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  1. Great, I was almost done with getting a deck for each of the 36 house combinations, (only 3 left) and now they release two new ones! But I gotta admit they are awesome. My biggest complaint with the previous set was, the lack of new things, So I'm very exited about this one.
  2. They can keep all the other stuff. I'd really like more pins.
  3. Congrats! If it was me I'd hang on to it.
  4. Judging by a few more of my decks it also has a thing for the clergy: Preacher Riddle https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/0aaf1c3b-0ec5-4f4e-8a7a-9f2c55ed6c13 The Devilisch bishop https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/bfa75f63-8a8d-4fe5-8442-6b5a583e16e6 Elder "get rich" biggs https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/48cc750b-4299-4c09-b0d6-c647c9d03918
  5. Maybe the algorithm is a Tailor Swift fan: https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/49ef0904-4a51-40a4-8e29-efbee1f3eba8
  6. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/141508-Hothead-Gamer-Burns-Warhammer-Fantasy-Army-Over-New-Age-of-Sigmar-Rules
  7. Nice! So far all my decks that have this card seem to indulge in the habit of having Mars as one of the houses.
  8. Bought a few to many packs in my quest to get the horsemen, so I'm sorta going for it. Sorta as in "If I don't get them all it's ok really." Only 6 more house combos to go. I'll count any decks from the new set towards my total. (Not insane enough to get 35 decks from RotA and 35 from AoA!)
  9. What goes better on a pizza than the natural fruit of Itally, Pine apple?
  10. i'm a bit confused about the prize gallery: Can you redeem your shards for anything on that list, or just the 2019 season one stuff? Cuz I'd like to get me some more pins.
  11. Must... refrain... from making Brexit/ Prime minister May jokes.
  12. That seems about correct. Tough luck for the other player.
  13. This game is basically a race to get 3 keys. so don't forget to reap. Some people focus so much on fighting and killing your opponent's creatures that they don't realise they could win by just farming aember. (Seen that happen last tournament)
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