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  1. IIRC, it’s still normal dual-weilding rules. Your Harch Gunslinger would be able to spend 2 adv to hit twice, 4 adv to hit 3 times, 6 adv to hit 4 times, etc.
  2. Sorry for the late response; some sort of glitch was preventing me from posting. Anywho, here’s my thoughts. First and foremost, thanks for bring this up. Any time people want to revisit my species stats, that helps to revise and ensure the CSG stats are as good as possible. On the other hand, creating a new forum is kind of an odd choice. You consistently mention what “people” stat them as, and it seems like said stats are from the CSG. If you want to critique the CSG, doing so on the main CSG forum or least giving me an @ mention would have made sense. Honestly, the more I think about it, Willpower 3 sounds like a pretty good idea. I gave them Agility 3 to emphasize their skills in combat, although doing 231231 could work. Discipline and Coercion would nice, but their most notable aspect is their proficiency in combat, so I think giving them a rank in Melee seems like the most logical choice. In general, giving multiple skills is kind of taboo, if you want to represent Coercion or Discipline, a talent would be a better choice. Both WT and ST should be higher for the reasons you mentioned, although I’d go with a higher WT than ST.
  3. Oh yeah, that’s my bad; I forgot my own stats. The Agility 1 is in fact intentional, with my rationale being: a. Although they have thumbs, they lack fingers, making it harder in general to use starship controls or blasters b. Their peaceful nature means that they’re probably not going to use many blasters or do fly starships in combat c. The xenophobia toward them and their struggle to interact can be reflected by the Stoic ability anyway. As for the rank in Resilience, that was taken straight out of the Ultimate Alien Anthology, which gave them the following ability: “Resilient: Krevaaki receive a +1 species bonus on Fortitude saves.” I did also give them a higher wound threshold. You could totally make a case for Enduring here, but this ultimately comes down to the subjective guess at how tough the shell is. For example, Chevin only receive the talent “Durable” for their thick hide (-10 for critical injury rolls) and plenty of species with thick skin or natural armor like Verpine receive no obvious bonus at all, or perhaps only get a boost to wound threshold. Why I chose not to give them Enduring is more for balancing than anything else: they’re not supposed to be a species that focuses on combat, and I wanted to reflect that by giving them benefits which are a bit less potent. If I did give them the Enduring, I would stat them as follows. Willpower 3, Agility 1 WT 11+Brawn, ST 10+Willpower 90 XP Protective Shell: Receive the talent “Enduring.” Aquatic: Can breathe underwater and remove all movement penalties for being underwater. Remove setback for humidity, add setback for dry conditions. Stoic: Add boost on all Deception checks, add setback on all Charm checks. Thanks for bringing this up, though; you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about.
  4. My Krevaaki stats began as a “literal translation” of the Ultimate Alien Anthology stats before I began to modify them based on what I read. So, if you read into their explanation for this ability, it essentially says that their unique facial structure makes their emotions incomprehensible, thus making them harder to understand. As I see this, this would mean a boost on Deception checks. However, I think it also warrants a penalty to Charm. I gave them a setback there, although such a penalty could be considered redundant given that they’re already Presence 1.
  5. I’ve written 224 species write ups, each with stats, a picture, and 400+ words summarizing their biology and culture... What more are you asking of me? (Other than, of course, making #225, but that’s happening either way.)
  6. You seem to be missing a number of GMAC species such as Frog Dog, Geran, Hoover, and Swokes Swokes. (That was what I noticed from like a 10 second glance, there are more.) Here’s the CSG: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QZbBHcV-P3koUmBRo77rTq2OOyWUTSeB I’m not entirely opposed to Donovan Morningfire’s idea of no unofficial species, but either put all unofficial species or none. Putting in all USM stats, a seeemingly random selection from the GMAC, and none from the CSG is an odd design choice imo.
  7. My take is that PCs who raised in very specific environments should have their gear given to them in a way that more narrative. Obviously, this is a very homebrew sort of solution, but here’s how I let PCs get gear in my game: (Note that my game featured a mix of PCs at high and low levels of XP) Options for PCs at Base Starting XP: Heavy Robes, Jedi Utility Belt, Basic Lightsaber Phase I Clone Trooper Armor with built-in electrobinoculars, comlink, utility belt, and coolant system, DC-15 Rifle, 2 EMP Grenades, M8 Combat Knife CF-9 Flight Suit, DC-17 Pistol, comlink, tool kit, datapad 2,000 credits worth of gear Options for High-Level (+250 XP) PCs: Jedi Commander Armor, Jedi Utility Belt, Basic Lightsaber Heavy Robes, Jedi Utility Belt, Lightsaber with crystal of choice Heavy Robes, Jedi Utility Belt, EotE Lightsaber Phase I ARC Trooper Armor with built-in electrobinoculars, comlink, utility belt, and coolant system and attachment of choice, DC-15 or DC-15A Rifle, 3 EMP Grenades, 2 Armor Piercing Grenades, M8 Combat Knife Phase I Clone Trooper Armor with built-in electrobinoculars, comlink, utility belt, and coolant system, Z-6 Rotary Cannon, DC-17 Pistol, 2 EMP Grenades, M8 Combat Knife Phase I Clone Trooper Armor with built-in electrobinoculars, comlink, utility belt, and coolant system, Jetpack, DC-15 Rifle, 2 EMP Grenades, M8 Combat Knife Any loadout from Index 1 with an additional 1,000 credits worth of gear 5,000 credits worth of gear
  8. “How did you do that?” “I don’t know!” She was just as amazed as Finn after they defeated the TIEs.
  9. Except, you know, being a really good pilot despite never having flown a ship and outdueling Kylo Ren despite never having trained with a lightsaber.
  10. I think most people other than me will be okay with it, and I’m okay with that.
  11. Just as I predicted... CotR has little that’s specific to the Clone Wars era; its focus is on TCW fan service.
  12. Armor, weapons, attachments, gear, whatever... which ones are just egregious game design? Asking this because I found out about the Armor Insert attachment in Cyphers and Masks, which costs 450 credits and turns Heavy Clothing into Armored Clothing, and also has mods for +1 soak and +1 defense. Basically, 2 defense and 2 soak armor for 500 credits and a few mechanics checks.
  13. Kind of an embarrassing announcement here, but someone reading the CSG pointed this out to me: A number of species, including Yinchorri and Houk, are listed as having ST n+Brawn. This is not intended and such instances are the results of a brain fart. Strain Threshold is always dependent on Willpower. I looked for a little while and found the issue in Thakwaash and Shi’ido as well. If you discover I did this in any other places, then, to quote Sio Bibble, “You must contact me!”
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