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  1. I do like me some Givin
  2. Yaccarus

    Where will the Beta Forums go?

    Hey, I was wondering how this got resolved! Did the beta forums get deleted?
  3. Yaccarus

    A pyromaniac without the maniac?

    Another fun idea would be one who specialized in killing Gen’Dai or Bartokk, species where a flamethrower might be the only weapon with a chance of killing them. And they have no training with any other weapons, so they still use their old flamethrower.
  4. Yaccarus

    In Stock!!!

    Congratulations on the most ambiguous forum post in awhile. I think you’re announcing that www.nerfherder.co.uk has... Cyphers and Masks?
  5. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    So of the past 6 CSG additions, I have made the following stat blocks: (spoilers used to avoid wall of mega text)
  6. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Yeah, that’s why they’re going to be such a pain to stat. Perhaps one person could control an entire hive as their PC? Or control one Bartokk as a PC and have other NPC Bartokks alongside them?
  7. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Not that Ugors are done, I can focus on my next species, one that is more normal and easier to stat. Oh wait, never mind.
  8. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jWamUYk2sguCI2hTW980tue-ZUbQe8UvImDYoAfs3Q4 Work in progress, and I have no idea how I’m going to fit in everything that I want to say.
  9. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Holy irreducible garbágina! Ugors are weird!
  10. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    Of the avian species I’ve encountered so far, only Besalisk get more than 1 in Brawn. Ayrou, Fosh, Mrlssi, Sathari, and Vor are all Brawn 1... Stop enforcing stereotypes about birds, Star Wars!
  11. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

  12. Motivations Enforced Mechanically MEM
  13. Yaccarus

    The Complete Species Guide

    I’m moving this to the top of my list.
  14. Yaccarus

    A pyromaniac without the maniac?

    Nonhuman is always the best way to go, and this is one of the best reasons to do so: They can have extremely radical personalities that are extremely different from “normal” human mindsets. A brutal Yevetha, for example, might not care about his victims at all. A “might makes right” Yinchorri might rationalize that if his victims didn’t want to die by burning alive, they should have better prepared to defend themself and therefore deserve their fate. A pragmatic Quarren might simply argue that it’s the best tool for the job.