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  1. No, Wookieepedia is great. But go to Wookieepedia and look at it. That big banner on top that says Wookieepedia. Just look it.
  2. As long as I'm here, you can't do that. Surely you've been on these forums long enough to know that.
  3. The last pages of the Essential Atlas
  4. Sectors are often too small to show on galaxy-wide maps, they typically contain a ballpark of 10-500 inhabited planets. The Tion Cluster and Imperial Remnant are both areas of space containing multiple sectors. There are a number of subsets used in galactic navigation. For example: Raxus is inside the Raxus System which is inside the Tion Hegemony which is inside the Tion Cluster which is inside the Greater Tion which is inside the Outer Rim.
  5. Yaccarus

    How to play minions

    The one on the left looks the one that is hurt and then gets attacked, the one on the right looks like the one who just dies because of the crit when the other one is attacked, and the one in the middle is the one survives long enough to go “Wow, this sucks.”
  6. Yaccarus

    How to play minions

    The minions are treated as a single character. They increase their skills according to their numbers, so 1 Gamorrean would roll ggg for melee, two would roll ygg for melee, three would roll yyg for melee, four would roll yyy for melee, and five would roll yyyg for melee. For skills where they don’t have ranks, they don’t get these upgrades. 10 Gamorreans would roll g for computers. As for damage, they act as one entity as well. The way I understand it, you add the wound thresholds and kill one each time you pass a multiple of their WT. I’m going to use stormtroopers for this example because I don’t remember Gamorrean stats off of the top of my head. Stormtroopers have Soak 5 and WT 5. This means that 3 stormtroopers are treated as one person with Soak 5 WT 15. Once the group has 6 wounds or more, one dies. Once the group has 11 wounds or more, another dies. Once the group has 16 wounds, the last one dies. You cannot, however, do enough damage to kill multiple stormtroopers. You also defeat one Stormtrooper for every critical injury. Example: You have 3 Stormtroopers with a total of 3 wounds so far. You then hit with an attack that deals 9 damage and a crit. That means you 4 wounds, puttng the group’s WT to 7. That kills one stormtrooper. Using the crit, you also kill a second stormtrooper, essentially increasing the group’s wounds to 11. Now, these rules are designed to save time, since there’s no need to keep track of each Gamorrean when they’re all the same for the purposes of the story. However, I believe that the damage rules are unnecessarily confusing, so it might be better to let each one take damage individually if that makes more sense.
  7. My geuss would be that when they say Knight, they mean “Brave warrior,” not “Jedi of average rank.” Ie. take the “Knight” spec and rename it “Paladin” and it would make sense. So a Knight could have the in-universe rank of Padawan would be a more combat-oriented Jedi. That being said, why they have to name things in a way that makes things so confusing is a huge problem.
  8. If they were smart, Knight and Padawan wouldn’t be specializations in the first place. Specializations reflect an area of focus, not a level of skill.
  9. So do you have to renounce your Padawan powers, get the XP reimbursed, and spec into Knight after your Knighting Ceremony?
  10. Honestly, FFG has made such a mess of the organization of the Jedi Order that comparing their names of careers to any in-universe terminology isn’t possible.
  11. Yaccarus

    Quick Prompts for Ryloth

    Anything? So, your game is 30ish ABY. Yuuzhan Vong! Yuuzhan Vong! Yuuzhan Vong!
  12. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Although I get that not all claws are weapons (Wookiee and Chadra-Fan) Abyssin are, by nature, an extremely violent people who would no doubt develop claws for combative purposes.