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  1. Well, it might just get as hard sometimes since each investigators have to draw an encounter card (two ancient evils in a row sucks big time!) and usually, the required amount of clues is multiplied by two for a given objective. I just find that two investigators gives me a bit more options and variability, that plus cool interaction with committed cards to help each other. Certain cards aren't as useful (or not optimal) when you play solo with only one toon =)
  2. Elven Faction Incoming in 2018?

    Though this'll be awkward, i might dance a little if that banner ever gets displayed on FFG's front page. If i'm at the office at that very moment, so be it.
  3. Yes. I usually play with two decks when playing solo.
  4. Alone i play standard but easy with the wife. Tried hard and both my investigators ended up as monster food.
  5. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Will FFG potentially release a set of pre-built adventures for Realms of Terrinoth? So far, i guess you have to come up with your own.
  6. All of this makes perfect sense. Kinda abstract but i get it now. Can't really blame FFG for failing to underline that strange aspect of the game which we're not used to, they're not used to it themselves =) I like the fact that they always try out new concepts. Thanks for your clarification!
  7. I wasn't aware of this. Based on recent comments, i thought 100% of the game allowed only the active character to select an option. Does the adventure tells you when you can select among the unactivated pool? or maybe i missed it in the rules. Knowing that the average part of the game in fact allows you to select among the pool of unactivated characters (outside of town apparently), likely during combat and "stressful" decisions i assume, this might be a huge selling point for me. Already thinking about a group of 3 characters, human, dwarf and catfolk! Thanks for your very informative yet spoiler free review. This was really well written. Kudos
  8. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    Runewars miniatures is sadly not for me. I am a gamer, not a hobbyist. I almost bought it but rolled a crit on my will save. Though i really much enjoy Battlelore 2nd and i long for the unlikely announcement of Latari expansions, Runewars minis feel too Warhammer~ish for my taste. I'd rather have a board with terrain tiles and pre-made scenarios (play out of the box with some custom army building rules) than having to build my own board, terrain elements and features. Some people really enjoy that, maybe even more than playing. I don't, leaves me indifferent. I paint a little but i'm certainly no expert. Game looks good, just not for me.
  9. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    Maybe it would be a more enjoyable experience solo? Smaller pool of skills, more challenge, no activation awkwardness. Could be a nice game to play when you want to relax after work, not too heavy and just making your imagination drift into Terrinoth and its lore. You go through the books at your own pace, discover the story. Maybe even house rule something for sudden death like in the old CYOA books.
  10. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    I plan on getting it too since i'm a sucker for the Runebound universe. Might just play it solo for now though to fix some of the issues like the long periods having other players growing impatient listening to you reading the story and also, no activation token confusion with only one character's worth of available skills for making decisions. Might be more challenging and causing a new play through with a completely different character to be more diverse and enjoyable. It would feel more like a huge CYOA with multiple chapters. Could scratch that nostalgic itch from the 80s but in the Runebound universe.
  11. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    I don't think they are stupid. I'm quite certain FFG is aware of this flaw. It might just be a difficult balance decision they had to take to make the game playable without having all the skill pool available right from the start (which feels too easy for me and pointless to gain new skills). The way they brought it might just be a little awkward. Not sure how to go around it without breaking game balance. Maybe in future expansions they'll tweak it a little bit?
  12. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    Agree with you on that. I think that's the way i would play it, more fun. Makes more sense. For balance's sake though, since doing this would increase the available skill pool from a single character to the whole group's (which is a lot more than intended by the official rules), maybe reduce the number of skills when you create a character by one or two, or even reduce total stamina =/ Again, i don't have the game so i can't really test it but it is an idea i strongly support for sure. Though i might understand the reason why the designers brought the mechanic this way in the rules when playing several characters, i don't find fun the fact that when someone's time to shine finally arrives (which might have been awaited for the last 30 mins or so listening to someone reading a book), he can't shine at all since he previously decided to go take a leak in the nearby bushes. This could be frustrating for the player and strip him from his desire to play the game again since every time his precious skills are required, he's "activated" and can't use it so he's basically useless. I mean, not totally useless since the active player still can choose on of the available options, but not the one where your new exiting skill could have made a big difference, which ends up feeling like disapointment. Who know, maybe in the next 30 mins i'll have the occasion to use one of my skills. Oh wait, i still can't use my precious skills because in the previous decision, i just threw a few coins in the palm of some beggar... i wanted to bring some good in this bleak world and i'm penalized for it. Seems broken to me. Never saw any RPGs played like this, unless your toon is paralyzed, unconscious or whatevs. My opinion solely.
  13. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    I thought so at first but i just read something in the rule book mentioning: In the above example, the “Pick the lock and sneak inside.” option cannot be chosen unless you have the thievery skill. By "You" in the rulebook, they mean the active character or the one who's currently deciding. I thought they meant the group as a whole. This would mean that you can't use other character skills into making your decision, just the skills you own which would explain the usefulness of training more skills by gaining experience. This would increase your individual skill pool and efficiency in having more options available for every decision your character is confronted with. Not sure if i'm right there...
  14. Cooldowns are a bit awkward.

    I don't think the activation tokens prevents a character from using his skills. It's more to prevent the alpha player from taking all the decisions for the group. For example, let's take the teahouse example from the rule book - established that the quiet player has a character trained in thievery and the alpha player's character isn't trained in such a skill, he'd rather smash thing up: 1. Quiet player takes the decision (for the group) to head towards the tea house. *flips token* 2. Alpha player decides that the character with the thievery skill (the quiet player) will use his skill to break into the house *flips token* Note that the alpha player could have chosen otherwise, play less teamworky and smash the door to bits leaving the quiet player in the dust with his precious skill, pouting. I think that's how it works. It's just so everyone has a final say in every decision, turn by turn. An activated token would not mean that a character is "activated" (hence useless) but more that the player won't have the final say in the current decision. The player who actually decides might make another player's character use the useful skill he spent so many points on even if his token is activated. In short, the token does not lock a character from acting but instead, locks the ability of a player from having a final say in a given decision. Correct me if i'm wrong since i don't own the game yet.
  15. Is IA going to die?

    My guess is they might do a major reprint of all IA products once the app announcement is made (if rumours are true) since popularity of the game will explode. A lot of people who want the game just for solo play will rush to the stores on a crazed shopping spree, arm sweeping all those ally/villain packs from the shelves down the shopping cart. I wouldn't worry too much (though i do a little bit myself to be honest =P ) Also, they have so many SW products right now, Legions coming around the corner which is a HUGE investment on FFGs part, SW Destiny, Armada, X-Wing, etc... maybe they just focus on those for now and will run reprints for IA later on, regardless of whether the app ever sees the day. From what i've heard, IA sold really well so far. I just recently caved in to IA products and after a few missions, i'm really enjoying it. I am a huge fan of Descent 2nd but i like the Descent 1st ed~ish feeling they've put in IA. Could be just wishful thinking but i'm certain the game is not dead, nor will die anytime soon. Likely it's just been put on hold for a while.