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  1. If they like watching daddy play, (andif they are Lucky) you can let them roll the dice for you. Like my niece, **** kid wins King of Tokyo on average by turn 6 or 7.
  2. Wow, that's some bad luck with your fridge(s) there. But look at it this way, at least your fridge didn't do this: ZUUUUUUL!!!
  3. Or Undead nazis. The flavor text says: "Evil Nazi undead!" Seems a bit redundant honestly. I gotta admit I do like the whole Weird war/ Hellboy stuff.
  4. Personaly I'd pick Polaris. I like how the protagonist's view of reality shifts trough the story.
  5. A local place used to have Nutella ice cream. Yeah. Let that sink in. It was oddly chewy for ice ceam, but oh so delicious. Sigh . I miss it.
  6. Congrats.
  7. Wait it get's even beter: In typography you have a cross shaped symbol called an Obelisk. It is also called a dagger. See the resemblence? Having rebel ships named after typogarphic symbols would open up a lot of possibilities for new craft. Asterix-wing anyone?
  8. The only way I can make it look like a (lower case) b is by looking at it's side when it's upside down* So mayber it should be called the "b-wing"? * Come to think of it: The B-wing has a rotating cockpit so technically it's never "upside down."
  9. Maybe a bit unfair comparison on my part but it always irks me when companies (let's say WOTC) go "look what a great deck you can make with these sets" and it's a list full of rares and legendaries that would be hard/expensive to get. Personally I'd prefer if they went the other route, showing how you could make a budget deck that's still quite powerfull. That way I don't get the feeling the game is all about the legendaries
  10. Ah yes, slight overisght of mine. Still I don't think, you get double legendaries in a box, so it's still a slog to get all the dice you need for this deck.
  11. FFG sure seems to be pushing the legendaries with this deck: Characters (3): Hera Syndulla (elite), Admiral Ackbar, Rebel Trooper Battlefield (1): Weapons Factory Alpha Events (18): Logistics (2), Rebel Assault (2), Strategic Planning (2), Reckless Reentry (2), Recycle (2), Pinned Down (2) , Flank (2), Field Medic (2), It's a Trap! (2) Supports (11): C-3PO (2), T-47 Airspeeder (2), Y-Wing (2), Ghost (2), Black One (1), U-Wing (2) Upgrades (1): A280 Blaster Rifle (1) legendaries: 3 different ones, two of wich you need 2 of. Good luck pulling those Ghosts and U-wings from one box.
  12. My powers are ordinary only my aplication brings me success - Jedi Master Isaac Newton