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  1. I'm in it for fun. Will never enter a tournament.
  2. ...your first step into a larger world...
  3. Fine, but only if Wedge can be in it too. And Hobbie. And Biggs. And Wes. And Tycho. Give them their own show: How I Met Your Fulcrum.
  4. If you can ever make it to GenX in Bedford on a Sunday, I'm always up for some Armading.
  5. My wife and I are both huge Star Wars fans. Last Christmas she bought me a few TIEs(chief among them a Punisher) because she knew I'd find them cool, proving two things: 1) It's true love. 2) I'll never be rich. Ever.
  6. People, has Hollywood taught you nothing? No amount of rational discourse is going to get PGS to change his ways. If his heart's going to grow three sizes, we need to adopt ludicrous hairstyles, gather in a great circle, and sing Christmas carols! (Alternatively, someone could break into his home and throw three Ghosts at him in the middle of the night.)
  7. Copying in from the other thread:Anyone noticed? The WorldWar I style thingy we discussed when trailer 1 came out, is not just a transport, it actually is a tank with guns! 1:22 its firing. Not at home, have to look at this thing a bit more closel frame by frame. For a hover tank it is REALLY low-going. Makes perfect sense to me. In the real world, armored vehicles in cities don't move any faster than their infantry escorts, because without friendlies on foot to keep an eye out for mines/IEDs, hidden infantry with antitank weapons, or even crazy fools with molotov cocktails, said tank is DEAD. We know that Star Wars as a setting is similarly awash in light antiarmor weapons, be they shoulder-launched rockets, thermal detonators, overly aggressive teddy bears, or even idjits with more lightsabers and grapple sticks than brain cells, so it makes perfect sense for them to adopt similar tactics in confined areas. Go slow, stay secure.
  8. Sorry, just returned from vacation, if you're still looking:http://sirwillibald.piratesoftatooine.de/?page_id=753〈=en Look for "Pilot Cards" Website update on top of my list... Thanks! Uh...what is a .7Z file type? Neither Adobe nor Windows explorer will open it.
  9. Cheese above us, how did you manage to get that decloak effect so eye-searingly bright?!?
  10. Will augmented realty create a demand for augmented realtor cyborgs?
  11. Help this poor Yank keep things straight. Johnson looks like BritTrump, Farage acts like BritTrump, and May is the senator from Naboo who played everyone into the top job? Or am I getting folks mixed up?
  12. There's nothing preventing Disney/Lucasarts/Bob from taking an E-Wing, K-Wing, or any other post-Endor ship, and calling it a development of their New Republic, or Imperial Remnant, or First Order, or Resistance, or whatever. Just because we won't get the EU origin, doesn't mean we can't get the hull.
  13. Is there a tuckbox for storing pilot cards? I've found one for everything else, but not those.
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