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  1. I actually think the price is fine for beefing the size of every deck. 2 scenarios and 4 new characters adds a lot of replayability and also don't forget, artwork isn't cheap. FFG's AH series has some of the finest art i've ever seen in a board/card game.
  2. They printed it on the boat to save time 🤣
  3. I lost the third scenario miserably with the three orc hunters. Lost so bad in fact, i was left wondering ''Hey, you suck at boardgames. Ever considered picking up knitting or arts & crafts?'' XD Everything went bad, from abysmal card draw to app vileness... it wasn't pretty. Scenario was great however, so looking forward to try it again next campaign!
  4. You did it right. Could be a bug. I'll keep an eye and try to reproduce it on my end. Talking about bugs, are you guys experiencing any issues when tapping an element on screen, like a token? Sometimes, i do have to tap the element multiple times before getting prompted for an action. I use an Android device.
  5. I can understand the confusion. Note that the quoted rule is listed under 71.2, which is an effect of provoking enemies through movement (with travel action or other effects like sprint). Once you resolve provoking, it allows you to move out of your space. Easy to miss, Legolas' free move ability DOES NOT provoke enemies; you're in the clear with him. Normally, i think if you trigger a travel action which provoke enemies, once provoking resolved you MAY benefit from you two movement points. Nothing forces you to move out, you can change your mind and cancel your action, decide to do an interact instead (which also provoked). Nothing in the rules prevents you from doing so since (1) interact would have provoked anyway and (2) both travel and interact makes you spend one action point. Doesn't change much; end result will be the same, so yes, i assume you could do an interact instead. Otherwise, you resolve your travel action and execute an attack normally. You are right about that. That is right. Rule 71.2 don't specify travel action but simply moving out of your space. If i confused you even more, i am very sorry. -S
  6. I had similar questioning while playing yesterday with the same card, and rule 1.3 made it very confusing and quite nonsensical. Since i had to define the range of my attack (which was 2 since i was not adjacent to my target) before damage was dealt, i wasn't certain if i could apply the extra strike 2 bonus to my arrow which already benefited from the extra range of that same card. This seemed anti-climatic for me. I constantly had to choose between hitting far and hitting hard - game is hard enough as it is now. Won 1st adventure, lost second and third; adventure 3 wasn't pretty. All 3 heroes kept failing at everything. I ended up resolving both abilities on the card, made more sense to me. I feel like i cheated but in my defence, there is a grey area in the rules regarding passive and triggered abilities. Possible timing order: 1. Passive effect takes place on prepared card (+1 range) 2. Define range for attack 3. Test for attack 4. Discard prepared card to apply Strike 2 The confusing thing at step 4 above is since i benefited from the ability at step 1, rule 1.3 in the rulebook could in fact prevent me from discarding the card to benefit from the strike 2 effect which i could live with i guess but makes the card a lot less appealing (as for Gimli's YCP); perhaps the effect of discarding the card automatically cancels the effect from step 1 (extra range as passive ability) but the attack test is already being resolved, well past the define range combat step. It appears dumb that it would cause my attack to miss instantly since discarding the card would nullify its extra range. Call this overthinking if you will 😃
  7. I see. This make the game a lot harder than it already is... @Mazarbul What do you think of this?
  8. Are you certain of this? Nothing in the rules implies that discard effects takes timing priority over other effects (passive in aforementioned case). Also, under the timing section, a point says: "If multiple abilities resolve at the same time, the party determines the order in which those abilities resolve." Also, another interesting point in the rules: "If multiple abilities have the same cost, a hero cannot resolve the cost once to resolve each of those abilities. Only one ability can be resolved per cost. Example: If a skill card has two abilities that require the skill card to be discarded—one text ability and one keyword—the hero cannot discard that card and resolve both of its abilities." - In our case, only one ability has the discard cost requirement, the other is passive with no cost. I would assume that since none of both abilities has the wording "before", "when", "after", or other similar timing keywords, both likely happen at the same time, hence giving me the choice for order of effect. Passive first, then discard effect. That's how i interpret it but since i only played up to the 3rd adventure, i am still quite new to the game.
  9. Nah. The damage has already been suffered. It's only getting worse such as getting infected, or the pain making you grow weaker - thematically speaking. I rarely put travel garb to good use since facedown damage has been quite rare for me in the first 3 adventures. I might upgrade that one first once lore permits it.
  10. I wasn't aware of the double sided tiles showing different terrain based on location. You have me much more excited about the game there 😃
  11. I'm good. I have so many dice games anyway. Also, i am curious about the system where you can alter the odds of drawing a success by adding/removing cards from your deck which you build along the campaign, a bit like Gloomhaven did. You fought better as you gained levels but not through something preset; instead, the player chose what combat ability to add in his deck. Journeys in Middle-Earth appears to be following the same path. It makes the "draw a success" system more compelling since you have a form of control over it. You build your own odds! Cool.
  12. Good news! Thought it would be much later than this since no later than recently, it was still in development =/
  13. I'd like a cast of new characters, similar to the ones they created for MEQ. Let's have fun exploring Middle-Earth with a B-team of unknown adventurers while the big names save the world. Elena is a good start. She's kinda cool. Also, a new Hobbit; perhaps a female, and a new Dúnedain, kinda like Beravor. Otherwise, i'd like Éowyn, Faramir and Boromir.
  14. Agreed. If a game with no dice is a flop, there must be a lot of flops out there... and a lot more to come
  15. This won't deter me from playing the game but i can understand how you feel. Gloomhaven has no dice and it ain't a flop, it uses cards for character actions and combat results. FFG seem to have developed a similar, strong mechanic with deck building which is a step outside their comfort zone. Really eager for that. Plus you can select different class (or path) cards for the same hero as the campaign unfolds - you can even gain experience to have stronger effects with cards of a specific class. You want to level up another class? you can. About the heroes, Elena is new and kinda cool (never heard of her), and Beravor is a nice addition that was first introduced in the MEQ boardgame from FFG. She was also present in the LotR:LCG but kinda lived in other, more popular heroes' shadow. Kinda glad she's part of the original pool of heroes. I agree with you that the Legolas-Aragorn-Gimli trio might seem like straight out from the microwave oven, meself would have opted for new B-Team characters instead, but at least half the characters stand out from the usual powerhouses and inevitable no brainers. In future expansions, if FFG can introduce at least one new character like they did for MEQ, that would be nice. Never had any issues with rules overload from FFG (except some of their older games like Arkham Horror 2nd ed). Everything is easy to understand, well laid out, clear explanations and streamlined. Try playing Sword & Sorcery. Even after several sessions, i'm still spending as much time looking into the rule book for clunky, hard to grasp rules than playing the game. Doesn't happen with our favorite gaming company here. For example, the rule books from Arkham Horror:LCG are among the best 😃 The mini battlefield is intriguing and i can't say much about it, but it is exciting that you can explore "indoors" as well as "outdoors". Some dungeon crawling mechanic in the works for that game? let them clever guys at FFG surprise us with more content. I would say don't miss out because i feel there will be a lot of good adventuring in there. Hope you enjoy the game as much as i know i will PS: I'm a FFG, Terrinoth AND LotR fanboy.
  16. I never thought about that. I would like it too. I'd be fine with items that gets reshuffled in the deck once the scenario is over.
  17. I think HoT is a better game all-in-all, but how do you feel about the removal of the gear deck?
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