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  1. I just want to paint that ISD red and chant: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!
  2. In one of our first tournaments here I made the mistake of mixing up my left and right. Flew one of my defenders in a Jonus Brothers list of the table on turn two. It was on the final table, and I went on to win the game Just to point out that flying a ship off doesn't automatically mean that you have lost the match.
  3. Here is the Icelandic Armada group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/397466453711494/
  4. I have to say a big Thank you to you ransburger for doing this. If I can help in some way please don't hesitate to ask. At least I can play around with the module and see if I can break something!
  5. Ok. The way I understand it. You fire at a hull zone with 1 shield. You roll 3 hits and a critical effect. The first hit goes to the shield and 2 damage cards are drawn face down. You can then spend the critical effect to make the first card be drawn face up. MaverickNZ explained it much better than me
  6. Amazon UK now says 22 of April. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Star-Wars-Armada-Tabletop-Miniatures/dp/1616619937/ref=sr_1_1?s=kids&ie=UTF8&qid=1426034162&sr=1-1&keywords=star+wars+armada
  7. Local Store Championship. Final table I was flying Jonus brothers, set up on the left edge and moved two forward during the first turn. In the second turn of the game I intended to bank right into the table. I set my dials and promptly flew one of my defenders of the board with a 2 left bank............. I did go on to win the game and the tourney though
  8. Hotdiggity!! Time to brush up on my high school danish!
  9. Both, although I expect to play more rebel to start with as I draw my group in using the Star Destroyers!
  10. Only if you have a use for a 3rd VSD and a lot of extra fighters. If however 3 VSD's with so few points left over isn't a viable list... then no a second core is not cost efficient. 3 VSD's + Cmdr, is 250-260 depending on the commander. 50 points means 5 squads of Tie Fighters and 5 points for upgrades. It's possible that may be a viable list, but based on what they said at the demo, it didn't sound like it. Are all X-wing squads fielded viable? Most of mine are fielded just for fun. But of course we can have different opinions. I for one will most certainly go for two starter sets. (Oh and undecided number of expansion ships)
  11. 3 VSD 225 pts. Commander 25pts-ish 5 tie fighters 45 pts. leaves me 5 pts for an upgrade right? Now I'm not saying that's going to be an effective fleet, but I'm sure going to field it
  12. Two cores, definitely two cores. I want to fly 3 VSD I! Did the math. at 75 each 3 are 225 pts, 25 for a admiral leaves me 50 pts for tie fighters. I think, considering the price of the expansions (40$ for the Assault frig for example) that getting a second core will be quite cost efficient.
  13. What I'm most looking forward to is moving my VSDs and making phew phew noises
  14. Except in a "Epic" game mode. In the TC demo the designer said that the scale would be relative iirc "... because nobody wants to buy a 400$ model..." or something like that. I think a SSD could be possible in such a way. Also in Armada only the imperials are likely to get a ship that size, which could be the reason they don't get one in X-wing.
  15. To the OP. Did you see these photos. Some really good photos there. Feels almost like I made it to Gencon https://www.flickr.com/photos/hexis/14745979290/in/set-72157646101071689/
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