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  1. I wanna play Ironman with Dr. Strange, supported by Wong and get the Hulk ally to screw-up; "Dude, You're embarrassing me in front of the wizards!"
  2. Hmm, i see. Quite the shocker indeed =|
  3. There's a thing though, why would they feature the release of a new Genesys Keyforge setting if they plan on dropping the whole system, makes no sense. That is, unless they learned about layoffs soon after the news, which i still find unlikely - they would have put down the banner, or made a new announcement of some kind (perhaps). My guess is in knowledge of such news, FFG wouldn't even have announced that source book in the first place. Leads into thinking they might still support Genesys
  4. Just as i was delving deeper into Genesys, this is indeed very sad news =( Hopefully they'll keep supporting it somehow.
  5. I think you are right. The creators didn't want the nemesis to upstage the villain, but instead get in the way at the worst moment, plus create a new crisis - more stuff to think about. Also, that automatic attack can hurt in an already dire situation.
  6. I was a little bit underwhelmed by the apparition of a nemesis though, once. Since he got to appear during alter-ego form, that nemesis' "automatic damage on hero when enters play" did not went through and he got one-shotted shortly after by another hero and his allies. Perhaps nemeses should have a little bit more hp? They're nemeses after all, not simple minions such as Hydra Agent #127, not worthy enough to have its name even mentioned. I was a bit like, okay... that was quick, unless i misunderstood something in the rules =/ Still fun though. It was simply a lucky situation
  7. Me, i was readying my cards after the villain phase based on simple assumptions. Difficulty cranked up a notch once i figured i shouldn't XD
  8. True since backflip is part of a defense reaction, which does not apply to Hulk's effect. Can't "defend" from this
  9. Now that i think about it, this makes a ton of sense. I think you just found it 😃
  10. So you would think that the extra damage is lost? This is what i originally thought but it appeared overpowered =/
  11. sorry i should have specified that earlier, but Peter Parker's ally was defending an attack made against Captain Marvel. As the ally's controller, it made him the target of Overkill damage
  12. Hi. During my last play session, i fell into an interesting timing issue where Peter Parker (not Spiderman!) was about to be dealt massive damage from Overkill, which first went through an ally he controlled who got exhausted for defending an attack against Captain Marvel. I had a "backflip" card in my hand, and here's what it does: "Interrupt (defense): When you would take any amount of damage from an attack, prevent all of that damage." The thing is, since no form is specified on the card, nothing appears to prevent me from playing it as alter-ego which are normally not involved in defense reactions, but thematically it feels a bit odd - though in the movies, Peter Parker DOES backflip, but it ain't a movie, it is a game with a clear set of rules, yet rather unclear here in fact. Overkill rules reads that excess damage to a defending ally is dealt to the controlling hero, but i wasn't in hero form, so it felt OP to have the damage automatically canceled because of that wording, though that might have been the intent in the rules. Also, i wasn't certain whether the defense keyword on the card applied only to the defending ally, or was applicable to Peter Parker as well as part of the attack resolution process because of the card mention of you. Nothing in the rules about the you keyword. I suspect the card being usable only for the character acting as defender as an immediate interrupt to his/her defense reaction, not for other characters victim of collateral damage since it would be too late during the attack process (the defense reaction already occured). The you wording is a bit confusing as well. Based on my assumption, an ally you control isn't you, your hero/alter-ego is, unless the real meaning is for any element of the game that you control as a player. I ended up playing the card on Peter Parker to shrug off all the damage on him, but i feel like i cheated. I still lost so it doesn't mean much in the end. You guys encountered some weird timing situation like this?
  13. If i were you, i would give another read through both rulebooks. Perhaps you overlooked something important in the rules
  14. Lost 2, won 1, all with pre-crafted hero and villain decks. Really fun and challenging game, can't get enough of it 😃
  15. Call me biased because i am a huge Iron Man fan, but is it just me or Iron Man (hero side) appear to be under powered compared to others? Adding up all is stats sums up to a miserable 4, while others have 6 or 7. Also, i find it odd that he has only 1 DEF. Iron Man was a pretty big deal in the comics/movies regarding armor and capability to withstand punishment (he survived through Thanos' devastating combo attacks!); not as much as Cap but still, Stark in his suit was no pushover. Perhaps another element of the game balances it out but at first glance, i felt disappointed with how my favorite hero is being reflected stat wise in the game.
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