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  1. "... looks at shelf full of unwrapped LotR boxes, dies a little bit inside... "
  2. I play with the real cards. Tried OCTGN some time ago but the feeling wasn't the same for me. I felt like playing a video game.
  3. To be honest, i really enjoyed buying the nightmare packs since they're completely new cards (not more difficult versions of already existing ones) and i felt like i was really serious into one of my favourite games. Also, i'm a sucker for LotR artwork. I felt excited when i bought a full cycle of nightmare packs, telling myself i knew what i would do the evening after i receive it in the mail. I browsed through the cards, studied them, enjoyed the art and said out loud: "oh this card is nasty" and tried to figure out in advance ways to counter it. The fun factor remained even after i played a nightmare mode scenario several times. Mine decreased mostly because it slowed down my progress through the series to a crawl and caused me to doubt my ability to play the game efficiently. In the past, i was at Heirs of Numenor and got utterly crushed by most scenarios. I found that the difficulty ramps up a bit once you get there. My main mistake though was that i played with half random decks with no real synergy, i got frustrated and took a break of the game. I came back to it some time later when i learned about the Grey Havens and Lost Realm expansions, learned how to build better decks and i rediscovered the game, now enjoying it a lot more. So far, i'm at the Dwarrowdelf cycle, currently playing "The Redhorn Gate". It's like a completely new pack even if i played it some time before! Perhaps what i would do is if i find a scenario particularly fun or too easy, i might get the nightmare pack and try my luck, but only once or twice and not block myself from moving forward if i can't make it through.
  4. I used to buy the nightmare packs; so far, i got the core set's and the first cycle's. My plan was to play every scenario in release order until i win ( usually took me between 1 to 3 tries ) and then, restart the scenario to nightmare difficulty until i win again. Rinse and repeat for next scenario. I had a lot of fun playing nightmare, especially the "The Dead Marshes" scenario which was amazingly challenging, tested my wits and i won by a thread. I felt like i've accomplished something great, tracking Gollum in the treacherous wilds. I felt like a great LotR LCG player. That remained true until i took in perspective the amount of unwrapped content i still have to play for that game, which was everything from Khazad-Dum to up until now. With all the other games i have to play, i'll never make it through all this content at this pace, especially since i could restart a nightmare scenario 3, 4 or 5 times before pulling a win. As mostly a gamer than a collector (though i enjoy collecting up to a certain point), i decided to stop buying nightmare packs (at least for now) and focus on main content and stand alone scenarios. There is plenty of gaming there to keep you busy for a looooong time. Don't forget saga expansions too who makes you relive the books. You can play it "campaign mode". The game is still fun without nightmare packs. To put it simply, they're mostly nerfing all the possible strategies allowing you to pull and easy to medium effort win. You have to go through some serious deck building to be able to shout victory in the end, learn the synergies between certain cards. I've suffered several frustrating loses which made me feel mentally drained (of playing and deck tuning), lose confidence in my ability to play properly, so i had to browse my pool of existing cards and figure out the key element that was missing in my decks. Since i'm not much of a deck builder myself, i'd rather make minor modifications, play and enjoy the game. So the aspect of heavy deck rebuilding was less appealing to me and torpedoed my enjoyment of the game. If this is your cup of tea, you might enjoy this more than me! That said, i'd recommend buying the core set nightmare packs first, try your luck and see if you feel up to the task. I found some of them to be beyond masochistic. This was a tough journey to Rhosgobel, let me tell ya. I have to admit though, nightmare cards are nice to collect. The art is dark (less for kids), some effects are nasty which can foil and excellent turn, but with experience turns you into an excellent player. Still, those treacheries - a few were beyond maddening. I found it unfair, almost like the game was cheating. Eleanor, you saved me more times than i care to count.
  5. Shirys

    End of Netrunner

    This is sad news indeed. This was one solid and well polished game. imho, even if another gaming company grabs the wheel and release it's own version of the card game, i don't think it'll be near as good (or good looking) as FFG's. System was solid, the art was stellar and the game was drooling theme. I saw the cards from the original game and they look bland, generic and uninspired compared to FFG's Netrunner. I seriously couldn't play this (and perhaps not even a future iteration of that game) Think i'll get a few more expansions before it leaves the printer for good. Show it to some friends and keep enjoying the amazing game that was FFG's Netrunner. The end of an era.
  6. Shirys

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Can't recall clicking so fast on a banner before XD
  7. Shirys

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    FFG answering my prayers!! I always wanted a coop adventure card game such as WHQ:TACG set in the world of Terrinoth. Insta-buy for me 😃
  8. Shirys

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Great idea
  9. Shirys

    Lets make some Heroic Abilities

    Is it just me or the official "Unleashed" heroic ability which automatically kill groups of minions feels a bit op? Sound like the kind of ability everyone would end up choosing anyway, regardless of class/background orientation. Why select something that gives you a better chance (e.g. paragon or weapon speciality) or talk your way out of dire situations, when you can get something else that kills without a roll. Perhaps i am misinterpreting the rules and spending 2 story points might be balancing it out Have you guys tried this heroic ability?
  10. Well, it might just get as hard sometimes since each investigators have to draw an encounter card (two ancient evils in a row sucks big time!) and usually, the required amount of clues is multiplied by two for a given objective. I just find that two investigators gives me a bit more options and variability, that plus cool interaction with committed cards to help each other. Certain cards aren't as useful (or not optimal) when you play solo with only one toon =)
  11. Shirys

    Elven Faction Incoming in 2018?

    Though this'll be awkward, i might dance a little if that banner ever gets displayed on FFG's front page. If i'm at the office at that very moment, so be it.
  12. Yes. I usually play with two decks when playing solo.
  13. Alone i play standard but easy with the wife. Tried hard and both my investigators ended up as monster food.
  14. Shirys

    Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    Will FFG potentially release a set of pre-built adventures for Realms of Terrinoth? So far, i guess you have to come up with your own.