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  1. Shirys

    Monster Making

    Haven't thought about that. Thanks!
  2. Shirys

    Monster Making

    Thanks for all this 😃
  3. Shirys

    Monster Making

    To be honest, i suspected as such. Genesys allows a lot of flexibility in creating adversaries, compared to a limited (or restricting) templating system with preset values and gauges which you can't go around. This has been very informative. Thanks for your detailed explanation. I'll keep your hints for the owl bear as a guide for creating monsters since i always worry about making the monster too powerful, to turn our gaming session into a frustrating party wipe XD Would you set a monster ability above 5? like a dragon with Brawn of 6, or a master assassin (nemesis) with 6 cunning? I think it might be a bit too strong since PCs are limited to 5 but on the other side, a dragon has obviously more brawn than even the strongest human. Tough deal to achieve realism without breaking game balance.
  4. Shirys

    Monster Making

    This is really nice. After reading the core book's section on creating adversaries and the adversary talent, i can't put my mind on abilities and equipment (or attacks); how do you figure out the abilities and equipment outside of weapons (such as claws or tentacles). How do you calculate the damage and critical values? Let's say when you convert an owlbear from D&D, how do you convert the damage dice plus modifiers into sheer genesys damage - also the crit value. It's fine for weapons, it is listed somewhere in the books but how do you define the damage and crit values for horns, or claws? It is not listed anywhere, unless i missed it. Do you use your imagination and knowledge of the reference monster, or perhaps you are simply using a system of your own making?
  5. Shirys

    What is the point of this game being "unique"?

    I was wondering whether we can combine two core sets together for more diversity. Is it likely to break game or scenario balance?
  6. Shirys

    Any news from gen con?

    I would say i am intrigued, but not as excited as for HoT or AH 3rd Ed. Might try KeyForge sometime but i don't think i'll invest huge money in it.
  7. Cool! Best of both worlds
  8. Now that you mention it, i just noticed it as well. Guess is that they borrowed the token draw mechanic of AH LCG but with different symbols and modifiers (if any). They can adjust the token pool differently with each scenario (or difficulty), making things more thematic. At first, i wasn't convinced with AH LCG use of tokens instead of dice, but i ended up liking it. This is really adaptable as a system and i think it's a good decision. For dice, there's always EH which is still (and will remain) an excellent mythos game. I can live with tokens since i know i like both.
  9. Couldn't agree more with you. I ended up thinking twice about cracking the game open and the last few times, i found out that EH corrected a LOT (a lot!) of errors and over complications found in AH 2nd ed. Game played a lot faster and was more a compelling story than just totally random stuff.
  10. If what you say becomes true, i have huge expectations for that game and i'm really excited for this. New amazing AH LCG expansion cycle currently running, excellent reskin of WHQ:TACG with the incoming Heroes of Terrinoth and now this, Q3 and 4 2018 will be an amazing time for FFG fans!
  11. Wow! That is an amazing idea. Didn't even realize😃
  12. I think this could actually be a really good, polished game. Looks fun and solid. What i really like based on what i see in the article is, of course the scenario/mystery based objectives, but also the reduced amount of decks swarming on the table. You just setup the district decks you need for a specific scenarios instead of all district decks (was it 9 or 10?) which half of it ended up being drawn from only once or twice during a normal AH 2nd ED session. Thing is, with all the EH horror similarities found in that game (investigator sheets, mysteries, objectives, etc...), would this mean the end of the line for EH products?
  13. I have to admit that even as a huge fan of EH, the last big box expansion was a bit... underwhelming?
  14. Shirys

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Solid, challenging and fun mechanic. Works like a well oiled engine. Really glad they ported it to a franchise of their own. I love Terrinoth!
  15. "... looks at shelf full of unwrapped LotR boxes, dies a little bit inside... "