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  1. This sums up what i think the format will be. Hope there will be more dungeons. With FFG, everything is possible! I was wondering though, would they borrow a similar expansion pattern from the one MoM2 is using? like occasional boxed expansions (with new minis, tiles, cards and more of everything else) plus a few app DLCs, or the individual mini packages used in the Descent 2nd Ed/IA cycles, though IA was way worse since no "monster collections" with multiples minis in it were made available in retail. Hard to tell-I kinda prefer the former. Seems cheaper to me. Running after every single mini packages, i dunno. For IA, it was a pain for me getting everything with since i started playing the game late. Had to catchup a long way. This time, no hesitation. Day 1 buy!
  2. This is my most anticipated game for 2019. It took me completely by surprise. Odd thing is a week before the announcement, i was talking to a friend about how LotR:LCG was great but how a LotR Adventure game like MoM 2nd edition would ALSO be great. Someone at FFG thinks like i do 😃
  3. Mansions of Madness 2nd edition does have music playing in the background - kinda eerie and atmospheric. The voice acting (which is really good btw) is mostly at the beginning and at the end of a scenario. Think i also heard a scream or two during a scenario, which was cool. Apart from that, the app makes the experience really immersive and the map (and monsters) isn't always the same. There's a real feel of exploration and discovery which i'll also enjoy in LotR:JiM-E. As much as i was for MoM 2nd ed, i'm also really excited about this game!
  4. Articles can confirm this. I am intrigued about Elena.
  5. He will arrive precisely when he means to, perhaps as a NPC in several quests.
  6. My first adventuring party: Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas. Let's hunt some orc!
  7. Tried it and so far, the new campaign is really fun. I like it. I found the first mission to be a bit hard though. At some point, my characters were completely exhausted, had 1 or 2 hp left, accumulated 2 or 3 knockouts and the app was still asking me to setup new sections of the scenario (it is a long quest and it plays a few tricks on you). My team's synergy was pretty good (but perhaps not optimal) since i've had a few glorious moments where monsters were pushed back into the shadow. Tough beat in the end, but heroes always bounce back, right? Play the new campaign. You'll enjoy it 😃
  8. Shirys

    Monster Making

    I love that book. The artwork is stellar. The lore is really engaging (though grim and dark at times; elves story is a bit Silmarillion~ish) which is separated in different ages (with each one their different Dark Lord); it felt like reading novellas about Terrinoth. The new races and classes are cool and felt really different from the ones in the Genesys core book (fantasy setting), plus the crafting/magic and rune system is really well done. Found a rune in test gameplays and it IS powerful, but difficult to use for the untrained. Though reviews on the book were divided, i enjoyed it more than what the average review shows. My only concern is how likely FFG would release an hardcover adventure book like the ones available for SW. Though i have several good ideas, tons of descent tiles and minis to represent rooms and enemies and a handful of DnD 4th edition adventures which could be converted, i don't really feel like doing it; no time for it. I'd rather have a real adventure to entertain players, with real Terrinoth lore and Runebound NPCs that we're familiar with. FFG has announced nothing of the sort yet.
  9. Shirys

    Monster Making

    I agree. 4th ED feels more like a board game, which i like - but a few of my friends are not too fond of board games (sadly!) so they enjoy this version less. Problem is in 4th ED, PCs are way too OP and i feel like they steamroll every encounter with minimal damage (medium for solo encounters if things go awry). Since i more or less enjoy 5th ED, i'd rather play DnD~ish boardgames instead, for a while at least. Then i found Genesys with a Terrinoth setting. I already tried SW EotE before an i really liked the system. Glad they imported it in something more flexible and generic. I like SW but i don't know why... i prefer fantasy for role playing characters.
  10. Shirys

    Defeated nemesis

    This makes total sense. Thanks for pointing this out
  11. Shirys

    Monster Making

    Thanks for that. Those are very helpful hints. I'm still a bit new to the system but so far, i prefer it to DnD (still love DnD though!). I'm mostly into the Terrinoth setting. We can talk more about this, you have very nice ideas about monster conversion.
  12. Shirys

    Can you build your own decks?

    You could but it's not how the game is meant to be played, plus you might break intended game balance which we don't know much about yet.
  13. Shirys

    Defeated nemesis

    That's an interesting point. Perhaps in that case you would ignore all threat results until the nemesis (hopefully doesn't) comes back into play, unless of course another card in play has threat effects as well.