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  1. Shirys

    Can you build your own decks?

    You could but it's not how the game is meant to be played, plus you might break intended game balance which we don't know much about yet.
  2. Shirys

    Defeated nemesis

    That's an interesting point. Perhaps in that case you would ignore all threat results until the nemesis (hopefully doesn't) comes back into play, unless of course another card in play has threat effects as well.
  3. Shirys

    Defeated nemesis

    "Nemesis" is an enemy trait. So we can assume that nemeses are also enemies. With that clarified, p.11 of the rule book states the following: "Nemeses follow the same rules as enemies, except for the following exceptions". Said exceptions don't reveal anything about nemesis enemy cards being handled differently than normal enemies once defeated (up to that point at least). Now, p.9 of the rulebook mentions under "Defeated" that when an enemy is defeated (doesn't specify which type, so let's assume all of them), that enemy's card and any wound tokens on it are discarded. From what i'm reading so far, it appears that nemesis enemy cards would be discarded in the enemy discard pile. Also don't forget that in WHQ, the mention of nemesis enemies retreating to their lair upon defeat (Odious Grump if i remember well) was printed on the quest sheet as a special scenario effect. I don't think this is the case with the Splig scenario (please forgive me if i'm wrong). The WHQ rule book still didn't mention anything about how to handle defeated nemeses, except perhaps those coming from the campaign pool, which would then be put back in the box. So unless proven otherwise by the designers, i daresay that discarding the nemesis enemy card in the enemy discard pile could be our safest assumption. Feel free to correct me if i assume too much ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  4. Shirys

    Just got my copy!

    My local store (in Canada) should get it next week around the 15th when KeyForge gets out. During that time, i'll just try not to be too jealous of you guys =P
  5. Shirys

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Sorry, my bad. Just edited.
  6. Shirys

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    WHQ is a dead game and it won't last long. Likely an average play of 2 full campaigns (only 5 missions) with different characters, plus one delve perhaps? Additionally, HoT has a deeper system for character evolution, classes, more quests, more monsters, more locations and expansions already in the works (according to the Sadlers) I think you would miss out on a great game by not getting it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ What i would recommend is to familiarize yourself with the system by playing WHQ:ACG and when it gets old (it did for me, but still a great game), jump into Terrinoth!
  7. Shirys

    Release date?

    I'm in Canada. My local retailer told me that they're expecting KeyForge monday next week. According to him, chances are great that Heroes of Terrinoth will be shipped the same day as well. Apparently it happens all the time in their store (and many others) with FFG products. Means if i'm lucky, i'll get it Thursday next week ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  8. Just won The Steward's Fear two handed since i couldn't find a way to win one-handed. Think this was my 6th or 7th attempt. One outlands deck and the other, mostly tactics and a bit of lore for healing and card draw. Beregond as main tank (with gondorian shield + citadel plate) and Gimli with ring mail and song of mocking for solid damage. The outland deck was led by Aragorn (core) with Narsil (a sword that was broken) and Celebrian's stone, Hirluin The Fair (of course!) with Steward of Gondor (to flood the play area with outlanders) and sprifindel. Solid deck, really enjoyed the "sliver" aspect of the outlands trait so far. Will try it with new outlands cards in the future. This scenario was really challenging, but not near as frustrating as "Into Ithilien" (toughest scenario in the game so far, imho), which by the way i never succeeded at in perhaps 15 or 20 attempts. My best run was a failure on the final push, threat busted 50. I bitterly took it as a win and moved on =( Cool variable plot and boss aspect to the SF scenario. One of my favourites so far ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Nightmare level looks really nasty at first glance. Now to the Drรบadan Forest!
  9. Shirys

    Any news from gen con?

    Cheer up, you are not alone! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Might try it sometime but it ain't my cup of tea. Terrinoth, LoTR LCG and Arkham though *drooooooool*
  10. Shirys

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    Well now that you mention it, stormtroopers are the imperial figures which tend to miss the most often in my recent IA sessions ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  11. Shirys

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    I guess this might be why they decided to make it as it is. To simplify things without resorting to too much math.
  12. Shirys

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    I agree with that idea but it requires to calculate every time the minimum range based on the dice the enemy will use. Do you think a pre-set average based on dice color could be more suitable without breaking game balance?
  13. Shirys

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    You see, that is something i find weird in how the app handle ranged attacks for imperial units. I stick to that rule so the game remains balanced, but i always found it a bit silly. Basically, enemies run adjacent to you with their blaster, shoot, and then reposition back into cover. In the game, it might be optimal for damage and more challenging so the imperials never miss, but thematically it doesn't make much sense. In real life or movies, nobody does it (or rarely does it). I find it anti-cinematic. For example, if two guys are shooting at each other behind cover, one wouldn't dash next to his assailant, shoot him and go back behind his original cover. This is way too dangerous and downright suicidal. One would instead try to aim, find a better spot, lure his opponent or anything else like that. The Descent app used the "Spot" rule which made enemies try to get into line of sight within 3 spaces from their target, then attack it. It does make more sense imho, so i'm not sure why it has been decided otherwise in LotA. Not sure what others think about this.
  14. Shirys

    Tactical Combat in the Narrative System

    I am currently using any grid pattern maps i own for D&D, Descent and other games but we ignore the grid. To calculate distance, i use the range ruler from Warhammer Diskwars (FFG) as follows: Red portion: Within short range Orange Portion: Within Medium range Yellow Portion: Within Long Range Beyond yellow portion: Beyond Long range It's quick and easy to use! My group enjoys it so far. Snipers had fun trying to stay in long range and were eager to use the ruler for tactical positioning! So basically we just use the ruler between a miniature and a certain point on the map and it tells us which range band it's in. You just place your mini where you want on the map within that range, spending an extra maneuver if you end up engaging an opponent. You place your mini near a table and want cover? spend an extra maneuver and put a cover token right next to your mini (we use tokens from other games)! For difficult terrain on the map, we use logic. If it's possible to move around such terrain without too much of a stretch, it's fine - but if it's found between two walls (like a corridor), or a big bog patch with no way to go around it without using an extra range band, the difficult terrain rules apply for that movement. Same for pits, use an athletics check to jump above it. Though each portion of the ruler doesn't have the same length, so far i didn't encounter any case where we found that the difference in length caused any problems. You can just assume that the medium range band covers more room than the shorter one, and definitely even more than that for the longer range bands.
  15. Shirys

    Monster Making

    Haven't thought about that. Thanks!