress if the action fails, but it is a good reminder.
  7. That’s what I was thinking... basically u aren’t COMPLETEING actions until EVERY subsequent coordinate has completed since the third step of coordinate is to perform an action.
  8. Ahhhh I forgot about that! Thanks. Still curious about coordinating a coordinate as I could just use coordinate as my declared action for hux and have the third ship coordinate an action to either of the other 2. End result would be 3 stressed ships and two actions before 2 of the ships activate. (All depends on stress timing)
  9. I’m not I just didnt want to over complicate it by mentioning a third upsilon getting a coordinate target lock.
  10. Sorry if this has been discussed but I couldn’t find it. When does a ship take a stress when it performs a red coordinate? After the other ship completes its action or before. RAW looks like the 3rd step of coordinate is for the chosen ship to act. Example: upsilon with hux coordinates to another upsilon, second upsilon chooses to coordinate a focus action to the hux carrier. Since the second upsilon is still performing it’s action, hux shouldn’t be stressed yet (after performing a red action take a stress token) and can therefore take a focus. Then both ípsilons are stressed (as per hux). Just trying to see if my understanding of 2.0 red actions is correct.
  11. The ps1 tugboats... I was goofing around with 2 of them in a scum janky list and they were hands down the mvp. Then I flew against them... brutal little filler ships.
  12. HUH, ya say ya wanted to use double white action, no stress? Crazy. Can’t imagine why... ?
  13. I ran a similar list at a release tournament Boba and the Bots (70) IG-88C (4) Juke (3) Fire-Control System (2) IG-2000 Points 79 (80) Boba Fett (4) IG-88D (4) Juke (3) Marauder (4) Han Solo Points 95 (22) L3-37 (2) Tactical Officer Points 24 Total points: 198 I think I like IG88C a little more than A with the Juke Combo. Both ships usually had a nice little stack of greens to work with and rerolls and with the boost evade they can disengage at a moments notice.
  14. It kinda is a flood gate though. I mean, if you allow the original 5 then you’ve gotta let rebels use ketsu since she eventually joins Phoenix Squadron. Then you’ve got Saw. In universe he wouldn’t have any problem hiring outside help from a bounty hunter, (in fact, I bet he’d encourage disintegration s). If you look close most bounty hunters have worked with rebels and imperials over the years. The whole point of the factions is loyalty/motivation. That’s why saw isn’t in scum regardless of what he does. Rebels want to save the galaxy, imperials want to serve the emporer, scum just want to get paid. Also, point number 8 is the reason leagues exist. Every league I’ve ever played in has had rules that aren’t “official FFG”. Whoever is running it just proposes an idea, if everyone likes it we do it. When new players show up we tell them how we’re playing it and they usually just jump in.
  15. Bigocto

    Medium bases

    Oh I TOTALLY agree. I just feel it’s VERY clear it was designed for medium base. I’ve got it sitting next to the U-wing on my coffee table and, I mean, it’s laughable.
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