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  1. Yaccarus

    House Rules

    This reduces each of the "geography" Knowledge skills to being so niche that they're not worth investing in. Also, there are plenty of regions more unique than the Western Reaches if you want to start doing that. It's a Pandora's box: Hutt Space, Chiss Space, Corporate Sector, etc.
  2. Yaccarus

    Why did Obi Wan say this?

    Haven't you guys ever seen Terminator? I Robot? The Matrix? Wall-E? IG-88's Tale? Debts to Pay? If droids start thinking, they rise against their creators.
  3. I think you should just give them a rank in Mechanics instead of Gearhead. Skill and talent is a lot more common than two skills or two talents. I just don't see why Gearhead represents them any better. Give the general Mechanics skill. I would also say that Xenophobia has way more drawbacks than benefits. The benefits are similar to those of Nobody's Fool, a talent often available for 5 XP. Adding setbacks to like 8 different skills, though? You can't tell that's only +5 XP. Maybe remove the setbacks on social skills. (Just because you're racist doesn't mean you can't talk to other species. Maybe there is the narrative drawback of not wanting to interact with outsiders. But that shouldn't mean they struggle with it.) I would also point to the Skakoans, a similar case of xenophobia and isolation: They lack any ability resembling what you have there. You gotta do what you gotta do to adaquetely represent a species. But this ability might be unnecessary.
  4. Also play up the paranoia and distrust with Bothans. They will always assume the worst from the PCs and expect that they are using some sort of deception to take advantage of them.
  5. I would add drawbacks to Unrelenting Skeptic and make it an optional thing. For example, if the PC chooses to "activate" Unrelenting Skeptic for some encounter, they would also have a harder time recognizing truth. For example, you deem it such that an NPC in an interrogation has finally broken and is telling the truth. Now, you could make it such that the PC adds 3 failures on checks to realize that he is actually telling the truth. Now, for the next encounter, the PC may want to "deactivate" the paranoia caused by Unrelenting Skeptic.
  6. “The Last Jedi Movie Review - KYLO REN REACTS” already had footage of the broom scene, (at the very end) and it has been on YouTube since December.
  7. Yaccarus


    I see no reason for Ankura to be any different than Otolla. Given that Gungans are Presence 3, I think that FFG put both subspecies into one profile. Maybe give them Resilience instead of Athletics to reflect the bulk if you really feel the need to separate them.
  8. Yaccarus

    Gand and Janwuine-Jika

    Still not OK
  9. Yaccarus

    Anyone need a GM?

    You’re about 1 year late.
  10. Yaccarus

    Character creation guide

    I would always advise to use CSG stats.
  11. Yaccarus

    Does this sentient race exist in star wars?

    In that case, you’d also have to give males +5 XP
  12. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Because of popular opinion on an argument I had on Discord a few days ago, I've changed the CSG in a way that makes and more like FFG (and arguably, more user-friendly) Wound Thresholds and Strain Thresholds are now written the way they are in official sources; the addition is no longer done for you.
  13. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    I simply don’t see what makes Drall so exceptional as to warrant Intellect 4. I think 3 suits them just fine, as they seem to be at about the same Intellect level as other Intellect 3 species. The wound and strain thresholds are unchanged; I see nothing wrong with the original in that department. WT 9 means 8+Brawn, and ST 14 means 12+Willpower. Discipline was chosen as a reflection of their scholarly, refined, dignified, focused, and calm demeanor. I brought in Respected Scholar as a way of reducing their XP to a reasonable level as well as further highlighting how respected they are in academic circles. Tiran was a Drall, was he not? Silhouette 0 is the obvious choice given their small size. 110 XP was calculated based on the above: 3 1 1 means +20 XP in comparison to a similar 3 1 species. Those 3 1 species are typically a skill, a minor benefit (environmental adaptation, minor talent, or boosted WT/ST) with 100 XP. -2 WT offsets +2 ST, So 3 1 1 with the skill choice and Respected Scholar would be 120 XP. Silhouette 0 has benefits, but they are rare, so when it is factored in, they get dropped to somewhere in between 115 XP and 120 XP. Finally, Problem Solvers strikes me as a powerful ability worth a little more than 5 XP. This leaves the Drall at 110 XP.