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  1. Robin Graves

    I just discovered Skyrim

    You think that's bad? I couldn't log out until my character was back "home" in his room at the mages/fighters guild. It just felt right. Or you find yourself just staring at the night sky for minutes...
  2. Robin Graves

    I just discovered Skyrim

    I played waaaay to much Morrowind (Elder scrolls III). Oh the stories I could tell. I like how things you do have lasting consequences: I got into the habbit of killing vampires. Once I entered a tomb and shot a few fireballs at the first one that I saw. But it turned out it was a normal person. "Probably some tomb looter", I tought and carried on. Then, a month or two (real time) later I get a quest to go talk to some Ashlanders. They don't wanna talk to me unless I bring back one who's gone adventuring in a nearby tomb. And as I'm walking towards the tomb I'm starting to feel uneasy. This place seems kinda familiar. Like I've been here before. Surley it can't be? But as I (re)enter the tomb it hits me; Yes I've been here before, and the person I fireballed was the one I was suposed to bring back to the ashlander camp. Whoops. That's one quest that didn't get completed. Then there was the time I encountered my first flame antorach in an abandoned mine and tought it was a ballrog...
  3. They both equally suk. On one hand the sequals ruined several favorite characters, but on the other hand ep I ruined the force (g*ddamned midichlorians) Here's how they break down in my personal opinion: Top tier: Episodes IV, V and VI (the originals) Second tier: Rogue one Third tier: Solo Fourth tier: The ewok movies, eps IV, V, VI (the ones Lucas ruined) Bottom row: episodes I, II, III and VII The flaming pits of hel: Episode VIII and the xmass special
  4. Robin Graves

    The vocal minority is an issue

    Clan Diamond Shark! (Ok Wolf is probably better, but come on, Diamond Shark! that sounds awesome!) Dog of Russ! You barbarians will burn for what you did to Prospero! Hail Magnus!
  5. Robin Graves

    The vocal minority is an issue

    Not just SW fans I'm afraid... Also proof that people are getting dumber. Back in my day we knew a character wasn't teh same as the actor.
  6. Robin Graves

    Star Wars Appreciation Thread

  7. Robin Graves

    Anyone else seen Solo yet? *Spoilers*

    Saw the movie yesterday. Pretty good. Lot's of nods to the old movies. Just taht one cameo at the end is confusing if you haven't watched Rebels. Looks like it's just episodes 7 and 8 that are dragging the franchise down. Also: Is it just me or is this the first SW movie without R2-D2? (Or did I miss him somehow?)
  8. Robin Graves

    Thank you USA Service Men and Woman

    I'm from Belgium, Just thanking the ones who gave their lives coming to our aid. And that poem sais it best.
  9. Robin Graves

    Anyone else seen Solo yet? *Spoilers*

    On a similar note; Wich franchise is in bigger trouble? Star Wars or Thundercats? Rage intensifying
  10. Robin Graves

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    I'd figure they'll turn him into something like the punisher. (minus the dead family motivation) Sic him on some realy awfull bad guys so he looks more sympathetic by comparison. I'll admit Boba ain't Spike Spiegel, but you could probably tell a good story about him. Oh snap! With Disney owning both SW and Marvel we could have a Death's head cameo in it!
  11. Robin Graves

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    Don't forget Han shot first. While not quite an anti-heron Han wasn't quite sqeaky clean either.
  12. Robin Graves

    Boba Fett movie is happening.

    Ever seen Scarface? or A Clockwork Orange? Just because the protagonist is an utter bast4rd doezsn't mean he can't be sympathetic.