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  1. 1. I'm not sure what exactly you're referring to in this, I cant see how this can be a contradiction. The prequel trilogy demonstrated a Republic with military in the Clone Wars and a Republic without military prior to it, so whatever the EU writers said about the military or lack thereof, its probably fine. 2. Score 1 point for a legit contradiction. However, references to the clone wars from the early EU are vague and few in number, so fixing it only requires you to change a handful of sentences and never really comprimises any major plot points in those stories. 3. Two different types of cloning are at play: Kaminoan cloning and Spaarti cloning. Call it a retcon if you want, but it makes sense: different methodologies have different results. Calling this a contradiction is like saying that the existence of cell phones contradicts the existence of desktop computers. 4. Kaminoans used one progenitor because they thought Jango was the best and anyone else wouldnt be as good. Its not like they were unable to make clones of other people. More diverse clones became popular later on, probably to specialize in different tasks... but so what? It's just like 3: a different use and approach to cloning. 5. I'm not sure why the clone Joruus C'Baoth's backstory was never explored, but just because the movies didnt mention them doesnt mean he doesnt exist. Yes, it's true that Lucas was not perfect when it comes to creating cohesive lore, but for the most part, the aparent contradictions were either eliminated with supplementary explanations or by making miniscule edits to the prior books, and they are few enough in number that they dont come up often. So long as you keep an open mind to these explanations, both sources can coexist.
  2. Alright, name 20 contradictions created by Attack of the Clones. There's how many... maybe 3? And even with those contradictions, the authors of the EU did a really good job of coming up with explanations to make everything fit, so older sources that viewed the Clone Wars a little differently could still ultimately coexist with AotC. Such is not the case with 2008 The Clone Wars, whose contradictions are so numerous and direct that either you have remove 2008 The Clone Wars from the Legends timeline, or you have to remove the entire Multimedia Project plus a bunch of other good stuff from the Legends timeline.
  3. The original Legends material provides a clear answer to his question in that Jabba only rose to power late in his life, and even then, he did not rule the criminal underworld, thus making it logical that he just never had the chance to move. The retconned version of Jabba always being the most powerful Hutt is what creates the problem in the first place. So yes, I made one off-topic sentence saying that 2008 Clone Wars shouldn't be part of legends, but I think that its worth pointing out that there's an obvious solution available in prior lore.
  4. Case in point that 2008 The Clone Wars cannot be accepted as part of the Legends continuity. Filoni created contradictions with every chance he got.
  5. He really wasn't a powerful Hutt until 0 BBY, at which point Jiliac the Hutt died, leaving Jabba with control of the Kajidic. I suppose in the five years he had as a major crime lord, he just never had the time to move to a more prominent location. Especially when you control as much stuff as Jabba has, I imagine that moving locations takes a lot of time and effort.
  6. Another side note that I would like to mention, as someone has been running into this recently and I have no way to contact them directly: The CSG's google drive links should work for everyone on the internet; you don't need permission. However, some domains can prevent link sharing. If you're logged into a gmail account affiliated with one of these organizations (cough Albuquerque Public Schools cough) it will block link sharing and tell you that you do not have permission to view the CSG. I can do nothing to change this on my end, but this should be very easy to circumvent by simply logging out. Either log into a personal account (anything ending in @gmail.com should be fine), sign out manually, or simply go into an incognito window. The CSG should be available to anyone browsing while not logged in or to those signed into personal account. I try to test all the links while signed out to make sure that they work, but every once in a while, links do get messed up, so if you still can't see the CSG even when you're signed out, then the link is probably outdated or I've made some other mistake. Please let me know via these forums or email mrgentlezombieyt@Gmail.com if that happens, and I'll try to update the link.
  7. v6 of the Complete Species Guide is now out! The Fancy Graphics version has returned, again giving the CSG an incredible aesthetic, alongside the OggDude's Dataset and Printer Friendly versions as always. It features 60 new species, delving into many of WEG's more obscure additions to the Star Wars universe, and it it also the first version to feature Canon species not included in FFG: Abednedo, Ardennian, and Anzellan. Additionally, I have revisited some of the guide's oldest pages, proofreading in order to eliminate typos and make them easier to read.
  8. All 3 are Gands named Gand from Gand that speak Gand.
  9. https://discord.gg/U8fpqF is basically the only public discord server for SWRPG that I know of. It doesnt host a ton of games directly, but a lot of games are advertised there, and at the very least, its a spot to meet people interested in SWRPG.
  10. I'm actually sort of looking for a player. The game is Wednesday nights at 7:00 CST. It's more or less EotE, but we'd have room for a Force-sensitive. It takes place in the Republic Dark Age. Obviously it's kinda short notice to join tonight, but from one Gand to another, the spot is available.
  11. I have, of course, made PC stats for the Gen'Dai. A combat-oriented Gen'Dai PC is going to be super OP unless the GM has a very specific way of challenging the party, but I genuinely believe that a Gen'Dai PC who is a Scholar or a Pilot for example could make a genuinely interesting character if done correctly. You could play as a strict pacifist who refuses to fight, where invincibility becomes useful every once in a while but doesn't let kill anyone you want. A harder option that could be really amazing if done well would be an older Gen'Dai developing psychosis, so they display irrational violence every once in a while: The challenge is then to protect others from your own potential bursts of insanity, and your invincibility becomes just as much of a burden as it is a help. 99% of the time though you'll just get a min-maxed combat PC that can survive anything thrown at them.
  12. I feel like Discord has a bunch of advantages over playing on forums, but that's just my two cents.
  13. As I write this comment, the full flavor text is a work in progress, but anywho.... I started a page for Akurian. The stats are a pretty straightforward translation from WEG as there isn't really enough information to make me believe anything other than what WEG says. Cold adaptations, primitive, brawn and WT to match Wookiees, and a rank in Coercion to reflect that most fear them. Presence 1 or Intellect 1 is kind of a toss up, as d6 penalizes them for Technical, Mechanical, Knowledge, Persuasion, and Bargain.
  14. The people who devote much of their time to editting Wookieepedia articles chose not to list Sephi as a species that appears in Dangerous Covenants, and I generally assume that such individuals know more about Star Wars than I. However, it's possible that they just were staying on the safe side as they werent 100% sure it was a Sephi. However, neither humans nor Sephi are usually that red, although maybe that's just an effect of whatever light she's supposed to be in. Star Wars has a long tradition of pictured long-eared near-humans without identifying the species. The common concensus, as suggested by Leeland Chee, is that these are either Sephi or of a species closely related to Sephi.
  15. My two cents regarding your last question: Interesting species always pique my curiousity in order to help create an interesting character. If you want a truly unique experience, it helps to have a truly unique species: Try playing as four Bilars united by a hive mind, a Wol Cabasshite who cant even move or speak without help from someone else, an Ugor obsessed with collecting garbage who can alter its physiology to match any situation, or an incredibly dumb Ossan. The Star Wars universe is big enough that there are essentially endless options which can jump-start your creative process.
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