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  1. Nick Storm

    A different type of swarm

    Formation flying is over rated. All swarms I fly...I like them to be all or close to all same PS.
  2. Nick Storm

    Fury of Dracula - the better game?

    letters is much better in almost every category.
  3. Nick Storm

    The Xiphos: Fully lit and painted VT-49 Decimator

    get one of these on ebay...i bet you could sell one for @ 150.00
  4. Nick Storm

    Out of stock...everywhere

    I've watched Barnes and Noble stores pretty closely and I have a member discount there. They did indeed get at least 1 maybe 2 restocks and most likely the common stuff and the core sets ect. That was back in June- August. They have not gotten anything new in stock and I've heard rumblings that they are 'done' with Xwing....
  5. Nick Storm

    What do you do when you have too many ships?

    The real thing to consider is the growing number of people bailing on this game.
  6. Nick Storm

    150 points = more fun!!

    100 points is an hour... 150 is...possibly 1.5 hours or slightly more?
  7. Nick Storm

    150 points = more fun!!

    Games take too long with 150 points.
  8. Nick Storm

    Money going to IA

    Only xwing here. There's no way I can afford armada or any other game.
  9. Nick Storm

    Custom Base to determine Fire Arc

    You don't want it coming on accidentally, before it's proper time....that would be 'pre measuring' which is illegal. I'd recommend an actual on off switch of some kind.
  10. Nick Storm

    My Request to FFG

    It's a visual thing with me. I like to see as many of the cards in same categories in descending point costs together on the same page. Having them in a page binder helps me choose....faster....easier.
  11. It's not cheating, but it does suck. Tokens... F'ing use them correctly - placed on, touching or as close as possible to the ship's base. How hard is that?
  12. Nick Storm

    ship painting commisson thread

    There are so many talented artists out there. Let's show them some love and get them some hookups here to make a little $$ for the cause. I got a pair of Royal Guard Ties with the wing flanges and they are awesome. Everyone asks me who painted them, so I'm sure some repeat business could be had. What would I like to commission next? Hmmm...I'd throw down for a Kath and a green bounty hunter or two for starters.
  13. Nick Storm

    New Pics of the new Ep. VII X-Wing

    more interesting is the drone used to get those pics...
  14. Nick Storm


    Start putting more modded ships on eBay. There's some nice $$$ to be had.
  15. Nick Storm

    One App to rule them all...........

    Use a red 'X' or perhaps a skull and crossbones icon to denote a destroyed ship. Visually, it will pay off...