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  1. I did not see the prices. Where did you see that?
  2. I’d rather not have another ISD variant. If given a choice, Id like to see something different, like the support ship (Dreadnought) or something completely new like Onager.
  3. Yes. The FFG ISD is something like 1/6800. The 1/7000 CR-90s can fit in the hanger bay. A little snug, but they work.
  4. Since this thread, I've kitbashed a 1/7000 scale Allegiance style Star Destroyer and expanded my collection of 1/7000. Much thanks to Tsalt and Mel.
  5. How about the small ship style peg? I could see using these on X-wing stands for a modified version of Armada. Bigger ships like a Bellator would be very cool too.
  6. Hmmm... you will notice I said at the end “ These ships don’t even look all that Star Wars to me.” “To me” being the key part, but whatever.
  7. Bummer. I was really hoping for the Dreadnought and the original Assault frigate. These ships dont even look all that Star Wars like to me.
  8. He did say “minor spoilers” on the very first line of his post.
  9. I'm not on twitter either. But if I were voting I would suggest some kit bashing parts, like star destroyer bridge towers, superstructure parts, and engine bells? Or maybe a kit to change the Revel snap tight model into an Allegiance?
  10. I honestly forgot I ever asked the question, it's been so long.
  11. I like the extra bridge. Adds to the cobbled together look of the ship. Without it does look sleaker though. I think it depends on the role of the ship.
  12. I’m jealous of your Recusant. I really want one of those. What material did you get it in? I like how you painted in and the Munificent. I really want a nice Confederate fleet with all the Seperatist ships.
  13. Very cool. Id love to see pictures of your fleet. currently, Im working on a larger SSd using the big Zvezda model as the base. Its slow going because I want to make the stern look more like Executor. Im also waiting for that to come out so I can use the Executor's stand and cards for it. Their model is nice, but i have to stay with scale. Im slowly working my way up in skill and confidence to build a 1/7000 Executor.
  14. Thanks. Please check the earlier post for the breakdown of models. i was editing when you replied.
  15. https://imgur.com/a/WcRsbJ8 Or check now. I hope i did this right. 1st picture includes an FFG ISD for scale the rest are listed by source: Mel: Venator, Gladiator, Raiders, Arquitens, Gozanti and Vindicator. Tsalt (Utar): Lancer, Carrack Dreadnought and original Imp carrier 2nd picture is the same group with my custom Allegiance inspired using the Revell snap kit as the base. 3rd pic has an FFG MC-80 for scale. The rest are listed by source. Mel: Hammerheads, GR-75, Neb-B, blockade runners, Phoenix and Munificent Tsalt (Utar): bulk Cruiser, and various versions of assault frigates. All in resin. All custom assembly and paint work is done by me.
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