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  1. I just watch longplay's these days. saves me the bother. One of these days tough, I'm gonna see if I can get Diablo II working again.
  2. Well acording to the hH novels, the Emperor burried a frikkin' C'tan on Mars, so maybe the techpiests are used to that sort of thing.
  3. Depends how deep they burrow. One of the older codexes mentioned 'nids burried so deep in the planet's crust they survived exterminatus.
  4. Possible, but I fairly confident the imperium could get away with removing a few of the more inept member of the hive legislature and most of the vervunhive comissariat. The problem of course is Kowle. Can't just execute the people's hero. But for the rest: "Yeah we found out they were sabotaging the war effort, so we executed them due to chaos influence." Seriously, What they did to Grizmund, that interfering in guard operations, allies or no. But every time PDF command starts mouthing off to the guard... That wouldn't fly. The guard is comming to save your useless butts from offworld. The galaxy is filled with war, the guard has better places to be than your orbiting mudball. The guard is the hammer of the Emperor becuz the astartes are all busy. Show some respect.
  5. Yeah that works real well in starship troopers where the leader is a fat bug. With the nids... If your Lucky it's just a hive tyrant.
  6. Then you go radical so you can raise the dead in order to talk to their spirits.
  7. Also Gaunt is way to nice. He's definatly waaay to nice for a commisar. The stuff he lets slide... If I were an Commisar (let alone colmmisar/general) Uh uh. NO. Have you read Necropolis? If it was me, I'd have executed 90% of the vervunhive HQ on principle. Mouthing of to guard officers! The bally cheek! "We have had to redirect 3 whole regiments from the crusade, because you can't wint your civil war, and now you have the emperor dammed balls to order us around and lock up one our officers?" BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!
  8. In an insane universe, only the insane are sane. I think you have to be insane as an inquisitor, Sane people aren't gonna cut it when they have to order exterminatus on an imperial world.
  9. Bonus points for the 18th legion being the Salamanders, one of the most tech savvy legion/chapters out there. (It all makes sense!)
  10. I'll add that to my menagery of disfunctional 40k possible PCs: a permanently drunk guard sniper, a psyker priest who explains his uncontrolled pehonmena as "a sign of the emperor" a Battle sister of a mysterious order with ties to the Alpha Legion and now an admech obsessed with opening doors on a quest to find "hangar 18".* * I wonder if area 51 still exists on 40k Terra. (It's probably Malcador's country cottage or something.)
  11. Nah, admech are verrrrry persistant, they would probably start searching each one in turn. I can imagine one techpriest* travelling across mars in a complicated search pattern, goingin into every single building codified as "Hangar 18" even if it ook decades or centuries. * The thechpriest would probably employ allies in his search, but I find it funnier with him doing it all alone.
  12. Yup! I'll bet if the fabricator General of Mars sais: "Don't go looking in production hangar 18." People tend do that (or they'll end up a servitor ) Even the inquisition tends not to delve to deep into the admech. There's no offical Ordos Omnissiah is there? Inquisitor: "We wanna know what you cogboy chaps are doing on Mars!" Fabricator General: " Who do you think you are you blasphemous litte man! And don't call us Cogboys!" Inquisitor: " We are the holy ordos of the inquisition!" FG: "You want a civil war? You want a religious shism between the Followers of the Omnissiah and the ecclesiarchy? Want us to stop running purity tests on every marine chapter out there? You want every single enginseer in the imperium to go on strike? Keep pushing like that and that's what you are gonna get!" Inquisitor:"... Fine. Stupid Coghead unionists!" FG: "Welp, Mars is the RED planet."
  13. that 10.000 years bit isn't so hard, we have active astartes living to the age of 4000 (That's a lot of candles on your cake!) and Cawl basically doesn't have enough organic matter on him to die, so... The thing with the secrets is...yeah They should have done it on some sealed off hidden backwater forgeworld.
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot about them. And they also got the power armor and bolters. So close enough to untouchable chapter really.
  15. ok stuff that's just in: