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    Luke vs. The Death Star

    I just realised the dianoga also died when the first death star blew up. D'aaawww...
  2. Robin Graves

    Luke vs. The Death Star

    At least with the 1st death star it's military personel. The second death star was still under construction, so Lando killed a bunch of innocent contractors.
  3. Oh ok, and Leia, Padme (without the make up), Jyn, Aunt Beru, when she was still called Beru Whitesun she was a looker! oh, and Darth Talon (Oh god yes!) Not into the mensfolk, but I would give the rancor keeper a hug, the poor guy could use one.
  4. Robin Graves

    Activision and Bungie split up

    Meanwhile Blizzard want's to know if we have phones and Bethesda is asking EA to hold its beer.
  5. Robin Graves

    Library access broken deck?

    So far my LGS has only done sealed and it's super casual anyway. But If I ever play in a proper tournament, and my oponent plays anything that's even reemotly OP or part of a combo, I'm asking if I can read their card and check if the deck's name on teh bottom is the same as the one on their Archaon card.
  6. Robin Graves

    The deck that will make you quit keyforge

    Any decks with Restinguntus, conrol the weak, dominator bauble and witch of the eye? That deck wouldn't make me quit, but it would make me stop...
  7. Robin Graves

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    Chicago? oooh, shots fired! Prepare for 3 pages about wich style is "real" pizza. Here, let me throw some oil on the fire...
  8. Robin Graves

    More Fluff?

    I'll buy it, if part of the story takes place in Violence Harbor.
  9. Robin Graves

    Unopened KeyForge deck has mismatched Archon card.

    That's some rare deck you got. Just put it on ebay. If people are crazy enough to pay 200$ for a horsemen deck, you should be able to get some pretty cash for yours.
  10. Robin Graves

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    I play both and I'm SO glad this isn't magic. If it was we'd all be playing Untamed/Dis/logos, running the same combo (Restinguntus, Control the weak, Dominator bauble and Witch of the eye) all those cards would cost a ton of money and people would hate playing against that deck.
  11. Robin Graves

    Happy New Year!

    What happened?
  12. Robin Graves


  13. Robin Graves

    Happy New Year!

    It started off well... Luckily no fatalities and no buildings burned. Wich is impressive if you see the video. Don't play with fire kids!
  14. Robin Graves

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    No kidding! Even I was like: "Did I post that? Oh yeah..."
  15. Robin Graves

    Where do you protect your best creatures: flank or non-flank?

    Oops yeah, "slight" oversight.
  16. Robin Graves

    Where do you protect your best creatures: flank or non-flank?

    They also make bad allies. I'm starting to see a theme here... Speaking of exausting: 2nd game of the pre-release: My opponent had out: Kelifi dragon and two Ulyq megamouth. (Managed to get rid of the dragon on the next turn, but by then the damage was done.)
  17. Robin Graves

    Where do you protect your best creatures: flank or non-flank?

    Lol. It wasn't at a tournament for starters... But my tought process went like this Me (start of game): "Feeding pit? Meh Don't think I'll use it, oh well might aswell play it and draw one more card." Me (mid game): "Wow, I can't play any of these creatures or they will die." (They were from all 3 houses, so I'd be only to play one or maybe two per turn, and they'd end up DOA) Me (a few turns later): "Unbelievable, I got a hand full of creatures and I can't play- wait Hand full, how many cards now? And I have that pit. Hmmm. Can't play them all at once, but I can dump 'em all at once! Bye fellas!" It's as the saying goes: "When life gives you lemons, the lemons get squeezed.
  18. Robin Graves

    Most Annoying Cards

    Nothing specifically anoying for me, or it would have to be 1st turn Mushroom man. It just irks me for some reason.
  19. Robin Graves

    Deck Back Colors - Does it mean anything?

    If it was me I'd be all: "Wow look at all these misprints! These decks are defective. Here, let me take these and I'll get you a proper box."
  20. Robin Graves

    Best and worst cards.

    Gues what type of deck mine is in? Some of my decks enjoy self sabotaging themselves: Like the only deck that has the (Untamned) Common Cold in it, is the one that 's also full of martians. (Thank god it's a "may" ability.)
  21. Robin Graves

    Am I weird here? Self deck testing

    Same here. I also playtest most of my decks before I play with them against other players. With CCG's it's mostly to see if the synergy is good or not. (do I need more resources? Can I replace a needed card with a card that let's me draw more? How many turns on avergae does it take to get all the cards for my winning combo?- Stuff like that.) Sadly it's very hard to play Netrunner against yourself.
  22. Robin Graves

    Decided to magnetize my chain tracker card

    Recently my group has taken to put damage tokens on our Archaon card to signify chains.
  23. Robin Graves

    Best and worst cards.

    Worst: Ulyx the zookeeper. Okay He may not be the worst, but you use him to get rid of your opponent's best creature...and now you can't acces your archives without giving it back.
  24. Robin Graves

    Quick Query RE: The App

    Do we know what the aember shards/keys are for yet?