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  1. A New Order

    Don't get cocky kid! Stay on target! Size matters not.
  2. Holdo Force Apprentice...

    Wait... What? Not after ep 8 surley. With Phasma, I'm starting to think nobody dies anymore in these movies. Hang on- force sensi- aaaaw heck no! She's gonna come back as a frigging force ghost isn't she?
  3. Black Panther

    I dunno... She has more common sense than Tony, that's for sure. But it's easy to come up with new gadgets if you have a Wakandan lab full of supertech. Stark built his first suit out of basically scrap metal. Vibranium (Wo)Man... Now that would be awesome.
  4. Alien: Isolation

    I was also thinking about the player being harder/easier to spot in certain locations: the engine room full of noise and the a cargo bay full of stuff would be easier to hide in. While an empty cargo bay or a brightly lit narrow hallway would alow the alien to spot you a lot quicker. And of generating objectives from drawing from stacks of cards: say go do something from Stack A, in a location from Stack B, with an item from Stack C: Stuff like use a Welding torch to seal up an Infested Medbay.* *Ah, good ol' Alien 3 on the SNES.
  5. Alien: Isolation

    That would be cool. Maybe something where you can do certain (amount of) actions each turn and each action has a "noise value". And the alien rolls an amount of (different) dice equal to the player's "total noise value", and once the alien rolls a certain (amount of) symbol(s) it tracks down and kills the player. So the more noise the fewer your chances.
  6. Honest Trailers The Last Jedi

    "Redemption for star wars kid" oh great now I hate this one even more.
  7. Honest Trailers The Last Jedi

    dafuq? ep 7 was a loveletter to the Original movies? Could have fooled me.
  8. Un-killify someone in Star Wars

    She got hit by a tsunami of superheated steam and boiling water...
  9. Un-killify someone in Star Wars

    Unkill Han. He only got hit with a lightsaber and fell down a very deep shaft. Same thing happened to darth maul and he got better.
  10. Un-killify someone in Star Wars

    Didn't Mark Hamil say Luke teleported to a nudist colony?
  11. Did we find out the New Solo Villain’s Name?

    Don't forget Squid head.
  12. Did we find out the New Solo Villain’s Name?

    I'll take Savage Oprah over Empty Nest any time. Moralo Eval seems like something out of James Bond or Austin Powers. Also Klaatu Barada Nikto are shout outs to day the earth stood still.
  13. Star Wars at New York Toy Fair

    Oh lord! It's Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart! (From Blackadder goes fourth.)
  14. Did we find out the New Solo Villain’s Name?

    Mud troopers? Bwahhahahhahahhaaaaaa! And I tought Snow Clones were bad because they are one letter away from snow cone. Mud troopers. That's where you get transfered to when you eff up as a storm trooper. Also, why do they look like Kylo Ren?
  15. Not much of a beer man myself either. In no particular order I like me some: Jenever (or Gin). We have an anual Jenever festival and then it's try all the flavors! Mead (honey wine) or Viking blod. (The smell of it! I can just sit there and inhale the stuff. ) Rum altough my preference is white rum (Havana Club)* Some cocktails: Zombie, Mohito, Tequilla Sunrise and Pornstar Martini or a Snakebite at the ol' Irish pub. Also got a bottle of Absynthe (Legal 70% alc) beause it's amazing, and a bottle of Potcheen (40% alc) because it's frikkin legalized Potato moonshine whiskey. And that's awesome. And i never drink... wine. But enough about my drinking problems * wich reminds me: Captain Morgan should be banned. That stuff tastes awfull!