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  1. Robin Graves

    Mis-printed deck

    Congrats! If it was me I'd hang on to it.
  2. Robin Graves

    Does the algorithm has a sense of humor?

    Judging by a few more of my decks it also has a thing for the clergy: Preacher Riddle https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/0aaf1c3b-0ec5-4f4e-8a7a-9f2c55ed6c13 The Devilisch bishop https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/bfa75f63-8a8d-4fe5-8442-6b5a583e16e6 Elder "get rich" biggs https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/48cc750b-4299-4c09-b0d6-c647c9d03918
  3. Robin Graves

    Does the algorithm has a sense of humor?

    Maybe the algorithm is a Tailor Swift fan: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/49ef0904-4a51-40a4-8e29-efbee1f3eba8
  4. Robin Graves

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

  5. Robin Graves

    How rare are Maverick cards?

    Nice! So far all my decks that have this card seem to indulge in the habit of having Mars as one of the houses.
  6. Robin Graves

    Who else is collecting a complete set of keyforge card?s

    Bought a few to many packs in my quest to get the horsemen, so I'm sorta going for it. Sorta as in "If I don't get them all it's ok really." Only 6 more house combos to go. I'll count any decks from the new set towards my total. (Not insane enough to get 35 decks from RotA and 35 from AoA!)
  7. Robin Graves

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    What goes better on a pizza than the natural fruit of Itally, Pine apple?
  8. Robin Graves

    Double Sided Amber Cards

    i'm a bit confused about the prize gallery: Can you redeem your shards for anything on that list, or just the 2019 season one stuff? Cuz I'd like to get me some more pins.
  9. Robin Graves

    I think I wrapped my head around Biomatrix Backup ruling.

    Must... refrain... from making Brexit/ Prime minister May jokes.
  10. Robin Graves

    Restringuntus against a hand of only one house?

    That seems about correct. Tough luck for the other player.
  11. Robin Graves


    To little to late.
  12. Robin Graves

    How do I make my runts work?

    This game is basically a race to get 3 keys. so don't forget to reap. Some people focus so much on fighting and killing your opponent's creatures that they don't realise they could win by just farming aember. (Seen that happen last tournament)
  13. Robin Graves

    Rules changes killing me

  14. Robin Graves

    The deck that will make you quit keyforge

    I literally opened a deck last weekend with restringuntus + control the weak and now they nerfed fixed it? Oh well I'm not mad, first off that combo (without dominator and witch) would lock them only for one turn, and second, I'm glad FFG changed the ruling. this game doesn't need a combo tha stops the oponent from playing the game.
  15. Robin Graves

    Luke vs. The Death Star

    YES! I was waiting for someone to post that clip!
  16. Robin Graves

    Luke vs. The Death Star

    I just realised the dianoga also died when the first death star blew up. D'aaawww...
  17. Robin Graves

    Luke vs. The Death Star

    At least with the 1st death star it's military personel. The second death star was still under construction, so Lando killed a bunch of innocent contractors.
  18. Oh ok, and Leia, Padme (without the make up), Jyn, Aunt Beru, when she was still called Beru Whitesun she was a looker! oh, and Darth Talon (Oh god yes!) Not into the mensfolk, but I would give the rancor keeper a hug, the poor guy could use one.
  19. Robin Graves

    Activision and Bungie split up

    Meanwhile Blizzard want's to know if we have phones and Bethesda is asking EA to hold its beer.
  20. Robin Graves

    Library access broken deck?

    So far my LGS has only done sealed and it's super casual anyway. But If I ever play in a proper tournament, and my oponent plays anything that's even reemotly OP or part of a combo, I'm asking if I can read their card and check if the deck's name on teh bottom is the same as the one on their Archaon card.
  21. Robin Graves

    The deck that will make you quit keyforge

    Any decks with Restinguntus, conrol the weak, dominator bauble and witch of the eye? That deck wouldn't make me quit, but it would make me stop...
  22. Robin Graves

    Is the Italian dressing underpowered?

    Chicago? oooh, shots fired! Prepare for 3 pages about wich style is "real" pizza. Here, let me throw some oil on the fire...
  23. Robin Graves

    More Fluff?

    I'll buy it, if part of the story takes place in Violence Harbor.
  24. Robin Graves

    Unopened KeyForge deck has mismatched Archon card.

    That's some rare deck you got. Just put it on ebay. If people are crazy enough to pay 200$ for a horsemen deck, you should be able to get some pretty cash for yours.