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  1. Oh yeah the Ciaphas Cain books are rife with that stuf: Winetha Phu, anyone?
  2. Games workshop used to do that with the Lizardmen: Itzy-Bitzy, Tiktaq'to, Lord Kroak (a giant frog) and more stupid names like that.
  3. Wasn't Blurr voiced by this guy?
  4. I can't stop comming up with nick names for the characters: Left to right: Grue from Dispicable me Kratos Goth Elsa from Frozen Assassins Creed guy Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation
  5. "I shouldn't have eaten Twilight Sparkle's library..."
  6. Speaking of Unicron... Wait, unicorn? Unicron. Unicorn. Hmm. Unicorn Unicron. I wonder... So yeah, of course this exicists ... There's apony art of it. No exceptions. Gotta love the fanbase... PONYFY EVERYTHAAAAAAAAAANG!!!
  7. WAT? How did CC manage that? Did he join Unicron and yell "Unicron retreat!"? He does look cool holding Megatron. I'm not a big fan of unibrow- no unicorn- err.... Unicron. He's just a bit to robot Galactus/ Deathstar with teeth for my taste. Now Thunderwing on the other hand... Also: Not a fan of bay. Ragequit during second movie.
  8. GREETINGS CITIZENS! ARE YOU HAPPY? Speeking of Paranoia: Didn't they kickstart another version a few years ago? (I'm still using XP) Alpha Complex: A retooled Battlestar Galactica boardgame with insane mission objectives and hidden traitors. Battletech LCG: Well FFG seems to be good at bringing back CCGs as LCGs so I say they should bring back the Battletech CCG. (warhammer invasion had an interesting mechanic for it.) LIKING THIS POST IS MANDATORY. THE COMPUTER SAIS SO.
  9. Unicron getting his ass kicked by the dinobots
  10. Luna doesn't need the matrix of leadership (let optimus prime keep it) she has that whole dream master power:
  11. Nice but i prefer this version:
  12. Well... That was disturbing. If that's the sun, what does their moon look like...
  13. Did you say space pirate power rangers? Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free... By your powers combined... I am Captain Marvelous. Great sentai series this one. Also... Owwwkay didn't know Super Sentai already had space alicorn changelings....