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  1. Interesting. The Swan sleeves are a much better fit, for what it's worth.
  2. Got mine today and they fit perfectly. Not as nice as FFG sleeves, but will do the trick. Interestingly, the cards are the exact same size as the character cards in Imperial Assault, so I used my extras to sleeve those (finally)! Hopefully, FFG sees the value in card sleeves of this size.
  3. https://www.swanpanasiasleeves.com/products/swan-card-sleeves-103x128mm-100-pack-thin-sleeves-talisman-character-cards
  4. That sounds right to me. I will also give these a try.
  5. I would also be interested in what people have tried. A quick measuring seems to put it around 4" x 5".
  6. For anyone that bought it early: what are the sleeve requirements on the box? They still haven't updated the product page to show that.
  7. It is definitely a weird font issue, the text (once pasted) is English.
  8. Yes, blame it on the user. I am having the same issue, appears to be in Greek. Windows 10, using Edge.
  9. If a ship has more than one of a particular type of defense token, and the attacker uses a single accuracy result against one of them, does it prevent the defender from using any of that type or just the one?
  10. Is the timing for this card before or after the halving of engineering points when using a token?
  11. click clack. Doesn't change the fact that it has them on the card(s) and related artwork/canon. I think it's great that they went to the effort to create a new ship just for this game, but not a fan of the almost prequel-like wings. The rest of it looks cool.
  12. It would look better without the wings.
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