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  1. That seems to be trend with several companies these days. 5I think wizkids made it so you can't buy dice masters online)
  2. GW also had a warhammer fantasy killer: Age of Sigmar, and it killed of fantasy real good. 40k is the GW game to beat. People who used to play fantasy at my lgs all switched to warmahordes...
  3. They alo alowed online sales in the US again. guess they finaly decided to start acting like a proper gaming company.
  4. I've always liked the knock knock joke from Batman: "Knock knock!" "Who's there? "Jo." "Jo, who?" "JO-KER!"
  5. Thank god there are no Palpatine yought in Star Wars. Maybe I spoke to soon
  7. Yeah at 11 they can handle a lot more stuff. But when you're five and you see what those saw beaked pterodactyl things do that one dude...
  8. Oh yeah definatly! First hint I had was when I was reading the end credits and there was this line about certain (character names witheld due to spoilers) being property of Toho. ;-) What came after the credits made me squee like a little schoolgirl
  9. Went to see Kong Skull Island this weekend. 8 o clock in the evening, and half the theathre was families with young kids (round 5-8 years) Not sure what rating Kong has, but a whole lot of people end up all kinds of dead in that movie. Guess they weren't expecting that huh?
  10. And Princess and the frog is ok to. Dr Facilier is easly my fave Disney villain.
  11. Forgot LOTR was co-op. That already makes a difference. I think for co-op games people are a bit more willing to lend you their spare decks. Playing MTG casualy can be really cheap (maybe even cheaper than LCGs depending how much packs you buy) but playing tournaments... yeah no. (especially if the the meta swings towards multicolored and you get 3 color decks: the cost of the special lands to fix your mana alone are -phew!) And Destiny... From what I hear on the SWD forum: You're Lucky if you can find product. I'm pretty hype for L5R tough!* *Provided Spider clan is in!
  12. Sadly enough you are correct. Wich is why I play casual no rotation with a small group of friends. We play with everything (all the way back to Mirrodin) so we never know what our opponents are gonna bring. Boros vehicles vs infect vs zombie devotion. Stuff like that.
  13. Interesting. I'll probably get the prime directive -err the terminal directive.