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  1. Robin Graves

    Forcing house choice potentially a problem?

    Thank god that won't be a popular meta build... because these decks are random.
  2. Robin Graves

    +1 power question

    "There is no health... Only POWER!" Now I want that on a T-shirt.
  3. Robin Graves

    What's the best house, and why is it Logos?

    Ok Archiving is very good. Dis is still best house, tough, because of demons
  4. Robin Graves

    What's the best house, and why is it Logos?

    Or black... Necropotence, anyone? But I think in this game having a house with card draw might not be such a big deal as in magic. In magic you normally draw 1 card/turn. While in Keyforge you draw up to your hand size.
  5. Robin Graves

    What's the best house, and why is it Logos?

  6. Robin Graves

    Can you heal a creature that hasn't been damaged?

    Well he did say "he couldn't promise that's how the rule would end up." Plus the ability actually has 3 parts: the reap part (exaust gain one Aember wich always works), the remove damage part, and the can't put damage on this part (that only goes of if the 2nd part was actually used) So far I've found the rulebook and definitions quite clear. You should try learning to play AOS Champions from the flyer that's supposed to be the rulebook. I'm still not quite sure what "highlighted" means.
  7. Robin Graves

    Can you heal a creature that hasn't been damaged?

    I'm with the naysayers on this one! from page 10 of the rulebook: "fully heal": remove all damage from the creature. Since you track damage with tokens and you remove the tokens it would stand to reason that you can't remove a token that is not on the card. "if you do": the player must succesfully and completly resolve the text preceding the phrase (if you do). so to translate the card: "Reap: Remove all damage tokens from a creature you control, if you have done that, then that creature can't have damage tokens placed on it this turn."
  8. Robin Graves

    Early Favourites

    Yeah it should be either Death on his own, or all four, nothing in between. It's also silly if all four show up but one is without his horse. (Deadlands: Hel on Earth)
  9. Robin Graves

    Aftermarket thoughts

    I do wonder how many opened unplayed boxes there will be. With keyforge people will (probably) buy multiple decks and sell the ones they don't want because they still have a few they want to keep. Discover is a lot pricier. I wonder how many people will buy a 2nd copy. And if they stick to one I don't see them selling it, because now you got nothing to play with. Or maybe I'm wrong and people will buy a copy play it and then sell it on to buy another one. Maybe in the future we'll see groups of Discover players come together at LGS and conventions to play each other's copies.
  10. Robin Graves

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    That's what Trump's space-force is for. Cracking down on loot boxes.
  11. Robin Graves

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    Or when your LGS puts them on sale. I only have the first cycle and a big expansion of the star wars LCG, but when my store had a special offer I went, ok fine I'll pick up the other big expansion. That's also how I got my Game of thrones 1st edition stuff. When the 2nd edition was announced they put all they had left at 75% off (ok the starter was 50% off) so I picked up that, two big ones and a bunch of packs from several different cycles. A bit random but still good value. Arkham horror seems to be best way to do a LCG, normally with each pack you pick out the about 3 cards of the faction(s) you play but with AH each pack is also a complete adventure. What you don't get is the surprise of opening boosters packs and finding out if you got good cards. But that's where Keyforge comes in.
  12. Robin Graves

    Wishlist for the App

    Huh, I wouldn't have tought about using the app like that. That's a really good idea.
  13. Robin Graves

    Strengths vs weaknesses

    My friend had the same reaction when I told him there would be a transformers CCG. I was half expecting them to go with RID. Imagine my happyness when they went with the trading card art.
  14. Robin Graves

    Replacing MTG for middle class casuals

    *blinks* Oh God that's right, If you want to get into a LCG after it's been going for a few years and you want everything...