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  1. They hit the Spider clan with the history eraser button. So I would have gone for Mantis next, but they got wiped to. So now I'm Dragon... ... Until the Spider rises again.
  2. I play the same, mostly becuase I once had a Spider monk deck.
  3. Spider clan for 2nd big expansion. That's all I care about.
  4. How about new Rey?
  5. You can play them in constructed, but only if you include another hero that's either a hero or a villain. So no teaming up Ani with Lobot in constructed. "Anakin can be built with an exclusively hero or exclusively villain deck in constructed play, /Anakin can slot into a hero or villain deck perfectly in constructed play" Mixing hero/villain cards only works in draft. "In the draft format, you can add as many copies of a card to a deck as you want, even crossing the boundaries of morality to mix hero, villain, and neutral cards in the same deck." Quotes from:
  6. The intelligent commander's duty is to feed off the enemy - The art of war.
  7. Well looks like one more SW Destiny product I'll have to buy.
  8. They also work together: eGrievous and Ketsu: First the general swipes your weapon and then passes it to Ketsu. Opponent: Can I have my blaster back now? me: Nope!
  9. Just had this vision of Ketsu and Grievous scrambling over each other trying to grab the same lightsaber.
  10. Oh that's right! Forgot about that. Thanks guys.
  11. One of my characters with a weapon upgrade is about to be defeated. I have Ketsu Onyo, my opponent has General Grievous. Simple question: Who gets the weapon?
  12. I kinda wanna see 5 jawas taking on one Palpatine: "Quit copying my style..." "Utini! Utini! Utini! Utini! Utini!"
  13. Hmm I guess positioniong yourself so to give yourself an advantage is proper tactics. Yeah I didn't find a gif or video of the whole duel from Shogun Assassin, but Lone wolf's infant son has shiney ornament on his headband wich reflected the sun's rays back at their attacker, distracting him and... well, you saw the result.
  14. Using the sun to blind an opponent would cost you at least 3 honor.
  15. I was thinking amonst the same lines. Captve audience in just about every deck that goes for military conflict.