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  1. Robin Graves

    The Mandalorian

    Cloud City Ice Cream, straight from the carbon freezing chambers! Man, I wonder how much credits people on Tatooine would pay for some cold ice cream.
  2. Robin Graves

    The force is real!!

    Luminous beings are we. Not this crude matter!
  3. Robin Graves

    Vader Immortal

    Wil Vader use force choke? And do I have to choke myself ?
  4. Robin Graves

    Mystery Millennium Falcon graphic?

    Allied Van Lines... Making the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.
  5. Robin Graves

    Dark Phoenix

    Will they be trying to fold this in with the rest of the MCU?
  6. Robin Graves

    Release date?

    NOVEMBER?!! Jeez FFG, why not drop it on December 24, right in time for xmass! Oh well guess it gives me enough time to buy and play some transformers CCG.
  7. Robin Graves

    The force is real!!

    So your dad is Santa Clause and your mom is the Force. Huh.
  8. Robin Graves

    A little off-topic...

    Both games fell by the wayside at my lgs. I play and like both, but I like dice masters a bit better. (more licences, no hyding all the fave chars as ultra rares)
  9. Robin Graves

    A little off-topic...

    Well it is striclty a dice game. The cards are just there to tell you what the dice do. (This is is because each die has 3 cards that will let you play the same character in different ways) It's basically a bag building game, you start with generic dice and you buy better dice troughout the game.
  10. Robin Graves

    A little off-topic...

    How about a Marvel/ DC dice game?
  11. Robin Graves

    Varients & Game Formats

    Tried that with Magic once. Turns out opponents don't like a deck made of 59 Mountains and 1 Storm Crow.
  12. Robin Graves

    The 3 most powerful cards in Keyforge.

    The 3 most powerfull rare cards... you might never play with/against. That's what I like about this game. Not having to worry what deck everybody will be playing the moment the next set gets spoiled.
  13. Robin Graves

    ...So, What did everyone have for supper?

    Also, I had Noodles.