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    CEC Ship Designer

    The best ship is just clicking yes for every single option.
  2. Yaccarus

    Enormous Space Slug

    -50 modifier when critting a ship at personal scale, +50 modifier when critting a person at vehicle scale. I once assumed it was x10 after my players ran over some bounty hunter in their speeder. That was... umm... fun.
  3. Yaccarus


    When you’re doing a game with voice chat, awkward silence is really awkward. So any time the game stalls, somebody says something that forces it to move on. When you’re doing a game with text, awkward silence is much less awkward. So it just stays silent.
  4. FFG has a more balanced approach with Force users and non-Force users in that a 300 XP F&D character is about as good as a 300 XP AoR/EotE character. Canonically, Force users have a huge advantage over everyone else. So by comparison to the lore, I would say that FFG favors non-Force users.
  5. Yaccarus

    Good Map Editors

    A combination of MS paint, google images, and occasionally just scribbling with Roll20’s freehand drawing tool.
  6. Yaccarus

    problems of a heavy

    Under-barrel attachments such as grenade launchers, missile tubes, and flame projectors all increase Cumbersome, by 2 IIRC. That means an HOB with an under-barrel missile tube is Cumbersome 7.
  7. Okay, guys. I am creating something that is designed for personal use, but it is cool enough at this point that I think I’ll share. At least one person has asked for a solution to the problem that it is difficult to carry around all of their books, or that it is a pain to fish through the books for information. As such, I have decided to post the CSG (Complete Species Guide) to solve this. The CSG lists the stats of 197+ species (new ones are added very frequently), and it also provides a picture, societal information, and other convenient info for each. A few notes beforehand: The CSG is Legends only unless otherwise noted. Canon simply doesn’t provide the info needed for many of the species. In theory, every sentient species from Legends you've every heard of and then some will be included. The stats in the CSG are... a bit complicated: • If FFG stats are available, they are used as a base. However, they are subject to change for many reasons. First, many of FFG’s stats are based on Canon, while the species are different in Legends, so this creates differences. Sometimes, I simply disagree and change it. (Again, I made this for myself) Also, I tend to add more detail, including abilities that FFG deemed too minor. (Or something) • For non-FFG species, my first resort is GMAC (Great Movie Alien Compendium), as it provides pretty good stats. However, these tend to be tweaked as well. With all due respect, I find that the stats can get a bit too crazy sometimes. I often remove some of the abilities. • If neither of the above resources are available, I create my own stats. The CSG can be used by accessing individual documents, as a single PDF, or as a Dataset for Oggdude’s Character Generator. All of these variants can be found in my Google Drive folder here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QZbBHcV-P3koUmBRo77rTq2OOyWUTSeB
  8. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Well, the CSG has its first 333/111 species! The Houk are now complete. I will soon add Huk and Huhk. (Unfortunately, Huk will have to be listed under Yam’rii, but oh well)
  9. Mid June for RotS, Late September for A&A, they try to release an as of yet announced book before Christmas, but it ends up taking until February 2020, and CotR ends up getting released in May 2020.
  10. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    They “consider such inquiries to be obscene”... that’s very much open to interpretation.
  11. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    Knowing FFG, that wouldn’t suprise me.
  12. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    The Karkarodon pictured is, if anything, smaller than the average person. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take the route of saying that Tamson was just exceptionally strong.
  13. Yaccarus

    Jedi Order, 6000 years old?

    If you want new movies, follow Canon. If you want good lore, follow Legends.
  14. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    Huh. Well in that case, it’s yet another poorly named thing by FFG. shrug
  15. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    I wonder if we’ll get a third Clone Wars book. Considering the name- “Collapse of the Republic,” it might only focus on the war’s second year when the Separatists had the most success.
  16. I see very little that needs its own sourcebook on your list. Almost all of those eras can be played in with little to no homebrew. Heck, Empire at War is literally set in the game’s default time frame. The sequel trilogy will eventually get a sourcebook or two because that’s what Disney wants everyone to push. Unless they’re really determined to squeeze everything they possibly can out of the Clone Wars, you won’t be seeing any more era sourcebooks unless Disney creates a major new era. As for eras that could actually use sourcebooks? New Jedi Order, Legacy Comics Era, Old Republic. As much as I like Fate of the Jedi, Legacy of the Force, and the Thrawn Trilogy, nothing enough about them is unique enough to demand a full era sourcebook. I guess New Republic Era as a whole would also be possible.
  17. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    I'm starting Feeorins, and this is what I think about them: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ngNIj3hLrGqSN9EqtEqPH2R23oQptc9-
  18. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    They’d be a good candidate for Brawn 3, Willpower 3, which don’t think has ever been done before in RAW.
  19. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    This just in: The boat with Rise of the Separatists is going to turn around in order to bring Collapse of the Republic across the ocean as well.
  20. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    So FFG clearly describes Dathomirians as high willpower by using all the synonyms for high willpower- and then says they have “average characteristics.”
  21. Yaccarus

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    This is not OK. You can just announce sourcebooks like this if you don’t actually release anything.
  22. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Took me a little while, but that’s done now. Although I went through a few weeks of hiatus, I’ve gotten back into a rythym of averaging at least 1 species per day.
  23. Yaccarus

    Autofire: Quick Question

    “...and that’s how you kill 6 stormtroopers per turn!”