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  1. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_phrases_and_slang/Legends I would say there’s plenty of slang.
  2. Yaccarus

    Am I mistaken...

    Midi-chlorians are heroin; Qui-Gon made that extremely clear. “I heard Yoda talking about midichlorians, and I’ve been wondering: What are midichlorians?” ”It’s heroin.” On a serious note, though, I don’t really get the hate. The idea that a certain type of biological thing (Jedi call them life forms, but that could be an exaggeration born out of reverence) is more common as a result of Force-sensitivity make perfect sense. It could be a sort of subconscious telepathy that attracts them, or it be a number of other factors.
  3. Echani in CSG can do it. However, damage is still calculated with Brawn, and they're 1 Brawn, so it's not all that great.
  4. Yaccarus

    Saving startin xp

    What if you spend like 70 XP on characteristics and buy a couple of talents, leaving you with 5 XP and the only thing you want is a 10 or 15 XP talent? I could see there being good reason in saving the XP.
  5. So, basically, he walked through a door to a new dimension. Midichlorians=The Macguffin
  6. Sidewinder from Dangerous Covenants and some ranks in burly.
  7. 1. Yes. 2. Despair to run out of ammo is redundant; it runs out of ammo with every shot anyway. 3. No. You fire, you put in an extra reload, you fire, you put in an extra reload...
  8. Yaccarus

    Jetlag. Star Wars Style.

    It got mentioned in Knight Errant that Darknell has a 32 hour day, which made for much longer work days. (24 hours minimum) That’s the only instance of time oddities that I remember off the top of my head. But for the most part, I think that space travel being so common has meant that: Things are much more likely to be open all the time, especially tourist attractions or things near spaceports. Spacers get used to extremely unpredictable sleep schedules and adapt to jetlag quite quickly.
  9. Yaccarus

    Am I mistaken...

    You have N’Kata Del Gormo as a PC?
  10. Yaccarus

    Am I mistaken...

    A Battlefront game with Grievous, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Dooku? Wow, that is completely unprecedented. EA is so amazing!
  11. Yaccarus

    Am I mistaken...

    Has anyone read/watched/played every Legends thing in existence? Probably, but that’s an extremely small percent of fans. So, unless you’re one of those, then there is indeed plenty of good Star Wars stuff out there.
  12. Yaccarus

    Clone Wars Questions

    I would guess that there are quadrillions of clones at least.
  13. Yaccarus


    We have a tradition of taking threads like these, imagining what was in the OP, and discussing as though it were an actual post.
  14. Yaccarus


    I disagree. What about Viqi Shesh?