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  1. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    Yeah Warthogs are awesome. It's 80% gun, 20% airplane. I saw a documentary about it once. One of the fighter pilots said "his wife could smell it when he had fired his gun". Wich is about the most awesomly macho sentance I've ever heard. But I'll draw the line at the Spooky Gunship. That's like something out of Crimson skies or warhammer 40k. Airplanes should not be able to fire broadsides! While in the last jedi la resitance has the slowest bombers everrrrr.
  2. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    Untill they got captured. About the allegory: Lucas intended to have a low tech race (originaly the Wookies but later reworked into the Ewoks) defeat the technologically advanced empire. So it is kinda correct. Also technology only goes so far. Especially in war, wich is basically a cuttroath game of economics. If you have to use million dollar jets to drop napalm bombs to get rid of a handfull of self sufficient guerillias becuase they are killing your ground forces with homemade AK's you're gonna loose.
  3. If nothing else we at least got a good meme out of TLJ.
  4. I Really Wanted Him to be the Master Code Breaker

    No time for love, Dr Jones!
  5. You should just give up on TLJ and watch the Original trilogy again. I wouldn't go reading spoilers. It would ruin the funniest moment in the series. (Ok actually there are several) Or you could go over to the dark side and pirate it. (what? Disney has enough money as it is, and as long as you buy it when it comes out your pirate sins shall be forgiven.) I hope you find a job you like soon. MTFBWY.
  6. How to get the Chinese Box Office Back

    Lightsaber nunchuks. LOL. (I want one with both red and blue, like Panthro.) But TLJ already had a bunch of weird weapons with mini lightsaber blades attached. Seriously, WHY do you have a lightsaber edge AND a blade?
  7. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

  8. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Man, I hope that's not the case. I tought the point was to have one generic rulebook and then a bunch of setting books. Not a book with the rules and no setting and another book with the rules and a fantasy setting. Kinda defeats the purpose of the core book.
  9. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    She's from Soul Calibur. She's famous for having a sword that can turn into a metal whip... and wearing outfits that are almost NSFW.
  10. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    Yeah I'd be like: "Wellp you killed the boss. I got nothing left to do here." Then again if I had a weapon that's a combination of lightsaber and Ivy Valentine's sword-whip, I'd wanna use it to. Here cometh the pain.
  11. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    Gotta give Huggs err I mean Hux, credit here. You don't argue with (Wannabee) sith lords/ angry force users. He's like, sure Kylo whatever you say! (Plus I think he's secretly glad he's not in command of the entire first order.) Also, am I the only one who thinks that Snoke's body guards were harder than him?
  12. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    The actual reason is: Finn was on board one of those ships, and his lvl 20 Plot armor proteced them. Think about it: the resistance only starts loosings ships once Finn is away.
  13. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    They were trying to hit the ships
  14. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    Since she's pretty much immortal (seriously how did she survive Starkillerbase exploding?) she's not to worried. She's like Kenny from South park
  15. Snoke worst move villain? (Spoilers)

    Agreed. Gen Hux single handely turns TLJ into Spaceballs in most of his scenes.