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  1. So far, the only AP with cover art from an event is Assault on Osgiliath, which features the art from Gondorian Discipline. Gondorian Discipline isn't even in AoO, but came out in the previous pack, Encounter at Amon Din. So if the Galadriel art is from an event, it would be the first time an AP's cover art is from an event released in the pack. Flame of the West comes with the art from Sterner than Steel. There are no expansions with cover art from an attachment. (I haven't checked the spoilers for Wrath and Ruin, so that one could be an event or attachment)
  2. 1. A Knife in the Dark 2. Journey down the Anduin 3. The Ring Goes South 4. Journey in the Dark 5. Conflict at the Carrock 6. Helm's Deep 7. Intruders in Chetwood 8. Across the Ettenmoors 9. The Battle of Carn Dum 10. The Seventh Level
  3. BH: Sam Gamgee BI: Beregond BJ: Gandalf BK: Théoden (S)
  4. AZ: Sam Gamgee - probably the best hobbit released so far, and he finds his way into lots of my decks BA: Frodo Baggins - takes away all the stress of defending (also I love hobbits) BB: Aragorn (Lo) - I never really understood the love for Legolas, also his ally version is such a game changer for tactics BC: Beregond - one of the best defenders in the game, not much to say BD: Elrond - this was a tough one, but spirit Merry keeps me from playing his tactics version, so Elrond gets the edge BE: Gandalf - Boromir shall not pass! BF: Aragorn (T) - another tough one, but Aragorn has more decisions, and is the more fun hero to play BG: Theoden (S) - No way should an unreleased hero defeat Theoden, who singlehandedly breathed life into the Rohan trait- even if he does look like Santa
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